Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In Support of Indoctrination…

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I've gotten so sick of complaining about other people's books targeting our kids that I figured I'd just write my own. But instead of hidden messages about global warming, universal healthcare, and greedy corporations, I filled my book with messages about controversial things like family, faith and forgiveness.
When we adapted this book from my #1 New York Times bestseller "The Christmas Sweater" I had three big requirements:
  1. Keep it short. I have four kids and have spent endless hours reading to them at night. While I wouldn't give that up for anything, I've always appreciated books on the shorter side just in case it's one of those "Daddy, read it again!" nights.
  2. Keep it clean. As I said, I hate having to pre-read a children's book to make sure it doesn't subliminally vilify capitalism, glorify communism, or justify terrorism. You have my word that this book does none of those things.
  3. Keep it pretty. Watch the video for a sneak preview of the amazing illustrations done by our artist, Brandon Dorman. I was going for a look that was reminiscent of my childhood and I think he nailed it.

"The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book" is the first product we've ever created for your use in indoctrinat—I'm sorry, teaching, your children. I hope you have as much fun reading it to them as we had creating it.

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