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A No-Brainer Opportunity

The Daily Reckoning

Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

There are some opportunities in life that are just too good to pass up. This is one of them.

Our commodities man wants to share with you his 'no-brainer' strategy to investing...and when you apply this rule, you can easily double your money in three months. And not just one time, either.

This strategy has been working wonders. In just one week, he delivered a select group of readers to a 72% gain on coffee call options, 80% on silver call options, and 67% on Canadian dollar call options - in just one week!

If you'd put $5,000 into each of those three positions, you'd be sitting on $10,950 in pure profit.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can make easy, no-brainer gains like these. And if you act before midnight tonight you can get in on these gains risk-free and at a significant discount. Don't delay...

Best regards,

Kate Incontrera
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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Follow this strategy, and you could
double your money in three months

The Millionaire Factory

Take a bartender, a security guard, a failed actor, and 11 other people with zero investing experience…

Give them just two weeks of training in a hole-in-the-wall office…

And watch them net $290 million!
Follow their one simple rule, and you could double your money in three months… and that's just the beginning!

IMPORTANT: Access to our exclusive updated version of this classic Millionaire Factory trading strategy is strictly limited to the next 426 interested readers.

Dear Reader,

It was about the last place you'd expect to find 14 millionaires.

The paneling outside the office was dingy.

The men's room nearby, filthy.

You'd never guess the men in this office were on the verge of becoming millionaires. Or that a few had hit the jackpot already.

One by one, this hole-in-the-wall office I call the Millionaire Factory cranked 'em out.

Combined, they piled up $290 million in four years.

One was a security guard. Another, a bartender. A third, an assistant restaurant manager.

No Columbia or Wharton MBAs. They wore shorts and played ping pong.

The only thing in common? They all responded to the same help-wanted ad in the Wall Street Journal.

All had just two weeks of training.

The no-brainer strategy they used is the same sort of strategy you can put to work tomorrow morning… and with even less effort.

In the next three months, it could double your money.

Do that enough times, and that would turn $5,000 into $2.5 million in three years.


I understand completely.

So let me reveal the story that proves beyond all doubt that you can do this.

It begins 25 years ago with a couple of cocky (and very wealthy) commodities traders who wanted to settle an argument once and for all…

Traders Wanted:
No Experience Necessary

Rich started trading the commodities markets in Chicago with just $400 he earned delivering pizzas as a teenager.

He turned that $400 into $200 million.

He was convinced anybody could do what he did.

His business partner, Bill, thought that was nuts. Bill was convinced that some people were just born traders.

One day, they agreed to settle the agreement by taking out a help-wanted ad in the Wall Street Journal.

It was very clear: "Prior experience in trading will be considered, but is not necessary."

Rich recalled a trip to Asia, where he visited a turtle farm. He told Bill, "We are going to grow traders just like they grow turtles in Singapore."

1,000 people replied to the ad. 40 scored an interview. And finally Rich hired 14 of them to start trading… and to prove his point.

Among them — a security guard, a bookkeeper, a bartender, an assistant restaurant manager, and a board-game designer.

Rich — his full name is Richard Dennis — started calling them "the turtles." He gave them just two weeks of training.

Then they started trading the commodities markets.

In the next four and a half years, they made $150 million.

In today's dollars, that's more like $290 million.

An average of $20.7 million each.

If they can do it, you can do it.

All you have to do is follow a simple no-brainer trading strategy like they did…

Which is why I'm writing you today.

Not to move to Chicago and start a new career… but to use the same "no-brainer" rule to make a fortune.

I'm talking doubling your money every three months. That's enough to turn $5,000 into $2.5 million over the next three years.

And if you're still not convinced, let me tell you what made Rich's experiment so extraordinary.

YOU Can Make More Money From Trading
Than Most Professional Traders

See, this wasn't just to make a point about how anyone could become a trader who makes millions.

He knew that experienced traders who applied his techniques would fail.

That's because they already knew too much about trading.

