Saturday, October 10, 2009

99% of Investors Do this Wrong...

99 out of 100 Investors are Using ETFs the WRONG Way!
In 2008 my ETF strategy gave investors
11.5% returns... while the S&P lost 39%.
Discover the right way to use ETFs and in
the next 12 months you could triple your returns.
Fabian System ranked in the TOP 10 for performance by the Hulbert Financial Digest Dear Glen,

Only 1-in-100 investors know how to use ETFs correctly. Discover the secrets to ETFs' power and you could triple your returns this year.

Exchange traded funds are exploding with profits and I don't want you to miss out.
  • I recommended ZSL in June. We scored 13.5% in 15 days, some of the highest gains that month for any of the market's 800+ ETFs.
  • I recommended DIG in July and scored 14% in only 8 days.
  • I also recommended UYG in July and we quickly racked up a 13% gain in just 15 days.

But don't just run out and buy ZSL, DIG, and UYG and think you can achieve those same returns. You'll get slaughtered.

I didn't rake in 11.5% one-year overall gains for my subscribers by simply buying and holding ETFs.

Instead, I combined the power of ETFs with my #1-ranked timing system, the same one I've been using for three decades. And the same one that countless investors have relied on for safe, long-term market-beating returns.

In fact, that timing system is why investors who have followed my system since the beginning average over 12% a year profits.

Of course, the system I'm about to show you isn't for everyone. It's not a "buy and hold" strategy. But it isn't day trading either.

A couple of years ago I started applying my timing model, the Fabian Wave, (ranked in the top 10 for performance by the Hulbert Financial Digest) to exchange traded funds.

The results were extraordinary.

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