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How The Successful Hedge Funds Trade

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Have you ever wondered how the winning hedge funds rake in millions of dollars?  What if we told you that the same 'rain-making' opportunities can be yours?

The "Money Vault" strategy will show you how you could make $5,000 per week by spending just 30 minutes a day in front of your computer.

Former Wall Street insider Frederick James tells all and reveals the secret to amassing a personal fortune in this type of market.

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Managing Editor
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They tried to keep him quiet…

Former Elitist Wallstreet Insider Pulls Back the Curtain…

And Reveals How Average Investors Can Make Quick Profits that Put the Insiders to Shame

Frederick James
Wallstreet Insider “The Money Making Bonecrusher”

He might be a very successful investor, but you’ll never see him on CNN!

If the “big boys” want to go after me…
then I’m ready!

Hi, I apologize for the “theatrics.”

But, the fact is that there are a lot of people who are outraged. They’re furious that I’ve broken ranks and I am sharing their insider wealth secrets.

It’s amazing to me that for so long this group of privileged insiders have filled their fat coffers with piles of cash, day after day, while the rest of the world is totally oblivious to it. Well, now it’s going to be your turn to go to the well and pillage some wealth for yourself.

So, who are these aristocratic few?  How do I know them?

They are the Wallstreet Money Bags and I used to be one of them.

In the next five minutes I’m going to share with you some highly classified information.  But let me tell you straight up.  If you’re looking for a guy you might see on CNBC or Bloomberg, I’m not the guy to listen to.

But, if you want to hear about a guy that ran with the big dogs in the financial world and decided to head down his own path, becoming a millionaire investor in only a few years…then I’m your man.

If you feel comfortable following the herd using the same failed strategies that have allowed folks to watch their life savings vaporize, then DON’T read any further

The information that I’m about to reveal to you has always been under lock and key.  I don’t want to be sharing this with someone that isn’t absolutely serious about getting rich. 

The secrets that I’m going to reveal to you will be startling.  My revealing this information to you is like putting a knife in the back of the upper echelon of money men. It gives you the combination to the vault that will unlock wealth like you won’t believe.

I’m going to show you just how easy it is to make money no matter which way the markets are going to go.  But, please be aware…

A Certain Amount of Discretion Will Be Required

One thing you must understand about the secret strategy I’m going share with you is that we don’t want to get too crazy with greed. While I’m not scared of these old money bastards, the fact is they have a lot of power.  If we upset their applecart too much, they may try and change the rules.

If we get too greedy, the radar will go off and the powers that be will become more outraged than they already are.  That’s why we’re going to just pluck out small stacks of cash.

I’m going to recommend that you limit your profits to no more than $5000 per trade.
I know five thousand dollars doesn’t sound like life changing money, but if you do it once a week, that’s over $250,000 a year…for working maybe a half an hour a day from your home computer.

Besides the amateurs who try and go for the “big payday” always end up losing whether they’re in the financial markets or a casino.   I’m satisfied staying in the shadows as my bank account fills up.

This is the way to go…small sensible investments with nice tidy profits.  My big rule is not to lose money.  We want to keep our risk low so that all the odds are in our favor.
Now, just in case you’re thinking that five grand a week is small potatoes, let me tell you how you can double your profits without any additional risk.

Use The Multiplier Effect

You’ll have two choices when you begin using my strategy.  Either you can siphon off all your profits to live on, or you choose to take some of those profits and reinvest them.
What happens is that you’ll be making profits off of your profits, so you won’t be risking any of your original principal.  Soon, your “take” will rapidly advance to where it will be double!  I don’t recommend making profits of more than $10,000 a week just to keep flying under the radar.

Your biggest problem is going to be to figure out what else you can do with all this cash you’ll be making besides filling up suitcases with stacks of hundred dollar bills.

The elitists are seething that I’ve broken ranks!

This information isn’t supposed to be for average folks to know about….to them, this information is only for a certain “kind.”

But I’m not scared.  I’m 6’5”, 265 lbs. and I was a Division I, college football player. I don’t scare easily. I don’t want to alarm you.  I’m really a “teddy bear,” but if someone gets on my wrong side, they better watch out.

I’m going to give you some information that nobody else is talking about.  Why?  Because they don’t have the guts to do it.  So, it’s up to me.

Now, there’s nothing illegal or immoral that I’m going to share with you.  I’m a rough and tumble kind of guy, but just like when I played ball…I play by the rules.

