Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just 'fabulous': 'Gay' man sues Bible publisher for this ... A Free Press For A Free People
Just 'fabulous': 'Gay' man sues Bible publisher for this ...

A homosexual man is suing a third national Bible publisher for "mental anguish" after he says the company published Bibles with a negative connotation toward homosexuals.

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They tell us we should drink eight glasses of water each day. Meaning... we should drink eight glasses of toxins that increase our risks of Alzheimer's, stroke, kidney failure, and even cancer.

It's a long story. But, in short, some big wigs with little scruples twisted the truth until we were gladly pouring rat poison down our throats.

Yes, actual rat poison (I'll explain more in a minute.) And that's just the beginning of our worries...

If our drinking water's not safe imagine what our meat, vegetables, and medicines are going through. Unchecked, this will all cost us our good health. That's why I'm pulling the curtain back on this and hundreds of other lies that they're throwing at us right now.
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