Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your Confidential Video Briefing By Sen. DeMint and Steve Forbes

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Please read this important message from the National Right to
Work Legal Defense Foundation.

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Dear Concerned American,

I know how concerned you are about Big Labor's destructive
impact on our nation's economy and our freedoms.

The next few days and weeks will be absolutely critical if we
are to preserve some core freedoms that the union bosses and
Barack Obama are working around the clock to take away from us.

That's why Senator Jim DeMint, Steve Forbes and I took the
extraordinary step of producing a special video about the union
bosses' alarming new plans for our country.

As you'll see in your video, we are at a pivotal point in our
nation's history. If we do not step up right now to confront the
forced unionism power grabs threatening our economy and our
freedoms, the union bosses could become an unstoppable political
force in remaking America.

For 40 years, the National Right to Work Foundation has used the
power of the courts to check Big Labor's abuses, defend workers'
rights, block illegal organizing drives, and hold union thugs
accountable for violence and bloodshed.

But we don't want our strategy falling into the wrong hands.
That's why I'd like to rush you a confidential briefing
containing this urgent video message.

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Mark Mix


The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is a
nonprofit, charitable organization providing legal aid without
charge to employees whose human or civil rights have been
violated by compulsory unionism abuses. The Foundation, which can
be contacted toll-free at 1.800.336.3600, is assisting thousands
of employees in more than 200 cases nationwide. Its web address

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