I was able to bust through the heavily armored gates and now I’m going to enable YOU to follow my tracks toward early retirement.

Revealed:  How the Big Boys are Playing You For a Sucker.

…While the Rest of the World Plays the Standard Stock Market Games,

These self appointed group of “good old boys” work under a whole different set of rules.

Do feel like you’ve been given the short stick in the stock market?  Well, you should!
Let me guess.  Here and there you’ve made a good trade and made a nice profit.  Then, some others didn’t do so well.  If you’re lucky maybe you’ve made a small return or managed not to lose money.

All the while your broker tells you to hold on “for the long term.”

What does he care?  He’s made a commission either way.
But, where will you be in five or ten years?

That’s how it works.  The unknowing masses pour their meager holdings into the stock market where all of the financial professionals get their “taste.”

Look, I’m not some radical ranting about a “big conspiracy.”  But I know that all of those people involved in the game want you to just keep being a sheep and adding to their coffers of wealth while they take some profits off the top over and over.

This creates a treasure chest of wealth that is so large it’s almost incomprehensible that until now only a chosen few get to make withdrawals from it.

I want you to imagine a unique new club that will open it’s membership to average folks that work hard for their money and are tired of being taken.

How My Humble Beginning Will Tear Down
the Velvet Ropes For All of Us…

I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.  I was the son of an immigrant.  My dad managed to keep a roof over our heads, but not much more.  He worked hard and saved.  Just like so many other working class folks he tried to make investments.

Some of them made a small return and others were a bust.  The financial markets were just too tricky for him.  He wanted to give us the good life…but we had to settle for just getting by.

Luckily, he did something more important.  He instilled in me the American dream of starting with nothing and becoming successful.

By the time I was a college student I was an entrepreneur promoting my own club parties and making so much money I realized I needed to start investing it.  Then, a buddy’s father who was a stockbroker suggested I make some stock market investments.

I fell in love.  The magic of buying and selling in financial markets enamored me.  Truthfully, when I see a ticker tape on the bottom of a television screen I still can’t help but suddenly feel excited.

Long story short…my friend’s dad gave me my first job at a stock brokerage.  I worked my way up from the bottom.  It wasn’t too long at all before I was living life large.

I had the $1500 suits, the $10,000 watch and all the rest of the glitz that goes with running with the financial royalty.  But after awhile, I felt troubled.  Every time my clients bought and sold I made money.

But, more than half the time, the client lost money.  It gnawed at my insides!

Everyone in the finance business makes money on the back of the little guy when he buys and sells.  It’s not only the commissions that the financial jackals take on each trade…they’ve got average investors using misguided investment strategies that are doomed to fail from the start.

Unknowing investors are duped into plunging money into investments that line the pockets of the chosen few who are using a whole different playbook.  

The problem was that I couldn’t figure out how they were doing it.

I was on a trip to Vegas squandering a little play money when I stumbled into the casino.  I watched with interest as the players sat at the tables happy to lose their money.  There was a similarity to financial investment markets that made me do some more research.
Sometimes they went up. Sometimes they went down.  But almost all of casino patrons always walked away losers.

Then, there were those few that weren’t losing.

Those Few Winners Hiding
the Shadows Like Ghosts

There are those few that aren’t playing by the same rules as the masses.  They’re using a whole different set of criteria for their decisions.

Whether it’s card counting or mathematical algorithms, these few big winners are making bets contrary to the accepted rules. Quietly in the background they reap their profits without anyone noticing.  As long as they don’t get too greedy, they are allowed to take their piece of the action.

It was so simple it was like a piano fell on my head.  I realized that for investors to make large and regular profits in the stock market, they also had to make investments contrary to what the conventional school of thought was.

When I went back and looked at the “fat cats” in my Wall Street world that were making wealth beyond what you and I can even imagine, I could now see what they were doing.
They weren’t betting on particular stocks.

They were anticipating moves in the market.

Stock Market Myth:
Find Great Companies and Invest for the Long Haul.

If you read almost any high priced stock investment letter that’s what they talk about.  It sounds like a good plan, but it’s only a good plan if you’re goal is to not make money.

These greedy insiders are counting on all the common investors buying into this fairy tale. 

