Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Better than bullion!

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Safety, Privacy and 30-60% More Growth than Gold Bullion

Classic U.S. $20 Gold
Gold bullion prices reflect the daily global economic
environment, which has been very spastic lately as the Feds
attempts to fight a nasty recession without creating inflation
and further devaluing the U.S. dollar.

Since 2001 precious metals have been the biggest winner, as a
secular (long-term) bear market in stocks and the dollar caused a
tripling of gold prices. The charts illustrate that classic U.S.
$20 gold coins are the beneficiaries of rising gold bullion
prices, yet are insulated from day-to-day market volatility.

All gold coins are NOT created equal!

All forms of gold are NOT created equal, nor do they perform
equally. The economic law of supply and demand often drives
classic U.S. gold coin prices up, even when bullion prices are
flat or lower. For example, last year while gold bullion prices
rose 3%, Mint-State 63 U.S. $20 Gold coins rose an average of
50%! And, if maintaining your financial privacy is important,
then these gems are also the safest form of gold to own.

Discover the benefits of owning Mint-State $20 gold coins.

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The best classic American gold and silver coin values today.

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