Sunday, August 16, 2009

America on the Brink

Dear Glen:

Just before the 2008 elections, the conservative economist and commentator Thomas Sowell warned that a Barack Obama presidency would prove a "point of no return" for America.

Why? Because once in power, Dr. Sowell explained, President Obama and the Democratic majorities in Congress would effect such radical changes in our nation's economy, legal structure and social fabric that there would be no rolling them back.

Today, we stand on the brink of Dr. Sowell's prediction coming true.

Consider the following...

WE ARE ON THE BRINK of a government takeover of the health care industry that will empower federal bureaucrats to make life-and-death decisions about your medical care -- a system certain to favor the politically well-connected over ordinary citizens, as it does in Canada -- and that will put all your private medical records in a government database (don't worry, they promise never to use them against you)

WE ARE ON THE BRINK of confirming a Supreme Court nominee who believes that her own ethnic prejudices as a "wise Latina woman" are more important in deciding cases than our laws or Constitution -- a woman who has ruled that discrimination is just fine when practiced against white males

WE ARE ON THE BRINK of enacting "cap-and-trade" legislation that will cripple American competitiveness in the global economy, double home utility bills, add thousands to the cost of new cars, and cost U.S. workers an estimated 2.5 million jobs per year -- while doing next to nothing to impact a "global warming" problem that is largely fictitious to begin with

WE ARE ON THE BRINK of becoming a nation where a majority of citizens receive lavish government handouts and benefits but pay no federal income taxes -- while continuing to vote themselves still more benefits from the shrinking minority who do pay taxes (at ever more "progressive" rates)

We are on the brink, in short, of a revolutionary transformation of our system of government and our way of life -- one that will turn us into a European-style social-welfare state where only politicians, government bureaucrats, and their favored interests are able to thrive -- and where the only "liberty" that remains is the government's unlimited freedom to control every aspect of your life.

I ask you now, my friend: Would you want to live in such an America? Would you want to bequeath such an America to your children and grandchildren?

Neither would I. But guess what? We don't have to. Because believe me when I say...

But we'll have to fight. And we'll have to pull together -- as conservatives, as patriots -- as never before.

Because make no mistake: Our would-be masters in Washington will stop at nothing to secure the power they've come to think of as theirs by divine anointing.

Already, they are using the full force of federal power to crush whatever opposition stands in their way. For instance:
  • They fired AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin for blowing the whistle on the misuse of AmeriCorps funds by Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star who is now mayor of Sacramento, California and a prominent supporter of President Obama.
  • They silenced the author of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that was skeptical of claims about global warming, including whether carbon dioxide must be strictly regulated by the federal government, on the eve of a vote on "cap and trade" legislation
  • They abruptly "retired" longtime Amtrak Inspector General Fred Weiderhold just after he met with officials of the government-subsidized rail service to discuss evidence of its meddling in financial audits and probes.

And there is worse to come as they prepare to silence conservative talk-radio by reviving the Fairness Doctrine... and to enact "card check" laws that would expose anti-union workers to intimidation and harassment... and to pass the so-called Freedom of Choice Act to force pro-life medical professionals to refer patients for abortions.

And who will stop them? The "watchdogs" of the mainstream media? The ACLU? Don't make me laugh.

But all is not lost -- far from it. For as bleak as things may seem right now, freedom of speech and of conscience is not dead in America. It's just gone underground...

... to The Conservative Underground -- where people like you and me are free to think, say, and believe whatever we wish, no matter what the forces of political correctness may have to say about it.

Here in The Conservative Underground, you're free to speak your mind even if...
  • ... you don't believe that Barack Obama is the Second Coming of J.C. (unless that J.C. is Jimmy Carter)
  • ... you don't believe that man-made "global warming" is a proven fact -- much less an excuse for destroying the U.S. economy -- just because Al Gore says so, especially when hundreds of respected scientists publicly disagree with him
  • ... you don't believe that the way back to prosperity in America lies in soaring tax rates and massive new spending programs that will add trillions to the federal deficit and eventually lead to runaway inflation
  • ... you don't believe that power in America should be transferred from our duly elected representatives to a small army of unelected "czars" (over twenty, at last count) appointed by President Obama
  • ... you don't believe that the U.S. Constitution is a "living document" that means whatever any Supreme Court majority declares it to mean
  • ... you do believe in all the old-fashioned virtues and principles -- such as faith, family, freedom, and self-reliance -- that made America great, and can help restore that greatness once again.

If those are the things you value most -- and that you think are still worth fighting for, no matter how bleak things may seem at the moment -- then let me be first to say...

Welcome to the
Conservative Underground


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