My heart was pounding as I went back into history and saw that the proof was there.
To hell with finding good companies and hoping that their stocks went up based on the company’s performance.  Sure, sometimes that happens.  Other times a company can be reporting a nice profit for the quarter and the stock can still tumble.

A stock can dive bomb because of something as simple as a few pompous analysts declare that the profit wasn’t high enough per share.

The stock price tanks and you lose your shirt.

It’s so insane because the company is still earning a good profit and its future looks bright.  But, because these suits say it’s a problem, your portfolio just had thousands plucked from your wallet just like if they’d reaching into your pants pocket themselves.
But this didn’t matter anymore to me.

I’d stumbled across a combination to a vault
30 times the size of anything I’d ever dreamed of.

I felt indignation.  Here are these elitist blue bloods who spend their days struggling to decide whether they should spend the summer in the Hamptons or on the French Riviera and they’re doing it on the backs of folks like my dad.

Shrouded discreetly within all the cock and bull lies
an encrypted map to riches.

The members of the private club guard this map ruthlessly!

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that these investors and their partner companies don’t have every reason in the world to keep this information away from you. 

Luckily for me, I’m not the kind of guy who a suit takes a swing at too quickly because I know there are more than a few that would love to have the chance.  But I didn’t care.

I made my decision.  I didn’t want to play on their team anymore.

Sure, I wanted to continue to make a nice living. (I was pretty used to those expensive suits!)

But, I wanted to be able to look myself in the mirror at night too.  I stopped taking commissions from other investors and started doing my own investing.

In under six months I  transformed myself from an
employee into a successful investor.

Instead of working in an office for 12 hours a day, I spend
30 minutes in front of the computer in my home office.

Would you like to do the same?

I love my life now.  Whenever I feel I need to add to my bank account, I go to the treasure chest and make a withdrawal.

But, something’s still been eating at me.  Sure, I’m making a great living and I’m not making it on the back of the average Joe.  But, what am I doing to give the regular man…guys like my dad, a hand up?

Up until now, nothing.  However, that’s all about to change because I am spilling the beans.  I know there’s going to be a lot guys out there that aren’t going to pay any attention.  These sheep will just keep following their marching orders and letting the finance insiders feed off of them.

I’m hoping that you’re not one of the sheep, so, I can share these secrets with you that only a chosen few know exists.

Remember when I talked about casinos a few minutes ago?  Well, this strategy has nothing to do with games of chance, but imagine this scenario:

What if every time you sat down at the black jack table the dealer
allowed only you to peek at his cards?

You’d know when the dealer was going to bust and you’d know when you didn’t care because you already had him beat.  That’s essentially what these blue blood insiders are doing.  They don’t care if a stock goes up or down.

They make money either way!

And so do I.

A Road Map to Riches That Anyone Can Read

If you’ve ever invested in the stock market or done any research I’m sure you’ve at least heard of terms like options, margins…going long and short, etc.

Maybe you’ve even experimented with some of them.  For most outsider investors they seem like complicated mechanisms.  Truth is if you don’t understand the right way to use them, they can be tricky.

A .357 Magnum is a powerful weapon for self defense against a home intruder.  But, if you don’t know how to use it, you could end up shooting yourself in the foot or worse!
That’s how these financial tools are…very powerful if used correctly…very dangerous if used improperly.

Let Me Share Just a Sampling of Real Profits I’ve Made Using “The Money Vault”

Bought 10 puts Freemont General Corp. for 1.35…..

SOLD for 4.00 Profit: $2650
Bought 5 Puts New Century Financial Corp $4.50.

SOLD for 14.40 Profit:$4960
Bought 10 calls China Telecom for 2.40

SOLD for 5.90 Profit: $3500
Bought 10 calls on Cephalonic for .60

SOLD for 1.50 Profit: $900
Bought 20 calls on ETF (Brazilian Exchange) for 6.00

SOLD for 24.90 Profit: $37,800

Those are just a sampling to make you see how real and simple this program really is.

It’s an Incredible Life!

Imagine this as your daily schedule. First, no early morning alarm…no rush to get dressed…no more gobbling down some breakfast and scrambling to the office.

You’ll be getting up when you choose.  When you’re ready you’ll amble over to your computer to see if you’ve made any profits since you checked yesterday…most days, you’ll be smiling after you check.

Sometime during the day, you’ll need to take a half an hour to explore the markets and maybe place an order.

Oh and by the way, I’ll be showing you onscreen exactly what I do and how you can do just the same. (I’ll tell you more about that in just a few minutes.)

