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Not a Single Losing Pick Since 2007

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Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

This is definitely the hottest winning streak we've seen in quite some time.

Our most elite options trading service has not seen a loser in 2009...or 2008...or 2007, for that matter. In this year alone, you could have already bagged $9,127 in profit - not a bad sum to add to your retirement nest egg.

And last year, each of the 37 recommended trades were winners - allowing readers to claim up to $234, 367 in profit.

Keep reading to learn how you can make huge, consistent gains like these.

Best regards,

Kate Incontrera
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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Tired of trading "gurus" giving you lousy
recommendations that lose money?

How's This  for a

Last year, I recommended 37 trades to my readers, every one a winner!

With a total gain of 4,647% you could have claimed $232,381 in Profit!

See for yourself below

Dear Reader,

Last year I didn't recommend one losing play.

Not one.

With a small $5,000 investment in each of my recommendations, you could have banked up to $232,381 profit.

And I didn't pick a single loser in 2007 either.

You could have been as much as $204,786 richer at the year's end.

But what about this year?

STILL going strong.

In 2009 alone, you might have already bagged a potential $91,127…

I think you'll agree my recommendations are no flukes.

So how is it I pick triple digit winners again and again, giving my readers the opportunity to consistently bank big gains?

And how can you join them, creating a millionaire's retirement nest egg with my ultra-safe, high-profit recommendations?

I'll reveal all very soon. But first a shocking, brutally honest confession...

I'm NOT Always Right

Listen, I'm going to be completely up front and honest with you.

First, it's unrealistic to think you will get in and out with a profit on every recommendation I make, even if they do return a gain.

Second, despite my spectacular winning streak, I DO pick losers.

In fact, my very first recommendation way back in October of 1999 bombed.

You can imagine how bad I felt. My readers had put good faith in me and I let them down.

But the funny thing is, those readers didn't stay mad for long.

You see instead of feeling bad for too long I got back to doing what I do best, and made up for my losing recommendation in fine fashion…

By the end of 1999 I handed my readers seven winning recommendations in a row.

From that streak, each reader could have made up to $87,000 profit from a $5,000 investment.

That's $87,000 in less than 60 days!

So yes, I pick losers (my last was in November 2006). But the potential upside of my winning picks always, and significantly overpowers those rare, losing recommendations.

See for yourself…

Imagine Taking Profits From the
Market Every 9 Times Out of 10…

Legendary investor Peter Lynch once said, "…You're never going to be right nine times out of ten." But as you can see, my legally reviewed track record proves he wasn't quite right…

Again I tell you this for full disclosure. And also as a warning…

If you can't take a loss every once in a while, this kind of investing is not for you.

But if you understand — and control — the risk involved; and if you can absorb a small hit on rare occasions, then you have the potential to make more than enough money from my plays.

Does that sound fair?

Okay then. Let's get into something a little more exciting…

1YOU decide how much money you could make!

Well my friend, here's where I stand out from the crowd. This is what's unique about my research service.

You decide how much money you're going to bank.

You see I give you a specific recommendation.

But you decide if you play it, how to play it, and when to exit.

You decide exactly how much profit you want to make from each play. You decide if you want to take 25%... 50%... or 100%.

It's completely up to you.

I do it this way because everyone is different.

If you're a more conservative investor, then you might want to keep your grubstake small, taking little risk with steady, safe double-digit gains.

You can still add nicely to your monthly income like this. 

But maybe you're a more speculative, thrill-seeking investor?

In this case, there is no limit to how much money you can make.

Again, you decide your income potential based on your own personal circumstances and investing style.

This is why I don't give you concrete sell signals, because only you can determine your own profit potential. However I do provide price targets to help your exit strategies.

But ultimately, you decide how long to stay in a trade.

This gives you complete control over your gains.

The way it should be!

Because of this extra control you have, I calculate my track record based on the highest potential profit you could make after I send out an alert.

You might settle for something less risky like $116,190 per year.

Or, you might shoot higher and collect closer to $232,381 per year… the maximum profit you could have made in 2008 putting $5,000 into each of my recommendations and getting out of each at its highest point.

Of course that's a best-case scenario, and you're unlikely to make exactly that.

But heck, you could make even more too, because who says you have to invest just $5,000? It's your choice. That's what's important!