Let me explain…

See, they wouldn't follow the guidelines laid out in those two weeks of training. Because they'd figure they were smarter than that. Or they could "improve" on the strategy.

A couple of small losses, and they'd start to panic. A few wins, and they'd start to get full of themselves.

No, Rich needed people who came to trading with no built-in biases, no preconceived notions.

People who'd follow his strategy exactly… ignoring economic forecasts and government reports… simply following the up-and-down movements of commodity prices… and taking advantage of them.

That's the one rule he laid down for his students — follow the strategy.

The results were indisputable. His traders racked up a compounded annual growth rate of 80%.

One of them was just 19 when he started trading… and he turned out to be the best-performing one of all!

Are you starting to understand why I call this a no-brainer rule?

Simply follow the strategy to a "t"… know that over the long haul it's going to work… and you can make millions.

In fact, you can easily double your money in three months. And not just one time, either.

At that pace, you'd be making more money than most professional traders.

How can I sound so confident about all of this? How can I be so sure you can make that kind of no-brainer money… just by checking your email once a day and making five or six phone calls a month?

"Who is this guy?!" Meet the Trading Genius Who Can Help You Double Your Money
in Three Months

On Thursday, May 14, CNBC interviewed an analyst about a little of everything — stocks, bonds, oil, and the economy.

He wowed 'em on TV. Now you can put his
no-brainer strategy to work and
double your money in just three months

When it was over, anchor Joe Kernen asked, "Who is this guy?" He was obviously impressed.

His name is Alan Knuckman. And he wants to share his no-brainer trading strategy with you.

I was lucky enough to catch on to "this guy" long before CNBC.

But not because he's an expert on the markets. Lots of people can spout off on TV.

See, in the week leading up to that interview, he'd done something far more impressive. And far more meaningful for you.

With his trading know-how, he delivered a select group of readers the following easy no-brainer gains…

  • 72% on coffee call options
  • 80% on silver call options
  • 67% on Canadian dollar call options

Again, he closed those plays out in just one week.

Average gain — 73%.

Average hold time for those three positions — just 76 days.

If you'd put $5,000 into each of those three positions, you'd be sitting on $10,950 in pure profit.

Oh, and a few days after that CNBC interview, he told readers to close out some Australian dollar calls for an 85% gain in just over a month!

That's what Alan does time and time again for members of his premium trading research service Resource Trader Alert.

He got his start in the trading pits of Chicago right out of college… making minimum wage, picking up the old-fashioned order cards traders dropped on the floor.

But he didn't just put them in the trash as he was instructed. He studied them, followed the movements in prices… and within a few months he started to crack the no-brainer code that traders use to make millions.

Within a few years, he was making big money trades in the pits with the best of them.


"Alan's track record has been phenomenal. Bond spreads, currency spreads, cattle, crude. I'm extremely impressed with Alan. And a very happy subscriber."

— David H.

Nowadays, the pits are giving way to electronic trading. But the principles for successful trades haven't changed.

See, Alan applies similar principles that Rich taught his original students.

But those traders worked full-time making their millions in the commodities markets.

Alan's figured out how to apply the same principles to the commodities options markets.

That options part could make it even easier for you to make your millions. Here's why:

With commodity options…

  • You don't have to watch a computer screen minute-by-minute
  • You can make money in up markets or down markets
  • You always know how much money you have at risk

Best of all, you can sleep at night — knowing Alan's doing all the work for you.

All you have to do is follow his simple no-brainer strategy.

He gives you clear recommendations, right down to the exact words to read aloud to a broker if you want to get in on the action.

How to Bag Consistent Commodity Profits
With No Maalox Moments

Hi, I'm Alan Knuckman.

If you're excited by the prospect of doubling your money in three months, but you're squeamish about investing in commodities, we need to talk.

I know lots of folks like you. They have an uncle, or a cousin, or a college buddy, who lost his shirt investing in commodities. So they don't want to touch it.

But that's not the kind of no-brainer commodities investing I'm talking about.

