Sunday, October 25, 2009

They just added a killer bonus to Google Sniper...

You know how you always hear about
autopilot income... and how it always
requires a lot of hard work...

... in fact, it mostly turns out that it's
not autopilot at all, right?

Well, that's about to change, and this 18
year old ex-furniture mover is going to
tell you exactly what it's all about...


Go there, and check that out right now.

But be warned. This is underground
stuff. You've never heard of this guy.
You've probably never heard of his

Don't let that (or his age) fool you
though – this guy is an ASSASSIN.

He's been quietly creaming a big
income from under the noses of the
very biggest names online... and most
of them didn't even see it coming.

And when I say big income, I mean it.

This guys been making upwards of $10
or $15k every single month for a while

But here's the crazy part – he does it
with these tiny little websites, that are
free to set up, don't required any work
to promote them or anything, and they
even generate their own traffic.

Told you it was crazy.
Check out the video to see what I mean:


But you know what else is weird about
this guy?

He claims that these little sites will just
generate continuous income once they're
set up.

And not just for a couple days, or even
a week... these things keep running for
YEARS, lining your pockets the whole

If you've got even a passing interest
in spending an hour or two putting up
a (really) simple site...

... and then spending the money for
the next couple years, (and let's face
it, who doesn't?) you need to go and
watch this video now...


But do it fast. It can't stay up forever.

To your success,


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