Take a look…

What Other Readers Are Banking

$7,050 In Four Days!
"I followed your recommendation last week and made $7,050 net profit today!"
— Enrique Iraola, Manager, CA
A Quick 92%!

"As one of your happy subscribers, let me say thank you for the quick 92% on Navistar!"
— William Payne, Doctor, CO
$900 For 5 Minutes Work

"…$900 in about in 3 hours, with less than 5 minutes of my time."
— Phil Geffen, Account Executive, OH
Loves Profit

"LOVED the picks this week… $7,000 gain in 2 days."
— David Grover, Retired, FL
First Trade Makes $6,540

"My first trade made me $6,540 profits. You are the first newsletter that I have tried out of hundreds that actually delivers what it promises."
— Rick Di Matteo, Teacher, NY

Forget About How the Stock Market Moves!

  • If the market is bullish… You can make money!

  • If the market is bearish… You can still make money!

I'll tell you exactly how this can be in a minute. But first, consider the profit potential here…

You have double the opportunity to make money.

If you're a normal buy and hold investor, you're crossing your fingers hoping for shares to rise. That's the only way you'll make money.

But with my picks, you can cash in whether the market moves up or down.

And considering how volatile the market is now, that's priceless.

See how steady and sure fire my gains are, compared to the unpredictable, choppy stock market below...

Last Year, As the Dow Plummeted
My Readers Could Have Made Up to 4,647%

As you can see, I give you steady gains no matter how the market moves. I'll tell you how in a minute.

But first…

What Would You Do With $189,730 a Year?

I've been sharing profitable picks since 1999…

If you tracked my portfolio back that far, you'll see that by putting $5,000 into each recommendation and getting out at the highest possible point, my reader's could average a yearly income of $189,730.

Now getting out at highest point every time is not likely, but increase your grubstake and making this kind of money is not unrealistic.

I'm sure you know most will never see this kind of return. But with my recommendations, YOU could…

I invite you to think about the possibilities.

$189,730 per year, that's $15,810 per month.

It's like collecting a well-paid C.E.O.'s salary.

With all the money and time in the world, perhaps you'll get a new car?

Or maybe you'll pay off some debt… like your mortgage and credit cards?

What if you don't need a new car and your debts are cleared? Then you've got plenty else to look forward to my friend.

You can spend your retirement living like the filthy rich.

And still have enough money leftover, to leave a generous nest egg for your kin.

I know this sounds too good to be true...

But remember this, the number's don't lie.

Novice investors are retiring wealthy with my recommendations, and absolutely you can too.

Let me show you how.

Here's How We'll Do It!

Before I reveal the type of trades I'll be recommending, you need to first forget any myths you may have heard... okay? Here's exactly how you could get rich with me:

I'm going to recommend options plays.

Most investors know little about options, or have heard they're risky, and so they stay away from them.

That's a shame, because those people are missing out.

As you've seen, trading options the right way, you can make a very good living for yourself… and it can be very safe…

And that's where I'm going to help you.

Keep reading.

My Winning Recommendations
Mean Big Gains for You!

Hi, my name is Steve Sarnoff.

For the last 10 years I've given my readers the opportunity for some remarkable gains.

In fact, from 1999 to 2009 my reader's maximum potential profit averages out at a whopping 116% gain per trade!

So you could more than DOUBLE your money with every trade you make.

What's the secret to my profitable picks time and again?

Well, a lot of hard work and a lot of experience.

I've been doing this for over 30 years now…

Working shoulder to shoulder with traders on the floor. These guys were some of the best market predictors in the world.

I was a stock and commodities broker in California.

I've studied rare Japanese trading manuals others don't even know exist.

AND, I was mentored by perhaps the best known options expert that ever lived. My father, Paul Sarnoff…

My Dad: The "King of Wall Street"

My dad was famous on Wall Street.

Often appearing on the financial channels, or newspaper in columns. You've probably heard of him.

He's also authored more than 60 books, including Silver Bulls, Jesse Livermore: Speculator King, Sensible Speculation with Options and many more.

He is perhaps best known though, as an options pioneer.

Back in the 1950's my dad held a little underground options seminar for 22 people…

Five weeks later, those attendees could have been $50,000 richer.

By the way, that's $300,000 in today's money!

Suddenly, everyone started to get very interested in options. Including famous Broadway songwriter Billy Rose…

Maybe you've heard of him, or one of his songs?

