Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chuck Norris: My Prescription for Political Indigestion

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Chuck Norris My Prescription for Political Indigestion
By Chuck Norris
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I'm sure my blood pressure has risen countless times over the past year watching the federal government overspend. I'm tired of seeing out-of-control government overreaching into every area of our lives. And I especially hurt for Americans, many of whom are jobless, homeless and with little hope for the future or real help from the government.
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Want to Read the ObamaCare Bill?
Dems Say No!

When it comes to the latest version of ObamaCare, Senate Dems are refusing to allow the American people to read the bill before they vote.

You read that right. Democrats on the Sen. Finance Committee rejected an amendment that would have required its latest version of government-run healthcare to be posted on the Internet - for all Americans to read - for 72 hours prior to the vote.

Read the full story and take action now!

I need a break from watching the political drama and recklessness in Washington. Know what I mean?

That is the reason I finally agreed to write my new book, The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, in which I share my favorite 101 "facts" and 101 humorous and inspirational related stories. (It is being released Nov. 1 by Tyndale House Publishers, though it's now available for pre-order on Amazon.com for less than $9. Proceeds from the book will go to help http://www.KickStartKids.org.)

For those who somehow have not heard of the Chuck Norris facts, they are mythical expressions of my life and abilities, a collection of sayings, quips and quotes, created by young and old alike, that have elevated my character and personhood to almost legendary, Paul Bunyan-like status.
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PC Myths About the Founding Fathers

As President Obama "sells" his trillion-dollar health care reform package to the American people, equivocates on Iran, and faces a rising unemployment rate, you can't help but ask: What would the Founding Fathers do?

Timely and clear-sighted, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Founding Fathers shines light on who our Founding Fathers really were -- the pillars of American society -- and how they would lead America today by holding true to our founding documents. Get your FREE copy today!

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