Friday, October 9, 2009

Stop Congress cold: 'Pound them with pink slips'

Stop Congress cold: 'Pound them with pink slips'
'Imagine each member getting 1,000 of these every single day'

WASHINGTON - Visualize the impact it will have when every member
of Congress gets 1,000 "pink slips" delivered by Fed Ex every
single day.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, says
that could be the reality as early as next week with an avalanche
of messages telling every member of Congress they will be
permanently "pink slipped" next year if they support more
spending, socialized medicine, cap and trade legislation and hate
crime bills.

"Imagine the impact it can have on members of Congress - House
and Senate - when they begin getting 1,000 or more 'pink slips'
warning them away from more spending, more power grabs and more
infringements on individual rights," says Farah. "I believe this
campaign, already tremendously successful beyond my wildest
expectations, can have a real impact on politicians whose first
priority is getting re-elected."

So far, more than 2.5 million pink slips - half the original
goal of 5 million - have been ordered and processed, with many of
them already on their way to Washington.

This week, the powerful American Family Association agreed to
support the campaign by publicizing it to millions of its
activist members.

In its first two weeks, the campaign to send "pink slips" to
Congress has resulted in an unprecedented and historic effort
that has generated more than 2.5 million individually addressed
notices to all members of the House and Senate - proving, once
again, says Farah, "that Americans are mobilized to take action
to stop Washington's plans for bigger, more expensive and more
intrusive government."

The "pink slips" specifically warn that senders will oppose in
the next election any member of Congress who votes for more
spending, intrusive legislation that restricts personal freedom
and more big government programs.

WND announced the "Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign just 14
days ago with a stated goal of 5 million notices, individually
addressed, personalized with sender's name and address and
delivered to all members of Congress by Fed Ex.

In the first week, suppliers of paper to the campaign reported
the campaign had completely tapped the nation's supply of 8.5 x
11 inch pink paper. As the last full pallet of pink paper was
delivered to the printer, new supplies had to be ordered and

"It's our version of a stimulus program," said Farah.

The idea was conceived by Janet Porter of Faith2Action and a WND
weekly columnist.

"There is a revolution brewing across this country," said
Porter. "People are angry about losing their country and they are
ready for action. This campaign is just the latest evidence."

The "pink slip" each official will get is a reminder that they
work for the taxpayers. Each is individually printed with the
sender's contact information under the closing salutation
"Signed, Your Employer:"

The warning lists four key issues that are deemed unacceptable
to program participants:

* government health care
* cap and trade
* "hate crimes"
* any more spending

"If you vote for any of these, your real pink slip will be
issued in the next election," it warns.

The cost of each message translates to six cents per message -
individually addressed for both the recipient and the sender and
shipped by Fed Ex.

The "Send Congress a Pink Slip" program permits participants to
Fed Ex 535 individually addressed pink slips to members of
Congress, each one with the name and address of the sender for
just $29.95.

"This is a program that only works with massive numbers of
participants that bring paper and printing and shipping costs way
down," explains Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer
of WND, which has conducted similar programs in the past - this
one being the largest and most ambitious.

Farah and Porter say the campaign will continue indefinitely.

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