"Me and My Shadow" and "It's Only a Paper Moon" are his biggest hits.

Working with my dad, Mr. Rose turned $8 million into $45 million.

In only FOUR years!

Clearly, my dad was an options genius. And, even more importantly, he knew how to show others how to use options to get rich

And lucky for me, he taught me every little secret he knows… even how to show you the secrets to getting wealthy with options…

REVEALED: My Fail-Safe Family Strategy
to Aggressive, Consistent Options Gains

My winning streak of profitable plays is thanks to a fail-safe strategy I learned directly from my dad. Revolutionary at the time, I have continued to develop it for nearly two decades.

I'm always trying to improve it. But right now, it's almost perfect.

Here's how it works.

First I painstakingly trawl the market at the beginning of each week.

Using both western technical analysis and Japanese candlestick charts I double my chance at accurately picking winners.

By the end of the week I have a shortlist of around 15-20 possible trades.

Now I run these through a proprietary filtering process

I filter each potential recommendation in three crucial steps…

  1. Will this trade give you a triple digit gain?

  2. Is there minimal risk with this trade?

  3. Will this trade payout fast?

After all that, I am left with one pick that is literally — "the mother of all options trades right now."

Then I email you on Sunday night and tell you all about it.

If you want to make the play on Monday morning — with this minimal risk trade, you could as much as double your money in two weeks or less.

This simple strategy has been pulling big profit for decades.

It stands the test of time…

Just Look at the Numbers!

This is my track record over TEN years. These figures are based on every single recommendation I've ever made. They aren't cherry picked highlights, this is as real as can be…

As you can see, by putting $5,000 into each recommendation and following it to its highest point, over the last 10 years, my readers could have made $1,897,302.

Imagine that, you too could be a millionaire. Stop imagining, though. Because today, you can take the first step to becoming the next options millionaire…

It's No Wonder My Readers Are Thrilled!

Couldn't Be Happier!
"I am happy to inform you that my very first trade, using your service, was the GE Aug. 30 call. I couldn't be happier with 116% profit in such a short time. Thanks!"
— Elijah Englewood, Business Owner, WI
Hope In Unpredictable Times

"I wanted to let you know that as the stock market has been down and up again, and then down and up, etc. I have watched my trading account grow rather nicely over the last few months. I can face an uncertain future with some hope."
— Edwin Schwartzman, Accountant, NY

"Wow!!! You are the man! By the way, the profit from the APA recommendation paid for my whole year subscription. I wish you the best and will tell others about your service."
— Ruud Schneider, Stock Broker, NY

Are You Ready to Join Them?

My recommendation service is called Options Hotline.

My father started it way back in 1989. Then, you actually had to get your weekly recommendation by calling a special hotline number.

Thankfully, I send you a simple, instant email now.

But I give you much more besides.

In fact, here's everything you get as an Options Hotline subscriber…

Options Hotline Profit Tool #1. Sunday Trade Alert

Every Sunday evening I will send you my newest trade recommendation.

Remember I look for fast gainers. So make sure you check your email on Sunday and be ready to play when the market opens Monday morning.

If you're slow, you could miss out on significant profit.

But as you've seen, get in early and the sky's the limit!

Options Hotline Profit Tool #2. The Options Buyer Handbook

This is a simple beginner's guide to options.

If you've never heard of options trading before, or even if you're a seasoned pro there's plenty of valuable nuggets inside.

Including all of this:

  • Option basics and the secret of Super Leverage: The real reason options are the only way to get rich fast. Super leverage means you can turn small, limited risk into UNLIMITED gains.
  • The Origin of Options: What the ancients Greeks knew about trading options, and how this could make you rich. This trading secret has been banking huge gains for 2,500 years… time tested and profitable!
  • The Great Depression: Why options were BANNED in the U.S. (but only for a short while) and why other investors ignorance means you profit big.
  • And much more!

You will have instant access to this as soon as you become a subscriber.

Read it before you make your first options trade.

Options Hotline Profit Tool #3: Midweek Outlook

For additional support on open recommendations, I'll also send you my Midweek Outlook broadcast every Wednesday.

This will give you valuable information you can use to help you decide how to exit.

Options Hotline Profit Tool #4. Options Inner Circle

Along with everything above, you also have unlimited access to an exclusive member's only website.

I call it my Options Inner Circle.