Chances are your uncle or college buddy was investing directly in the futures markets… and doing so on margin.

That's a fancy way of saying he borrowed money to speculate. Often as much as $10 for every $1 of his own money.

So if a few trades didn't go his way, he'd lose not only the money he put up on his own… he'd have dip into his savings. Or get a second mortgage, or tell his kid he'd have to go to a state university instead of a private one.

But the kind of trades I'm talking about are nothing like that.

I'm not recommending futures.

I'm recommending options on the futures. So you can never lose more than the amount you start out with.

But much better than that… options on futures give you the chance for explosive gains in a short amount of time.

Just in 2009, I've delivered my readers gains of 80% on silver… 85% on Australian dollars… 148% on silver (again)… and 200% on Canadian dollars.

And those are just a few examples of the 12 plays I've closed so far in 2009. Among all of them, the average gain is 75%.

Don't worry if you don't know the lingo. I've put together a special report to make this stuff a no-brainer just for you.

It's called Learning How to Play Commodity Options Like a Champion. A half-hour of easy reading and you'll know all the basics. That includes the strange words in my buy and sell alerts.

Bottom line… I want to make trading as easy for you as possible. A real "No-Brainer." I hope to hear from you soon.

Let's step back for a moment so I can walk you through an example of exactly how this works. I'll show you exactly how this no-brainer strategy can net you 100% gains in 100 days.

100% Gains in 100 Days…
How to Do It, Step by Step

On November 10, Alan issued a quick no-brainer recommendation to his readers…

Action to take: call your broker and say "I want to buy the 2009 December Gold  (GCZ9) 900/950 call spread at 11 points ($1,100) or better, good till canceled (GTC)."

Now… don't worry if you don't understand all the terminology here. Remember, we're making this a no-brainer for you. Once you accept my invitation to get in on Alan's recommendations, you'll get all the information you need so the lingo is second-nature.

"You are on fire! Please keep it up."

— Jake J.

"I love what you have done with RTA, both in learning and profits."

— John M.

"Thanks for a great ride so far!"

— Ron S.

"Thanks for your direction. It is excellent. I am impressed."

— John H.

Say you bought two contracts on this position. They'd cost you $2,100 total.

After that, all you had to do was sit and wait for Alan's next no-brainer recommendations.

They came just a couple of months later…

Action to take: call your commodity options broker and say "I want to sell HALF of my December 2009 Gold (GCZ9) 900/950 call spread at 19 points ($1,900) or better, good till canceled (GTC)."

Result? Selling netted you an instant gain of $1,050.

By February 17, you'd double your money. 100% gains in 99 days.

And as I write, you'd still be sitting on the other half of that position with an even bigger gain of 121%.

Now what could be easier than that?

And that's not just a one-shot deal.

Following Alan's no-brainer recommendations, you can reap big gains like this over and over again.

In fact, right now I'm going to do something very few financial publishers would ever do.

I'm going to show you Alan's entire track record so far in 2009.

Warts and all. Hey, no one bats a thousand.

But that's not the point. The point is that by following these recommendations over time, you could rack up huge gains.

I'll even show you the exact dollar amounts each contract cost… and what you could have made when you closed out the trade.

This way you know how these trades could have worked out to the penny.

Resource Trader Alert Closed No-Brainer Plays for 2009
Position Buy date Buy Price Sell Date Sell Price Gain
Gold 11/10/2008 $1,050.00 2/17/2009 $2,100.00 100%
Natural Gas 10/23/2008 $1,050.00 3/26/2009 $0.00 -100%
Coffee 2/20/2009 $1,462.50 5/7/2009 $2,512.50 72%
Silver 1/23/2009 $1,250.00 5/7/2009 $2,250.00 80%
Canadian Dollar 3/20/2009 $1,200.00 5/8/2009 $2,000.00 67%
Australian Dollar 4/14/2009 $1,300.00 5/20/2009 $2,400.00 85%
Wheat 12/18/2008 $1,087.50 5/18/2009 $787.50 -28%
Treasury Bonds 5/13/2009 $1,468.75 5/27/2009 $2,500.00 70%
Canadian Dollar 3/20/2009 $1,200.00 6/2/2009 $3,600.00 200%
Silver 1/23/2009 $1,250.00 6/5/2009 $3,100.00 148%
U.S. Treasury Bonds 5/13/2009 $1,468.75 6/10/2009 $3,703.13 152%
Crude Oil 5/27/2009 $1,700.00 6/10/2009 $2,700.00 59%

