Thursday, September 10, 2009

Urgent: Patriot Congressman Under Attack

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Fellow Patriot,

This is an urgent alert! A fellow patriot, Congressman Joe
Wilson, is under severe attack from the left for telling the

Last night, Barack Obama tried once again to sell the American
people on his fallacious government health care plan. And he
continued the pandering when he claimed, "the reforms I am
proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally."

Rep. Wilson, in a fit of patriot passion, yelled, "You lie!"


FINALLY! Some one said what's on all of our minds!

No more milquetoast passing of the buck like calling lies
"misinformation", "misdirection", or "confusion of the facts." We
need to call a lie a lie...and that's just what Joe Wilson did!

Now, Rep. Wilson is under vehement attack from the Left.
Turncoat Sen. Specter is calling for Wilson's censure and now the
forces of the left are using the event to raise thousands of
dollars in campaign funds for Wilson's Democrat opponent.

We MUST rally around Joe Wilson and send a message to our
patriots in Washington: "Don't be afraid to tell the truth! Call
a spade a spade!"

The future of our country is stake, yet the politicos in
Washington are more worried about perception and decorum than
telling the truth to the American people.

Not backing down, Joe Wilson is defending his argument: that
ObamaCare WILL cover illegal aliens.

And he should know ...

... Rep. Wilson is an immigration attorney in South Carolina AND
he helped push amendments to the health care bill that would have
expressly prevented coverage for illegal aliens ...

... but the Democrats in the House killed those amendments.

This begs a question: If illegal aliens aren't going to be
covered by ObamaCare, then what's the harm in specifically
prohibiting it?

We all know the answer to that question: BECAUSE THEY'RE

Pure and simple.

Now, the pro-amnesty, pro-ObamaCare forces of the left are
loading all their guns to take out Joe Wilson.

Are we simply going to stand by and watch while a patriot
congressman gets destroyed in the media?

NO! We will fight and defend him. We MUST send the message to
Washington that the American people will support and defend
leaders who don't back down to pressure from the media and
threats from the Obama White House!

We need to move quickly to send a clarion message to the Left...

... help us act now on behalf of Joe Wilson!


Friends, it's in times like these where our patriotism and
belief in our republic are put to the test. Let's not fail this
test. Let's not fail Joe Wilson. Join us in ensuring his
re-election now!

For the Republic,

Brett Farley
Executive Director
Minuteman PAC

P.S. Rep. Joe Wilson called Barack Obama out as a liar in last
night's address to Congress. And now he's being drug through
mud...simply because he cared more about the truth than about
what others think. The Left is doing everything in their power to
destroy him, and they've already raised thousands for Wilson's
opponent. Help us fight back and defend Joe Wilson.

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