You’ll no longer answer to anyone…
nobody else will control what you do.

This is a money making strategy that can produce huge steady streams of income for the rest of your life.

With that flow of cash comes the security of never needing to worry about your future.  You can not only support your loved ones in first class style but you’ll be able to actually spend time with them because you won’t need to work more than thirty minutes a day.

It Won’t Matter if Stocks are Up or Down!

Regardless of what the economy is doing…if there is a housing slump, if oil prices are soaring…the interest rate is raised or lowered…inflation is up or down.

One thing that is certain is that the market never stays the same.  It is always rising or falling and whenever it does, you’ll be siphoning off your take.

It’s mind boggling how the masses have so much of their wealth tied up in things they don’t really understand.  They’re busy breathlessly going online and checking to see if the company their broker told them about is going to shoot up the way they were promised.

Or maybe they were told they need to stick all of their hard earned cash into some solid blue chip stocks like the General Motors of the world.  These poor folks will be lucky if they don’t see their principal get sliced away…much less see a decent return.

All the while you and I will be doing just what the “old money” jackals have been doing all of these years.  We’ll be taking our profits whether times are good or bad.

Do you think all of those blue blood families care if the economy is up or down?  Absolutely not.  They’re filling their coffers with new cash while they jet set around the world and attend lavish parties and pose for the photographers.

Now, you and I may not be at those parties, but we’ll be smiling just the same as we’ll be at the more important party…the one where all the insiders line up at the vault to cart away their new profits.

No Previous Experience, Knowledge or Education Needed
And You Can Start on a Shoestring of Capital!

I’m going to prove it to you.

With my assistance you absolutely don’t need any previous knowledge of trading in financial markets.  To tell you the truth, I think you might be better off if you don’t know a thing. (this way you won’t have to unlearn so much.)

Plus, you can actually get going with as little as a couple of hundred bucks in start up capital.  Whatever amount of capital you begin with, it should rapidly grow into a nice chunk of change.

I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m a big time high roller, investing fat wads of cash.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  All I invest is a few thousand at a time…if you do the same you can make the same kind of obscene profits!

So, are you ready to rock? 

Let Me lntroduce You to“The Money Vault” Strategy

Step by Step…In the Privacy of Your Own Home You’ll Learn All of My Secret Investment Strategies

It’s really not rocket science.  You’ll follow my lead as I show you what to track and how to take your profits out of the market…no matter whether it’s a bear or bull market.

I’ve been doing this a long time.  I’m a professional at it and I want to make sure that you’re going to be successful.

In order to do this I’ve used the latest technology to create CD ROMS which will allow you to hear me speak to you while I show you step by step on your computer how I do it and for you to do the same.

You’re Going to Know What Took Me a Lifetime to Know….

How to Avoid the Mistakes I Made Early On and How to Capitalize on the Opportunities that the Average Investor Doesn’t Know Exists.

I’m sharing with you a method that has taken me years to fine tune and hone to make it what I believe is the world’s best trading strategy.

You’ll be able to sit back, relax and learn on your computer as I show you all the ropes.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m rather proud of the job I’ve done.  I’ve taken all the jargon and the complicated data out of the picture.

I’ll be explaining this all to you in terms that an eighth grader can understand.  In fact, I know an eighth grader can understand it because I’ve got a niece and I tested everything with her first.

You are going to be blown away the simplicity of it all.  Instead of rambling on and on in front of a camera, I show you on the computer screen all the stuff you need to know to extract your profits just like I taught myself to do.

When your program arrives don’t think that you’ll be overwhelmed with voluminous books and manuals…quite to the contrary.  It’s just a set of 10 CD ROMS.  All created in sequence so you just follow the order.  And 1…2…3 you are in the game.

I’m Sure You Have a Few Questions So I’ve Tried
to Answer Some of the More Obvious Ones

Q) Why aren’t you just making the profits for yourself instead of sharing it and angering all of these “money people” by showing the method to outsiders?
I am using it. I use it everyday.  And I’ll continue to keep using it.  But why shouldn’t I let a few select others take their fair share as well?  I’ll make my take regardless.  This way others make their money and I make a little extra for sharing my expertise.  In other words…win-win.