Now if charts like this make your eyes glaze over, let me just hit the highlights…

  • The average gain is 75%
  • The average hold time for each position is 78 days
  • 83% of all positions made money (10 out of 12)

And that's not a fluke.

Look back across the performance of Resource Trader Alert from its start in 2002 and you'll see a consistent pattern…

A lot better than your typical basket of stocks and bonds, right?

And picking the right stocks and bonds takes a lot more blood, sweat, and tears compared to making no-brainer trades that require nothing more than checking your email once a day and making five or six brief phone calls a month.

Still not convinced how easy this can be?

Let me walk you through another quick example of how this no-brainer strategy works.

200% Gains in 74 Days… Step by Step

On March 20, Alan issued this alert to his readers…

Action to take: call your commodity options broker and say "I want to buy the September 2009 Canadian dollar (CDU9) 85/90 call spread at 120 points ($1,200) or better, good till canceled (GTC)."

The Canadian dollar is a big-time commodity play because Canada is a big-time producer of oil, natural gas, gold, wheat, and many other resources.

And the timing couldn't have been better.

One contract of this play cost an even $1,200. If you follow Alan's no-brainer recommendations, you won't overpay.

On June 2, those positions had tripled. It took only 74 days! Alan said it was time to pull the trigger. Once again, he issued a clear recommendation on how to collect a 200% gain.

Action to take: call your commodity options broker and say "I want to sell ALL of my September 2009 Canadian dollar (CDU9) 85/90 call spreads at 360 points ($3,600) or better, good till canceled (GTC)."

That initial $1,200 invested? It turned into $3,600.

Five contracts would have cost $6,000… and turned into $18,000.

That's $12,000 in pure profit!

No wonder Alan gets emails like this all the time…

"Keep Up the Great Work"
"Wow...who doesn't like a homerun hitter, especially one who hits it out of the ballpark as consistently as Alan has done. Keep up the great work!"
— Vic K.
Broker's Opinion: Alan's Plays are the Most Profitable
"My broker tells me that your service is the most consistently profitable that he has experienced in the industry."
— Bob R.
Great Gains in Little Time
"I have found Alan's commodity analysis to be excellent. His timely alerts have allowed me to reap great gains in short times. I also like that his alerts/updates are clear and not overburdened with extra information. Thank you!"
— David O.
"Alan's Way Ahead of the Others"
"Alan is doing a great job and his trading style is a breath of fresh air. His slow and patient style simply puts him way ahead of others I watch."
— Larry C.

So far, that Canadian dollar play is Alan's biggest win in 2009. But as I write this, his readers are also sitting on open positions with gains of 121%… and 159%. Who knows how far they could go?

Now… fair warning. Some of Alan's open positions are also down a bit. At least for the moment.

This brings me to a very, very important point…

Whatever You Do, Don't Try This at Home!

Here's the lesson that even the "turtles" didn't always have down. See, when some of these people left to go out on their own, something interesting happened.

Sure, some of them went on to manage over $3 billion.

But others? They started LOSING money.

They'd see some of their trades were down… and they didn't maintain the discipline they did before. They broke their own no-brainer rules. They forgot the reasons they got into the position in the first place. They panicked and sold for a loss.

At other times, they'd figure they could "improve" on the strategy… tweak it… make it a little better to juice their returns.

They started thinking they were smarter than the market.

It never worked.

