Friday, October 2, 2009

They Make Billions Quietly While Nobody Notices

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Each year, "big-game" hedge fund mangers shift more than 3 trillion dollars from one sector of the market to the other. They use strategies that are typically unavailable to the average investor... strategies allow them to siphon off billions in profits.

Now, individual investors have the chance to access the same strategies. Opportunities that have recently resulted in gains of 100%... 113%... 116%... and 125%.

Multimillionaire investment analyst Ted P. will show you how. He discovered how to use these "big game" strategies while working at prestigious financial firms like Morgan Stanley and Weiss Research. Over the years, he's refined them. And in the process, he's heightened his ability to spot triple-digit winners from a mile away.

These strategies have nothing to do with trading currencies. They don't involve commodities like oil or gold or platinum. Nor do they involve high-risk hedge funds.

Instead, Ted picks from a pool of 2,800 choice investment opportunities. Using a formula he's honed over the years and applying specific procedure for keeping losses to a minimum, he pinpoints the investment picks with the biggest potential for triple-digit gains.

Recently, he spotted a play with triple-digit potential. Without sticking to his formula, investors could have made a nice 21% return on this pick. But Ted recommended his readers pounce using his "big game" strategy. His pick produced a startling gain of 152%.

These kinds of 100%+ gains are not uncommon using Ted's method. Since June, his top seven picks had an average gain of 132.7%. Think of it this way: That would turn a thousand dollar investment into $2,327 in three short months.

Ted recently set his targets on some new quarry. He expects this company to bring in 100% returns (or more) in the next few weeks. The catch? You need to get on board by October 15.

Find out how you can get your hands on Ted's proven strategy and how you can get all the details about his latest pick right here.


Jon Herring
Editorial Director

Investor's Daily Edge

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