Inside you can see every alert, email and bulletin I've sent to my Options Hotline readers.

Plus my track record is online for you too.

Just so you'll see, I'm not making anything up here. It's all true.

Also I have three FREE bonus reports waiting for you too.

But first, picture what all this really means to you...

What a Lifestyle Awaits You!

As you can see, life for Options Hotline readers is quite simple.

Just before you pop off to bed on Sunday evening, look at your email.

My recommendation will wait in your inbox. Hours and hours of analyzing the market, simplified into one short play for you.

On Monday morning you can slowly rise since the market doesn't open until 9:30 AM EST.

When it does, call your broker if you want in on the action and tell him exactly how you're going to play my recommendation.

Then you just wait to get paid.

Sometimes you might see gains within hours. Other times you might need to wait a short week or two.

When you're satisfied with your profits, pull out of the trade and collect your cash.

It's that simple!

Do this every week and you could be looking at as much as $189,730 extra each year on average.

Remember, last year my readers could have made up to $232,381.

Best of all, making a profitable options trade takes about 20 minutes of "work" total each week.

So you have more spare time on your hands and more money in your pocket.

Imagine what that would mean to you… finally having the life you desire and deserve. Worry free and work free.

I can definitely help you grasp that freedom.

In fact, as you've seen from my track record, within just five years you might be on track to your first million...

But Why Wait? Here's How You Might
Make Up to $313,897 in One Month!

All the figures I've shared are based on you banking your winnings.

But imagine if you were a little more adventurous and re-invested your winnings, because you wanted to make money a little faster.

I call this an "Options String," and it looks like this…

Say you start with $10,000.

In September 2008 I gave my readers a QQQQ recommendation that delivered a 439.20% gain at its highest point… in five days!

If you timed it just right, you would now have $53,920 to invest.

One week later, another QQQQ recommendation gained 140% in profit at its highest point. That triggered in two days.

Get out at 140%, and now you're up to $129,408!.

Next, I predicted Intel stock would rise. It did. And you could have banked a maximum of 142.55% gains. Had you invested your $129,408 and took your profit at the right time…

You'd be $313,879 richer

This small three trade "Options String" example lasted just 37 days.

Not bad for a little over a month's work, eh?

And of course you could keep going. But no string lasts forever, so I'd recommend banking your $313K.

The point is, as you become a more savvy options trader you can fast track your first million. You don't have to wait five years.

Heck, if you want, you don't even have to wait one year. It's all up to you.

Again, You Decide Your Income Potential

$313,879 in 37 days IS possible, though risky.

But most of my reader's won't make that kind of money. That's because they're more conservative.

After all, earning up to $189,730 per year makes for a very decent living.

That's $15,810 every month.

That's enough for a new car… EVERY MONTH!

That's enough to comfortably pay off your mortgage. On your current house or a new one.

And that's enough to holiday wherever, whenever you choose.

$15,810 every month for the rest of your life is enough to live a very lavish retirement indeed.

And still leave a generous nest egg behind for your family.

Some of my readers find they never need to re-invest their profit into an "Options String."

I'm just showing you can, because it's your choice how much you could make.

When You Think About it,

I think by now you see the value in my research service.

Would you pay me $750 per year for a chance to make as much as $189,720 in return?

Well of course you would. Other savvy (and rich) readers do.

But you'll be pleased to know, when you subscribe to Options Hotline today, you pay even less.

Only $500 for one whole year.

That's the same as $42 per month. Less than your cable bill, but far more rewarding.

Fair warning, this is a limited offer to reward fast action. I will raise the subscription fee by at least $250 shortly. So take advantage now.

Why Am I "Giving Away" These Recommendations?

Now I know a subscription to Options Hotline may still seem like a lot at first glance. But consider this…

You can make as much as $189,720 a year. Investing with limited risk.

That peace of mind, that freedom, that kind of lifestyle is priceless.

Next, with 30 years experience, I'm darn good at what I do.

That may seem like I'm bragging, but it's just a matter of FACT…

Last year I didn't recommend one losing play. I didn't recommend one losing play the year before that either.

Because there are many satisfied Options Hotline subscribers, all paying me a small sum, I am well compensated.

So I don't ask you alone to pay me what I'm worth. But only what I think is fair for you to take advantage of my research.

And compared to what you get in return, that's a drop in the bucket.