In other words, they became the very people Richard Dennis was trying to keep out of his program when he posted his first "help wanted" ad.

They knew too much about trading for their own good. They used too much brain when a no-brainer strategy would have paid off…

They couldn't stick to the system. And the system stopped working.

What's this to you?

Very simple. You just need to apply the same no-brainer rule they did in the beginning: follow the strategy. In our case, all you have to do is decide to execute Alan's simple trade recommendations…

How much money are we talking about — exactly?

Well, I'm looking again at that chart of all of the plays Alan closed during 2009.

If you'd followed his recommendations to the letter on every one of them, and decided to buy one contract each, you'd have invested exactly $15,487.50.

And you'd have a profit of exactly $12,165.63

That's a 75% average gain on 12 straight plays!

A lucky streak? A one-shot deal? Hardly. Let me show you...

Consistent Gains... Year After Year

  • In 2008, Resource Trader Alert's no-brainer recommendations would have cost you $17,912.60. And you could have made profits of $12,146.80. Average gain? 71% — including 189% on corn… 195% on sugar… and 220% on silver.

  • In 2007, investing in one contract of each RTA no-brainer recommendation would have cost $21,730.81. And your profits could have been $13,555.16. Average gain? 40% — including over 199% on soybeans, 219% on corn, and 241% on wheat.

  • In 2006, the RTA no-brainer recommendations cost $22,499.45. Your potential profits to the penny? $18,187.65. Average gain? 96% — including 204% on sugar, 355% on orange juice, and a staggering 400% on silver!

I'm not throwing out hypothetical numbers here. These are the actual profits you could have made to the penny if you'd acted on Resource Trader Alert's no-brainer recommendations, following them exactly and buying one contract of each.

There's no other possible way it could have turned out… unless you failed to follow the easy recommendations.

See how simple this is?

Just one other thing I should mention before we move on. I think it's important — because as simple as the no-brainer trading strategy is, I don't want to BS you.

You would need to work with a specialized brokerage to execute these trades. You would just call them five or six times a month, however often Alan makes a recommendation you want to act on, and they'd take it from there.

Where can you find such a brokerage? Even here, Alan's done some of the work for you. So it's still a no-brainer.

In another special report called The Resource Trader's Bible: Your Guide to the Most Profitable Commodities, he lists nearly a dozen brokers that could get you started.

And I haven't even gotten to the most exciting part yet.

That's when you can bag a whole series of high double- and even triple-digit gains in just a matter of days.

That's what happened twice during a brief stretch in the spring of 2009.

I'll show you exactly what happened the first time.

2 Days… 3 Plays… 73% Average Gains!

1. Thursday, May 7 — 8:41 AM: After just 76 days — less than three months — Alan decides it's time to take profits on coffee call options.
  The result… gains of 72%.
2. Thursday, May 7 — 9:06 AM: After 104 days — less than four months — Alan tells readers it's time to take profits on half of their position in silver calls.
  The result… gains of 80%.
3. Friday, May 8 — 9:16 AM: After just 49 days — less than two months — Alan says it's time to pull the trigger on Canadian dollar calls.
  The result… gains of 67%.

If you'd bought one contract of each of those three plays, you'd have bagged $6,762.50 in pure profit.

If you'd bought five contracts, your profit would be $40,575.

Once again, you would have bagged that awesome sum of cash as long as you followed the system and followed Alan's recommendations.

Again, the idea's not to put a lot of "work" into this.

So I hope you don't think placing three phone calls in two days is too much effort to collect gains of 73%.

On top of that, Alan closed out a position on U.S. Treasury Bonds on May 27 for gains of another 70%.

