Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up: Why Gold Is Poised for an Epic Run

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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Taipan Daily: Why Gold Is Poised for an Epic Run
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Is the five-day market rally too good to be true? Gold has hit a seven-month high… stocks around the world are the highest they’ve been in the past 11 months… and we’re seeing the biggest equities winning streak since November. Add in a better-than-expected jump in consumer sentiment and raised guidance from FedEx, and you’ve got yourself green ticks all around.

But are we now due for a correction? Can gold continue on this bullish streak? Adam reveals the directional indicators his "Master Chart" is showing, and Justice takes the gold argument head-on this week…

Back to Bullish on Gold Stocks

The Fed has basically said to the markets, "WE WANT INFLATION" at a time when the health of the consumer is still a grave concern. As far as printing press concerns go, they are gonna let that sucker rip... and the news that Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke is to be reappointed further supports the positive outlook for gold stocks.

According to Justice, not only do gold stocks have the Fed squarely in their corner, they also have the potential to benefit from a return of economic gloom. Find out why gold went nuts and how to profit from it right here…

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Four Reasons Why Gold Is Poised for an Epic Run

We know there has been a major sentiment shift in favor of precious metals. We know the broad economy story is ugly and getting uglier, and that gold stocks historically did well in the Great Depression. We also know that traditional "liquidity trap" fears may also be invalidated by the willingness of central banks to try fantastically aggressive never-before-used measures.

Justice believes that this is a potential multi-year trend we are talking about… and lays out four detailed arguments for why gold could be set to soar right here…

Profiting From the Other Metal on the Rise

Already this year the price of silver has soared 40%. And it's not done its run. Editor Zach Scheidt has found a unique way to profit off the metal so you could make as much as 130 times your money using government-issued "silver shots." These "silver shots" move in line with silver prices... but because of their unique composition, "silver shots" move exponentially higher than silver itself.

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How Far Does the Current Rally Have Left to Run?

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Economically speaking, the rally ought to be dead in the water by now, what with all the overhang from such threats as "falling wages, falling revenues, brutal cost cuts, imploding state budgets, contracting credit lines, rising unemployment, rising credit defaults, rising construction loan defaults, rising government debt issuance, and rising consumer savings."

Does this mean that the next year will yield a 10% drop, just as we saw in 2004? That the markets will rise for four years after that? Hear what Adam’s "Master Chart" says – and how you can profit – right here…

The Merits of Uncivil Discourse

As you have probably heard, during President Obama’s healthcare speech Wednesday night, Representative Joe Wilson felt moved to let loose a vocal outburst. Specifically, Wilson shouted "You Lie!" when the POTUS said his healthcare plan would not mean insuring illegal immigrants.

But should such outbursts be automatically considered "out of line"? Should the commander in chief be accorded such automatic deference, civility and decorum? America has imported a number of old traditions from merry old England. But this demand for civility certainly isn’t one of them. Hear Justice’s take… and weigh in for yourself right here…

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