Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Demand soars for eligibility postcards

Demand soars for eligibility postcards
Birth certificate issue remains uppermost in readers concerns

The issue of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president of the
United States remains uppermost among the concerns for WND
readers, because for the second week in a row, WND's White House
Eligibility Postcards are the top product among best-sellers at
the WND Superstore.

Obama has reported he was born Aug. 4, 1961, in an unnamed
Honolulu hospital. But there's been no birth certificate
released, no verification, no doctor's testimony, no witness
confirmation of his statement. And even a letter purporting to be
from Obama claiming Kapi'olani hospital as his birthplace has
been refused confirmation by the White House.

So WND's SuperStore designed and printed postcards for the
coming occasion. The front of the card raises the question:
"Where's The Birth Certificate?" The back is open for your
personalized greetings. The postcards measure about four inches
by six.

"I'm encouraging Americans to send these postcards in plenty of
time for Barack Obama's birthday," said Joseph Farah, editor and
chief executive officer of WND and someone who has made it his
personal mission to find that missing birth certificate. "This is
an opportunity to anyone to send two messages at once to Obama -
one concerning the search for truth about his constitutional
eligibility for office and the second your own personalized

The postcards can be used to send notes to anyone - not just

"These postcards are not pre-addressed to the White House," he
said. "They are postcards that can be used to send to your
friends, your member of Congress, your relatives. It's just
another way of keeping the issue of eligibility on the front
burner - right up through 2012 if necessary."

The postcards are just one of the efforts by Farah to raise the
visibility of an issue he says was ignored by his colleagues in
the media and most of the nation's elected officials, including

Starting at just $4 (free shipping!), packs of postcards are
available in quantities of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. Supplies are
limited, so order today.

Click Here to Get Your Postcards

For your convenience, we'll also include a list of mailing
addresses for the White House and members of Congress.


"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

In second place at the Superstore is WND's "Where's The Birth
Certificate" Magnetic Bumper Sticker, another simple way to keep
the question in front of the nation.

Farah, who also has organized a fundraising effort to buy up
billboards, says on Aug. 4 "people in the Washington, D.C.,
metropolitan area take their automobiles and trucks sporting
'Where's the birth certificate?' bumper stickers to 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue."

"Take videos. Take pictures. And spread the word. Wouldn't that
be a nice birthday surprise for Barack Obama?"

The question is very simple: Where is the documentation that
Obama, indeed, qualifies under the requirements of the U.S.
Constitution to be president? The bumper sticker allows people to
make a bold demand for the truth.

The magnetic, permanent yet removable bumper sticker measures 15
by 3-3/4 inches and is perfect not only for your car, but for
your refrigerator, file cabinet or any magnetic surface where you
would like to make a statement.

It's available singly and in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

Get Your "Where's the Birth Certificate" Magnetic Bumper

Click here to see WND's whole line of original magnetic bumper


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