Alan's readers sure weren't complaining…

"My Account is Up 80% Just This Month!"
"My commodity trading account is up over 80%—just in the month of May!!! I am very, very happy."
— Thomas B.
"Exciting Adventure"
"I feel like we are on a rocket ship and taking off. Alan is a trader — the right guy at the right time. He has created positive expectations and it's an exciting adventure."
— Ken S.
Alan Blows 'em Away
"Alan's been knockin' 'em out, most recently $1000 from $1500 on Treasury puts in 2 weeks. I have been very impressed by Mr. Knuckman's intelligence and market knowledge, and he blew them away on CNBC in a clip my broker sent me. Here's cheers for more of the same!"
— Alan A.
Up 50% in a Few Weeks!
"I am extremely pleased with the performance of the last few weeks, which has raised my total account equity by nearly 50%."
— Bruce M.
"A Breathtaking Month of May — Give Alan a Bonus!"
"Thanks so much to Alan Knuckman who guided us to profitability and a positively breathtaking month of May! Hope he gets a bonus!"
— David D.
Alan's on a Roll!
"You're on a real roll with your calls. And I continue to appreciate the information that surrounds trade recommendations. You're riding high and how could anyone complain?"
— Joel A.

And guess what? Even bigger gains were just around the corner in June.

8 days… 3 plays… 167% Average Gains!

1. Tuesday, June 2 — 11:21 AM: Alan says it's time to take profits on Canadian dollar calls. The holding time on this position — 74 days. Less than three months.
  The result… gains of 200%.
2. Friday, June 5 — 10:57 AM: The other half of that silver play sold the month before? Time to cash in the rest, Alan says. Total holding time — 133 days. A little over four months.
  The result… gains of 148%.
3. Wednesday, June 10 — 1:13 PM: After just 28 days — less than a month — in a position of U.S. Treasury Bond put options, Alan issues a sell signal.
  The result… gains of 152%.

So there you have it. Three phone calls in just eight days, and you could have turned an investment of $3,918.75 into $10,403.13.

That's an average gain of 167%… an average holding time of 78 days … and $6,484.38 in pure profit!

If you'd bought twice as many contracts, your profit would be twice as big… $12,968.76!

But no matter how many contracts you bought, you'd be very, very happy — like these readers…

"Alan is On Fire!"
"Alan is on fire — great going! Alan's got his head in the game and that helps following the plan."
— Bill V.
"Great Help for Us Little Guys"
"Treasury sold for over 200% profit :) Thank you very much. Great help for us little guys."
— John L.
"Recommendations are Like Gold!"
"Alan, you are fantastic. Your recommendations are like gold. Thank you so much."
— John P.
"I'm on Track to Recover Losses Elsewhere"
"Thanks for the great recommendations; you have put me on track to begin recovering capital losses that I have accumulated over the last couple of years. Looking at the bright side, all of these gains are tax free!"
— Ken D.

Now imagine you could make gains of 167% every 78 days. And imagine starting out with just $5,000.

You'd have $13,350 after less than three months. Do it again, and you'd have $35,645 after just six months.

$95,171 after nine months, and $254,106 after a year.

A couple of more years, and you'd easily have $2.5 million, or more.

Wouldn't you like to start collecting no-brainer gains like these? You can! And I'm going to make it as easy as possible for you.

Get Going on Your Road to Millions — Starting
Today — With a
RISK-FREE Trial of
Resource Trader Alert

Now you understand how doubling your money in three months really is a no-brainer proposition.

I bet you're ready to get started!

Here's everything you get with your one-year membership to Resource Trader Alert:

  • Alan's exclusive no-brainer buy alerts. When these arrive in your inbox, they'll always have the exact words you can read aloud to your broker over the phone. No guesswork, no misunderstandings. Expect two or three of these alerts each month, 25-30 a year.

  • Alan's follow-up no-brainer sell alerts. When it's time to take profits, Alan lets you know right away. Once again, you'll get super-specific recommendations you can read aloud to your broker.

  • Alan's exclusive RTA Monday briefing. Here Alan surveys the commodity markets and how both the stock market and the broader economy will impact your positions. There's also a running tally of every open position, how well they're doing, and their short-term prospects.

  • Learning How to Play Commodity Options Like a Champion. This special report has all the lingo and insider tips you need to know to play the exciting commodities options market.

