Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up: The Biggest Rallies Are Bear Market Rallies

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Sat., September 26, 2009
Taipan Daily: The Biggest Rallies Are Bear Market Rallies
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Consumers, you might be getting ahead of yourselves. This week’s consumer sentiment report showed an unexpected jump to 73.5 – the highest level in two full years. But many still harbor doubts about the market rebound’s steam power… and of course our own Justice Litle and Adam Lass are leading the charge.

This week, Justice and Adam delve into the many reasons why we’re not enjoying the V-shaped recovery that some want to believe we are… and why they still believe the market is doomed to fail yet again. In fact, Adam goes so far as to reveal a precise date in which the rally will turn around – and where your money should be at that time. Read all of this week’s news and commentary below…

The Market Mania Test

Money that has been sitting on the sideline looking to get in on a trend is already long in the tooth. So what’s going on in our current markets then… are we in the midst of a mania? How do you play it?

You don’t stand in the way of investors who want to throw themselves off the “wall of worry,” that’s for sure. That’s just going to hurt, and hurt big time. Adam Lass shares “wacky” profit stories and shows you how to profit from the current market mania right here…

Government Conspiracy Ignites Historic Profit Opportunity!

If you don't mind making money at the U.S. government's expense, I urge you to read the following Investigative Exposé immediately. It will make you mad as hell. It could also make you very rich, very soon. Follow this link for all the details…

When an Uber-Bear Gives In, Does the Fat Lady Sing?

Many lose their nerve when a crazy move gets crazy enough, perhaps as a function of human nature. The relentless rise in the late ‘90s of worthless dot-com names for example, nutty as it was, eventually stoked so much peer pressure that being on the sidelines – or, worse yet, standing in opposition to the move – simply became too psychologically painful to bear.

Historically, market logic, sentiment and emotion are all mixed together (with government meddling as the cherry on top). As pundits seek to justify outcomes they like (i.e. stocks going up), this combination inevitably results in some seriously circular logic.

Justice explores what lessons we are to learn from historic precedent – and what mistakes we are destined to repeat – right here…

The Biggest Rallies Are Bear Market Rallies

Just as there are many business models that successful companies follow, there are many profitable paths up the market mountain. But one of the most time-tested, reliable ways to do well in markets over time is establishing a large position (often after testing the waters with small positions)... riding that position to substantial gains... and then protecting those gains when the market turns.

Simple, right? It’s easier said than done, of course. Here, Justice delves into 8 reasons to doubt the so-called V-shaped recovery and shows you how to still make money in the markets…

Why This Rally Will Crash and Burn 12 Weeks From Today

Commercial real estate… the “rescued” banking system… Washington’s wild printing binges – these are the reasons why the rally will fail. The question, therefore, is not if but when.

If the bad news is that this is a manic market propped up solely by the hopes and fears of the investors, then the good news is that Technical Analysis is particularly adept at quantifying and predicting the behaviors of this sort of maddened crowd. Adam Lass shows you the two critical indicative systems to figuring out a market’s direction and tips the “ace in our hand” when it comes to timing the market…

"Forex Edge" Turns Cab Driver Into Currency Millionaire!

Using the revolutionary "Forex Edge"… Bruce Kovner turned $3,000 into $20 million. Now you could give yourself a chance to do the same. Act now, and you can test-drive our breakthrough new currency service. Get all the details here…

What Do a Fifth-Grade Dropout and a Natural Math Whiz Have in Common?

Last week Justice took a look at “Texas Oil and the Legend of Spindletop.” Of all the great Texas oilmen, four stand out: Roy Cullen, Clint Murchison, Sid Richardson and Haroldson Lafayette “H.L.” Hunt Jr. Fittingly, they are known in Texas lore as “The Big Four,” having passed the title amongst themselves of “America’s wealthiest man.”

Today, he draws lessons from Hugh Roy Cullen and Clint Murchison, two of the “Big Four” Texas oilmen. After a period of frustration in his early years, Cullen saw that “everybody expects to find oil on the surface.” Today’s equivalent might be looking in the same places as everyone else... doing the same shallow analysis as everyone else... and coming to the same herd-driven conclusions as everyone else. Hear more of his remarkable story right here…

G-20 Meeting Heralds Greater Globalization

Twenty of the world's biggest economies met in Pittsburgh, Pa., this week. Top on the agenda was the Global Economy… and how best to fix it. Obama wants more economically balanced countries and the World Bank advocates responsible globalization. Which direction will the G-20 go, and how can you profit?

Are you familiar with the famous Jekyll Island meeting?

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