Q) Am I going to have to risk a lot to make this program work?
Absolutely not!  In fact, I strongly advise against taking big risks.  The way I do it and you should too is to make small strategic investments that will make quick tidy profits.  If you want to take big risks or gambles go to Vegas.  Losers go ahead and take big gambles…on the advice of so called “experts” who make a profit even if you lose your shirt.

I’m talking about making tactical surgical strikes.  You move into a position based on the market signals and before anyone else knows what’s hit them, you’ve left no footprints as you whisk away your take.

If you want to make strategic investments that use a method that consistently reaps profits no matter what the market is doing then this method is for you.

Q) Taking small regular profits sounds good, but won’t broker fees and other charges wipe out my profits?
Not at all.  The genius of this strategy is that there are very few actual system-generated trades and thus few commissions.  In fact, quite often other investors will be paying you a profit (this is covered in Volume #3).  The people that eat away all of their profits on transaction costs are busy overtrading. You’ll be doing those stealth strikes.  In and out…profits in hand.  I like to clear $5000 a week after transaction fees.

Q) This all sounds so complicated and tricky.  Can a little guy like me really make profits the way these “old money” people do?
That’s exactly the impression that Wall Street money bags want you to think, but nothing could be further from the truth!  All you need to do is follow my lead and we’ll all be taking our cut just like those insiders.  Once you see what to do you can set up an account in ten minutes with only a few bucks and be making your first trades and profits.

Q) I don’t understand how I can make money when the market falls?
Again, that’s what the financial sharks are counting on.  They give the devices that allow you to do this fancy names.  But it’s all founded on basics that my niece can understand.  Instead of only making investments hoping stocks will go up, sometimes you’ll be making plays that make you money when shares go down.  Other times you’ll be making investments on both sides of the street, so whichever way the stock goes…you can make a profit.

Just like the example of the insider in the casino who gets to see the cards the dealer has, you’ll be using my strategy which will let you see the “cards” the market is holding.  With this insider knowledge, you’ll know which maneuver to make…with the profits right behind.

Q) Am I going to need to learn complicated math and statistics?
Let me be blunt.  All this talk about fancy mathematical algorithms is a big myth that fast talking air bags came up with to justify their huge salaries.  The strategy I’ll be sharing with you will only require that you can read and do math at the level of an eighth grader.

Q) How can I be sure that I can really make money with this?
It’s quite simple.  I’m going to guarantee it. (I’ll tell you more about the guarantee in a few moments.) But most importantly this isn’t a program where after you get the program you get a hearty slap on the back and told “good luck and goodbye!”

To the contrary…this is a program where you’ll be able to get support from our advisory staff with a simple e-mail or phone call. Finally, if you’re still a little apprehensive, then I suggest you make your first trades only on paper.  This way, you can see how much profit you’ll be able to make before you actually risk even a nickel of capital.

Q) I’ve tried other trading systems before and they didn’t work.  Why is this one different?
I’m truly embarrassed by all of the vultures that are out there preying on innocent average folks with promises based on empty shells.  Most of the programs are just downright stupid and they’re created by people who don’t actually make money using their own system.

I’ve shown you samples of actual trades I’ve made that made the profits I’m talking about.  I’m not another windbag touting false claims.  I make my living doing this….a very nice living.  I’ve been doing this for awhile and I learned the secrets from being on the inside.  That’s what makes my program different.

Q) What exactly will I get and how do I use it?
Your program will contain 10 CD ROMs.  These go into any ordinary computer.  Anyone who can manage to use e-mail has enough computer savvy to have no problem using the program.  You’ll follow me step by step as I teach you in plain English how to work the method just like the money professionals do.

It doesn’t stop there because like I said my team’s door will always be open. 

You’ll have unlimited customer support!

As a member of The Money Vault inner circle you’ll be able to call or send an e-mail whenever you want and get answers to your questions.

Think about this.  If I wasn’t totally confident would I be offering this kind of access These other so called experts don’t do this and the reason is obvious.  They don’t want to hear from you again because they know you won’t be making anything.

The Money Vault is a whole different story.  You’re going to become a member of my trusted inner circle and together we’re going to strike one for the every day man.

Imagine a Money Printer in Your Living Room.

It won’t matter if you were out all day lying out at the pool or on the golf course (I spend a lot of my days this way) because you’ll have spent your half an hour checking out market factors and already made your moves.

When you walk in the door, you’ll click onto the Internet and see how much money you’ve made.  Your buy and sell orders will already have been placed, so there’s no frantic decision making needed.