  • The Resource Trader's Bible: Your Guide to the Most Profitable Commodities. This special report runs you through all the best opportunities in the commodities options market today… and it includes a list of brokers to help you get trading tomorrow morning.

  • Members-only access to the Resource Trader Alert website. Here you can review all the open RTA positions, plus archived copies of all buy and sell alerts and Monday briefings. Everything is there for your inspection… and we'll send you the password by e-mail as soon as you sign up.

Now, how much would all of this be worth to you?

Remember, we're talking about a strategy to double your money in three months with very little "work" on your part.

When Alan led a team of brokers in Southern California, he charged clients $300 an hour for trading advice.

And those clients actually worked harder than you'll have to. They weren't even getting specific recommendations on what trades to place.

You, on the other hand, will know exactly what words to say to your broker every time Alan issues a buy signal… or he tells you it's time to take profits.

It's as simple as checking your email once a day and making five or six phone calls a month. Even better, you won't pay ANYWHERE NEAR $300 an hour…

"Skeptical at First…
Fully Committed Now"

"I was skeptical at first and stayed out of the game for a while, but I am now fully committed to Alan's skills and abilities as a commodities analyst. I began actively trading at the beginning of this year and really like Alan's recommendations and track record. Keep up the great work! I just got laid off, so I need alternate sources of income!"

— Ken D.

The standard price we charge for a one-year membership in Resource Trader Alert is $1,495.

But that's nowhere near what you'll pay.

I'll reveal your final discounted rate when you click on the "Subscribe Now" button at the bottom of the letter.

But I'll tell you a couple of things right now.

First, this discounted rate is good only for the next 426 people who sign up. I can't offer it indefinitely. First come, first served.

And second, I don't know whether I'll offer this final discounted rate ever again.

See, in the recent past, we've offered Resource Trader Alert for as little as $750.

But with the kind of performance Alan's no-brainer picks have turned in recently — potentially turning an upfront investment of $15,487.50 into $27,653.13 in just eight months — I can't justify that anymore.

Still… I can offer a substantial break on the regular price of $1,495. Again, click the "Subscribe Now" button at the bottom of this letter, and you'll see your final discounted rate.

But you have to act soon. Because with Alan piling up this sort of stellar performance, I can't justify selling this service at these kinds of discounts much longer. In fact, soon, $1,495 might become the new discounted rate.

Besides, with the guarantee I'll make, you really have nothing to lose. It's a true no-brainer play for you.

My Exclusive "Money-Doubling" Guarantee…
So You Can Try Resource Trader Alert


I've said throughout this letter that Alan's RTA trade recommendations give you the opportunity to double your money in three months.

Do that enough times, and you could turn $5,000 into $2.5 million in three years.

So I'm going to make you a two-part guarantee.

For starters, you have 60 days to try out RTA absolutely risk-free. Use those 60 days to put Alan's trading recommendations to work for you. Or just follow the recommendations and "paper trade" to see how comfortable you are.

At the end of those 60 days, if you're not satisfied for any reason, you can call a toll-free number we'll provide when you subscribe… and we'll refund your full membership price.

Then I'm going to go a step further.

Doesn't matter if it's the 365th day of your membership. If Alan hasn't delivered an average double, you get your money back.

It's that simple.

I can't think of anything more to take the risk out of this for you. It's a true no-brainer.

After all, you know the power of what Alan's already delivered RTA readers.

Now's the time to act on what you know… and seize your chance to turn $5,000 into $2.5 million.

I hope I hear from you now… so you can get started right away.

To Your Wealth,

Joe Schriefer,
Publisher, Resource Trader Alert

P.S. Just a reminder… this final discounted rate is good only for the next 426 people who sign up. First come, first served. After that, Resource Trader Alert goes back to its full membership rate of $1,495. And if Alan keeps up his track record (average gain of 75% in 2009), there's a good chance that rate will go up. So now's the time to pounce.


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