But remember this, the $250 fast action discount expires shortly so act today or risk missing out.

Guarantee Double Whammy!

I understand that despite all this proof, you may still be skeptical.

But I don't want you to miss out because of unfounded skepticism.So my publisher is offering you a guarantee "double whammy!"

First, you have a full 30 days to request a refund – for whatever reason – after you subscribe.

Simply call customer service and you'll be issued a prompt, hassle-free refund.

Second, you are also guaranteed to see impressive returns within one year of subscribing to Options Hotline, or you pay nothing.

Details below…

1,000% Gains
Or You Pay Nothing!

If you don't have the opportunity to multiply your options trading portfolio at least TEN times this year as an Options Hotline subscriber you pay nothing.

That means I'll show you at least 1,000% total gains in my published track record during your 12 month subscription.

If I don't deliver, you pay nothing.

Simply call my publisher and cancel your subscription. You'll be issued a refund straight away.

No questions asked and no hard feelings.

You can't get fairer than that!

How can my publisher offer such a guarantee?

Simply because they trust I can deliver…

My winning streak… my 10-year track record… my pile of unsolicited reader testimonials…

They give me all the confidence in the world.

It's undeniable proof my investment picking strategy works.

With my recommendations you will have the opportunity to multiply your options trading portfolio at least TEN times this year… or you pay nothing.

Fair enough?

What This Means to You

With everything included in your Options Hotline subscription, I am giving you a complete package.

Everything you need to profit trading options.

Within weeks you can have a new, more lavish lifestyle. Perhaps like the one you've spent forever dreaming about…

Well, if you're retired, your wait for riches will soon be over.

And if you're not retired, start making plans.

You see no matter what your hopes for the future, a $189,929 per year will most certainly pay for it.

And you could make up to that or more as an Options Hotline reader.

So without further ado, let me tell you how to join.

Wait — there is one more, small catch…

I Need To Hear From You RIGHT AWAY

Remember it doesn't pay to sit out.

Because you can make money if the stock market moves up or down, there's always opportunity to profit from trading options.

And so right now, you are leaving money on the table.

This is why I urge you to join my Options Hotline readers right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll have the chance to see profit.

Why put off living the "good life" any longer than need be?

Haven't you waited long enough?

There's one more reason I need you to subscribe to Options Hotline right now.

The subscription fee will rise. My publisher (Agora Financial) normally charges my readers $750 per year. They will again.

Options Hotline is more than worth it.

But right now — for a limited time — you can subscribe for just $500. And lock down this low rate for as long as you're a reader.

That's dirt-cheap for everything you get.

For those two reasons, be sure and subscribe today.

Please don't risk missing out on profit, or paying more than you need.

All right then, let me tell you how to join my Options Hotline readers on the road to retirement riches (it's easy)…

Here's What to Do Now

To start your Options Hotline subscription simply click below.

If you act now, you might make it in time for this Sunday's Trade Alert, so don't waste another second. Subscribe right away… you don't want to miss my next triple-digit options play.

Don't pass on this, because you'll regret it.

Claim your risk free test drive of Options Hotline today.

And lock down your extra low subscription rate, while you still can.

Yours For Record Breaking Gains,

Steve Sarnoff
Editor, Options Hotline

P.S. Remember, my publisher guarantees you'll have the opportunity to multiply your options trading portfolio at least TEN times this year as an Options Hotline subscriber. If I don't deliver, you pay nothing.

P.P.S. By subscribing right now you save $250 on what everyone else pays. This is a limited offer to reward your fast action. Don't miss out and end up paying more...

---> Click Here Now To Get Started

"Although I have found value in each and every service provided by Agora Financial, I think Options Hotline is far and away the best. I appreciate your no-nonsense approach. Your recommendations are clear and concise and so far, they have been very profitable."
— William Berkley, Financial Consultant, Hong Kong
Very Lucrative…

"…let me say how much I enjoy your service. I have subscribed to numerous trading services over the years, and yours has certainly made the cut. It has been timely, dependable, simple, and at times, very lucrative."
— Paddy McCoy, Attorney, MA
200% Gain In A Few Days!

"I am very pleased with your recommendations especially with the Bank of America, it is unbelievable for it to be up more than 200% in just a few days!"
— Deirdre Hanover, Business Owner, TX

---> Click Here Now To Get Started

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