Friday, October 9, 2009

Google Snatch flying off the shelf...

Yesterday, I told you about Latif, a 'super' underground marketer that's cleaning up in impossibly competitive markets.

I also told you about his methods, the *Google Snatch*, which is literally being snatched off the shelf by thousands as you read. The response so far been astonishing, which isn’t surprising considering the secrets he's giving away for literally next to nothing…


He's getting close to the number of people he wants access to his techniques so I can't promise when he will pull the offer down.

So here’s a quick recap of the information inside ‘Google Snatch’ …


All the riches start with keywords. Keywords are like store front real estate. It’s how you choose to get customers in the store.

The problem is, sometimes it costs so much to bring them in that you need unrealistic conversion rates to turn a profit.

That’s what Latif realized a long time ago. While the rest of his competitors were still scratching their heads, blowing their advertising budget, he was busy figuring a way to ELIMINATE IT!

It may sound silly or too good to be true but he’s literally snatching clicks from Google right under the nose of his competitors. The ones that have a billion dollar marketing budget!

Yet they can’t beat ONE guy working from his spare bedroom where he still holds the EDGE over them…


There are markets or niches you want to stay clear of, like the one he competes with. The money is truly insane … BUT the competition is paying so-called experts millions of dollars a year to break even.

But for you … time is about to change. Google Snatch (and Latif shows you how AND his site) allows you to patrol these hostile territory with confidence and poise.

He’s doing so well that the insurance, lawyers, car hire and medical centers are calling HIM asking him how he does it! And he’s never revealed it … UNTIL NOW…


This has become one of my personal favorites because it’s so easy to implement. Step 1, step 2, step 3 and so forth. Techniques so powerful that you’ll never shell a cent on advertising ever again!

Plus you can do it over and over again in any market or niche you can think of. You’ll even make more money than your local barrister.


Google Snatch is definitely something you don’t want to ignore. It costs literally next to nothing considering the smart and powerful strategies you will learn all in ONE day compared to years of long and hard grunt work.

This is what I would call the Internet *success* blueprint. If pay per click has prevented you from getting real converting traffic because of the costs involved then Google Snatch gives you no excuses. The Free Click Formula has become the *official* no-brainer to get free unlimited targeted traffic!

Grab your copy now…




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