Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tweets to Glenn from the loving left

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October 27, 2009

On Today’s Program

Love Tweets from Libs
The left claims to be so loving and so caring to all – except to conservatives that is. The left loves to call Glenn a drug addict, mocking his past addictions with no trace of compassion. But they immediately jump to the defense of Roman Polanski for raping a 13 year old girl because it 'wasn't rape rape.' Ever since Glenn joined Twitter (follow him here) he's experienced firsthand just how caring the left really is, and he shares the love with you in the latest Beck Talks video blog, 'Love Tweets from Libs.' ENJOY!
NYT losing peeps

The poor New York Times -- losing people by the day. Glenn actually does have compassion, so he wants to include a little editorial titled 'Yes, We Can' and it really should help them since this newsletter has more subscribers. READ

Will Hoffman election be defining?

There is a battle brewing in the New York special election featuring conservative Doug Hoffman -- who didn't get the support of the GOP. They supported a 'Republican' who is in favor of the stimulus package, abortion, etc -- instead of the conservative candidate. Glenn has said all along to vote on principle not party. This race is a classic example of Republicans just trying to win with whoever, rather than have actual ideals. Many claim it's 'throwing your vote away' to vote for Hoffman -- what's Glenn think? ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

VP Biden re-opens GM plant...

In a suburb of Detroit called...Delaware? Huh…that's weird...Isn't the car stuff in Detroit? Out of everything that is going on in Detroit right now, you help a GM plant in Delaware? Why does Wilmington Delaware, Joe Biden's home state, get that stimulus money? There's a tough one to figure out. Read the story HERE.

Is Rachel Maddow the left's Glenn Beck? That's what the article ( read here) ponders. Short answer? No. Maybe if she triples her ratings there will be an argument, but until then she safely remains in a (little) league of her own.

Indoctrination Tuesday!

Available Now!

The Christmas Sweater (Picture Book) is ON SALE TODAY! Glenn has ventured into seemingly every area of the publishing industry -- but one had eluded him up until now: children's books. Glenn is very excited to release the children's version of The Christmas Sweater -- the touching story of a boy who discovers what it means to get the perfect gift. A wonderful read and as an added bonus...no liberal indoctrination! Only the good kind of indoctrination in this book. ( Transcript, Insider Audio) Find out more about the book HERE.

The Christmas Sweater - A Return to Redemption: Don't miss Glenn at his best on stage during the Thursday, December 3rd Simulcast at a movie theater near you. Tickets on sale TODAY for the general public!

Tonight on TV: The eco-freaks are targeting your cheeseburgers, and what's the end game for the left? That and more tonight at 5pm only on the Fox News Channel!

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