So you’ve got to decide what you would really pay for something that will change your life the way The Money Vault will.

I’m not going to sit here and play coy games with you on the price.  We both know that there is almost no way to place a value on something like this.  Obviously, even a $50,000 price tag wouldn’t be crazy.

The real question for me was to come up with an equitable number…After a great deal of soul searching I came to the conclusion that a fair price is $795.

I could come up with half a different dozen little bonuses as many marketers do, but I’m not going to do that.  This is an offer for serious people.  I’m not going to insult you or myself by getting into a big song and dance to make it sound like it’s less than it is.

One thing I know in life is that you get what you pay for.  So, I hope you see this as not an expense but as an investment.  After all, one successful trade will could than pay for the program.  After that it’s all profit.

It’ll be like you’ve just created your own money printer.  All you do is boot it up, press the start button and create some cash. If you follow the program’s simple instructions (remember my niece finds it easy), you could already have more than enough profits to pay the bill when your credit card statement comes in at the end of the month.

I’m so confident that once you take that step, get the program and get started that you’ll realize that your life is at a turning point…that once you put the program into action that you’re whole life is going to profoundly change…

You Can See For Yourself and
I’ll Bear the Entire Risk!

I know this program works…I’ve shown you the proof with my own trades.  If you’re fortunate enough to secure one of the places that are left in my inner circle, it can work for you.  All you’ll need to do is follow the step by step instructions that I’ve created for you.

I went to immense trouble to make sure that it’s so simple a kid can understand it.  It’s all there on screen visually, so you don’t need to try and read dry books with bleary eyes after a long day at your day job (which you’ll likely be leaving very soon).

As I confided to you in the beginning, there are a lot of angry blue bloods out there who are steaming that I’m opening up the door for some regular folks.  This is how the rich get richer regardless of what’s happening with economy.

So, you know this program works.  It’s not debatable.  Nevertheless, I know there are some people that would just feel better if they had some reassurance…so here it is:

A 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

I’m going to allow you to try The Money Vault program for a full 30 day period with no risk.  Because if for any reason you aren’t able to make the kind of amazing profits I’m talking about, I’ll return your full purchase price, no questions asked.

And I want you to remember that 30 days is more than enough time to try this program.  In fact, I fully expect you to have made enough profits to pay the credit card bill off in full and have a nice wad of cash left over.

Okay, so now I’ve given you no reason not to make the decision to change your life.  Once you get your program and start, you’ll know you made the right decision.  Isn’t it time to stop being on the outside looking in?

There is one point of concern.

I am thrilled to be sharing the wealth with regular folks…people who like my dad didn’t have their money spoon fed to them.  Still, there is a limit to how many people I can have in my inner circle.  Like I’ve repeatedly said, there are very powerful people that are up in arms about me changing sides.

If we remain in the shadows and extract our taste without creating an uproar, the indignation will subside and we’ll be left in peace to pile up cash in our coffers just like the “the old money” folks.  To make sure that the profit making doesn’t get out of hand, I’ve got to make sure that there aren’t too many of us.

For this reason this offer to become part of the elite inner circle of men and women who no longer follow the sheep, but pave their own path to riches and a life only a precious few can ever dream of having, must be restricted to a limited number of folks.

After all, I certainly want to still keep withdrawing cash from the money printer myself and continue to enjoy all the personal time I’ve gotten so accustomed to having.

If you’re an action taker and not a dawdler,
then you should act right now.


The limited spaces in the inner circle isn’t an old sales ploy.  I’ve explained the obvious business reasons why I must adhere to the restrictions I’ve set. Once the limit has been hit, the door will be closed.

The only thing that I ask is that if you do act swiftly enough to secure your place that after you start reaping your profits that you keep our secret close to your chest.  If you want to help out someone, then throw them some cash, but let’s not let our secret be known outside of our inner circle.

I hope to have you join me in this to start having the average hard working person sitting at the table of wealth alongside all of those silver spoons instead of at their feet with the masses, salivating in the hopes of some scraps being thrown to them.

I hope you’ll forgive my somewhat rebellious tone.  It’s just that I become angry when I remember my dad’s hopeful face as he told me about his investments…the ones that didn’t pan out.

I look forward to working with you…side-by-side on your computer screen as you play the CD ROM’s, no longer slaves to “the well to do.”


Frederick James



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