Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Speaker Pelosi Says She Cut a Deal, We Need to Work Extra Hard

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We Have to Work Extra Hard

Dear Fellow Patriot,
The calls you have been making this week are having an impact. Unfortunately, it
seems that our voices are simply not quite loud enough. Speaker Pelosi has said
that she has the votes to move the Health Care bill. So, we have to step it up
a little bit more. Will you please joining us in emailing the Chiefs of Staff of
the following moderate to conservative Democrats?
It is best if you email the Congressional members that are in your state and/or
in your specific district. In the email ask the Chief of Staff to certify that
their Member will NOT vote for the Health Care bill. You can your state the reasons
why this bill is not a good bill for Americans.
Be sure to let the Chief of Staff know who you are in your community whether you
are a stay at home mom, a small business owner, or a community leader and the impact
of the government take over of our health care to your organization (loss of jobs,
increased taxes, etc.).
Thank you so much for helping us further the causes of fiscal responsibility, limited
government, and free markets. We promise we will slow down on the amount of emails
to you once Congress is in recess.

Tier 1: Conservative to Moderate Democrats who are on Energy and Commerce in the

If Energy and Commerce does not vote the bill out of Committee, then it will force
Speaker Pelosi to bring the bill to the floor of the House without the Committee's
approval. Politically, this does not look good for Speaker Pelosi because she will
be ignoring the will of her committees.
Please remember to record the number of emails, faxes, and calls []
you are making.

1. Rep. Boucher of VA Chief of Staff: Becky Coleman email:
2. Rep. Sutton of OH Chief of Staff: Nichole Reynolds email:
3. Rep. Stupak of MI Chief of Staff: Scott Schloegel email:
4. Rep. Braley of Iowa Chief of Staff: Sarah Benzing email:
5. Rep. Mike Ross of AR Chief of Staff:
Drew Goesl email:
6. Rep. Baron Hill of IN Chief of Staff:
John Zody email:
7. Rep. John Barrow of GA Chief of Staff:
Ashley Jones email:
8. Rep. Charlie Melancon of LA Chief of
Staff: Joe Bonfiglio email:
9. Rep. Bart Gordon of TN Chief of Staff:
Donna Pignatelli email:
10. Rep. Jim Matheson of UT Chief of Staff:
Stacey Alexander email:
11. Rep. Zack Space of OH Chief of Staff:
Stuart Chapman email:

Tier 2: Conservative to Moderate Democrats in House not on Energy and Commerce

Please remember to record the number of emails, faxes, and calls []
you are making.

1. Rep. Frank Kratovil of MD Chief of
Staff: Tim McCann email:
2. Rep. Bobby Bright of AL Chief of Staff:
Meg Joseph email:
3. Rep. Walt Minnick of ID Chief of Staff:
Kare Haas email:
4. Rep. Parker Griffith of AL Chief of Staff: Sharon Wheeler
5. Rep. Mike Arcuri of NY Chief of Staff:
Sam Marchio email:
6. Rep. Glenn Nye of VA Chief of Staff:
Angela Kouters email:
7. Rep. Travis Childers of MS Chief of
Staff: Brad Morris email:
8. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of AZ Chief of
Staff: Pia Carusone email:
9. Rep. Leonard Boswell of IA Chief of
Staff: Susan McAvoy email:
10. Rep. Dennis Moore of KS Chief of Staff:
Howard Bauleke email:
11. Rep. Jason Altmire of PA Chief of
Staff: Matt Walker email:
12. Rep. Christoper Carney of PA Chief of
Staff: April Metwalli email:
13. Rep. Patrick Murphy of PA Chief of
Staff: Scott Fairchild email:
14. Rep. Jim Marshall of GA Chief of Staff:
John Kirincich email:
15. Rep. Lincoln
Davis of TN
Chief of Staff: Beecher Fraiser email:
16. Rep. Melissa Bean of IL Chief of Staff:
Elizabeth Hart email:
17. Rep. John Salazar of CO Chief of Staff:
Ronnie Carleton email:
18. Rep. Allen Boyd of FL Chief of Staff:
Melanie Morris email:
19. Rep. Heath Shuler of NC Chief of
Staff: Hayden Rogers email:
20. Rep. Earl Pomeroy of ND Chief of Staff:
Bob Siggins email:
21. Rep. Charlie Wilson of OH Chief of
Staff: Candace Abbey email:
22. Rep. Tim Holden of PA Chief of Staff:
Trish Reilly email:
23. Rep. Brad Ellsworth of IN Chief of
Staff: Cori Smith email:
24. Rep. Ben Chandler of KY Chief of Staff:
Denis Fleming email:
25. Rep. Jim Cooper of TN Chief of Staff:
Lisa Quigley email:
26. Rep. Joe Donnelly of IN Chief of Staff:
Joel Elliot email:
27. Rep. Mike Michaud of ME Chief of Staff:
Pete Chandler email:
28. Rep. Mike Thompson of CA Chief of
Staff: Charles Jefferson email:
29. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin of SD
Chief of Staff: Tessa Gould email:
30. Rep. Adam Schiff of CA Chief of Staff:
Timothy Bergreen email:
31. Rep. Jane Harman of CA Chief of Staff:
John Hess email:
32. Rep. Joe Baca of CA Chief of Staff:
Linda Macias email:
33. Rep. Sanford Bishop of GA Chief of Staff: Phyllis
Hallmon email:
34. Rep. Mike McIntyre of NC Chief of
Staff: Dean Mitchell email:
35. Rep. Henry Cuellar of TX Chief of
Staff: Terry Stinson email:
36. Rep. Loretta Sanchez of CA Chief of
Staff: Adrienne Elrod email:
37. Rep. Dan Boren of OK Chief of Staff:
Jason Buckner email:
38. Rep. Collin Peterson of MN Chief of
Staff: Mark Brownell email:
39. Rep. Jim Costa of CA Chief of Staff:
Scott Nishioki email:
40. Rep. Gene Taylor of MS Chief of Staff:
Stephen Peranich email:
41. Rep. Dennis Cardoza of CA Chief of
Staff: Jennifer Walsh email:
42. Rep. John Tanner of TN Chief of Staff:
Vickie Walling email:
43. Rep. Marion Berry of AR Chief of Staff:
Chad Causey email:

Want to Go the Extra Mile?

Forward this email to at least 5 people you know and ask them to make the same calls.
Better yet, forward it 10 - 20 people you know and ask them to make the same calls.


Thank You!

You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the
causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets
with us!
Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Amy Kremer (, 678-495-8271)
Jenny Beth Martin (, 404-326-0936)
Mark Meckler (
Rob Neppell (

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