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Was world created 6,012 years ago -- tomorrow?

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The Annals of the World
"The best ancient history book after the Bible"
By James Ussher

How old is the world?

Most people would say: "Nobody knows."

But the author of the book frequently described as "the greatest
history book ever written," said the world was created on October
23, 4004 B.C., making it exactly 6,012 this month.

Have you ever thought about the world having a birthday?

What a great way to commemorate the date by getting the world's
most remarkable history book - a standard classical education
tool for homeschoolers and others who care about a biblical
perspective on history.

In the 1650s, an Anglican bishop named James Ussher published
his "Annals of the World," subtitled, "The Origin of Time, and
Continued to the Beginning of the Emperor Vespasian's Reign and
the Total Destruction and Abolition of the Temple and
Commonwealth of the Jews." First published in Latin, it consisted
of more than 1,600 pages.

The book, now published in English for the first time, is a
favorite of homeschoolers and those who take ancient history
seriously. It's the history of the world from the Garden of Eden
to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Of course, there will be those who disagree with Ussher's
calculations of time - especially evolutionists who need billions
of years to explain their theory of how life sprang from non-life
and mutated from one-celled animals into human beings.

Ussher's arrival at the date of Oct. 23 was based on the fact
that most peoples of antiquity, especially the Jews, started
their calendar at harvest time. Ussher concluded there must be
good reason for this, so he chose the first Sunday following
autumnal equinox.

Although the autumnal equinox is Sept. 21 today, that is only
because of historical calendar-juggling to make the years come
out right.

If you think this is a startling fact - an actual date for
Creation - you haven't seen anything until you've pored through
the rest of Ussher's "Annals of the World." It's a classic
history book for those who believe in the Bible - and a
compelling challenge for those who don't.

The new edition of "Annals" is one of the most significant
publishing events of the 21st century.

In this masterful and legendary volume, commissioned by Master
Books to be updated from the 17th-century original Latin
manuscript to modern English and made available to the general
public, is the fascinating history of the ancient world from the
Genesis creation through the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

Find out:

* Why was Julius Caesar kidnapped in 75 B.C.?
* Why did Alexander the Great burn his ships in 326 B.C.?
* What really happened when the sun "went backward" as a sign
to Hezekiah?
* What does secular history say about the darkness at the

Ussher wrote this masterpiece by integrating biblical history
(around 15 percent of the text is from the Bible) with secular
sources. He traveled throughout Europe, gathering much
information from the actual historical documents.

Its accuracy as a reference solidified over the centuries, "The
Annals of the World" proved so highly regarded for its
preciseness that its timeline was included in the margins of many
King James Version Bibles throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th

"The Annals of the World" is a necessary addition to any church
library, pastor's library, or any library - public or personal.
In a five-year project commissioned by Master Books, the entire
text has been updated from 17th-century English to present-day
vernacular. Containing many human-interest stories from the
original historical documents collected by Ussher, this is more
than just a history book - it's a work of history.

Special features:

* Important literary work that has been inaccessible in book
form for more than 300 years
* Includes CD of Ussher's Chronology of the World - full of
colored charts, graphs, timelines, and much, much more
* Translated into modern English for the first time
* Traces world history from creation through A.D. 70
* Over 10,000 footnotes from the original text have been
updated to references from works in the Loeb Classical Library by
Harvard Press
* Over 2,500 citations from the Bible and the Apocrypha
* Ussher's original citations have been checked against the
latest textual scholarship

About the author:

* Spent over five years researching and writing this book
* Entered college at age 13
* Received his master's degree at age 18
* Was an expert in Semitic languages
* Buried in Westminster Abbey
* One of history's most famous and well-respected historians

About the book:

* Made of the highest quality material: Smyth sewn, gold-gilded
edges, foil embossing on front, back, and spine
* Cover presented in the style of classic literary works
* Packaged in a beautiful box for display purposes and
life-long durability
* 8 appendixes
* Fully indexed
* Paragraphs numbered
* Chronological presentation of material

This is one of the most important literary, historical and
Christian works you'll ever own, a treasure for any home library.
It's a must for your homeschool library.

For generations, the Latin version of this classic work was
considered essential reading. Finally, you can read and enjoy
Ussher - in English.

As a very special added bonus, when you purchase The Annals of
the World from WorldNetDaily's online store, you can also receive
- FREE - three issues of our acclaimed monthly Whistleblower
magazine, which many have called the best news magazine in the
world. That's a $22.50 free value! (Offer good in the U.S. only.)
Watch for the free offer during checkout.

Order your copy of James Ussher's extraordinary "The Annals of
the World" from the WND Superstore.

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Adams Chart of History
HUGE Fold-Out History Timeline
Originally by Sebastian Adams

A vintage reproduction of this famous illustrated timeline of
history first published in 1871.

The fold-out Adams Chart of History is based on Archbishop James
Ussher's classic work, The Annals of the World and features
detailed, full-color illustrations of the various stages of human
history, from Adam and Eve to the late 19th century, with
handwritten commentary throughout.

Perfect for educational settings or Sunday school walls, the 21
full-size panels make it a unique resource and an easy way to
learn. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the
gorgeous illustrations that are woven throughout the timeline,
creating an intricate and uniquely synchronized visual map of the

* Who were the first navigators?
* Who was the Emperor of China during the reign of Solomon?
* What kinds of alphabets were used in the ancient world?
* What advances in mathematics were being made while
Nebuchadnezzar was reigning?
* How much was a Bible worth in 1440 A.D.?

* Timeline includes detailed biblical history
* Ancient history (including Greek and Roman)
* Inventions, Discoveries, and Events
* European and American early history, and many other details

* Based on Archbishop James Ussher's classic work, The Annals
of the World.
* 21 full-colored panels, large format timeline that is easy to
read-nothing on the market in this size.
* Starts with creation at 4004 B.C. and goes to 1870 and our
19th President, R.B. Hayes.

Discover ancient cultures like the Assyrians, Babylonians,
Persians, Greeks, and more. Delight in the mysterious Seven
Wonders of the World and learn where they once stood.

Get the big picture of history and how it falls in line with a
biblical world view. Have a virtual library conveniently at your
fingertips with the incomparable Adams Chart of History.

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