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Taipan Daily: Did you see this?

Dear Taipan Daily reader,

Just the other day I sent you a special investigative report put together by senior analyst Adam Lass. Adam has uncovered a unique government tip sheet that grants you the same "insider" access that Wall Street power brokers have used for years to make their fortunes.

It's no secret that Washington and Wall Street work hand in hand. And it's certainly no secret that those with the right information about these back-door deals profit handsomely. But until now, those deals have been kept hidden from the public. The government tip sheet Adam uncovered makes it possible for you to collect as much as $31,000 in one week!

The details are in the report. Please take a few minutes to read it. You won't regret doing so.

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily

" Title XV Tip Sheet "

It's how insiders have gotten rich for years.
It's accurate 100% of the time. And your first "tip"
from it could hand you $31,000 in a matter of weeks...

Dear Reader,

You always suspected it was true. That's because it is.

Silent handshakes on the Capitol steps, power lunches at the Congressional Country Club, closed-door meetings at the D.C. Four Seasons...

It couldn't be more obvious. A senator's wife sits on the executive board of a certain company -- and that company magically secures the next huge government contract.

A powerful lobbyist with corporate ties gets preferential access to half of Congress -- and the next month, stock in the company he's secretly shilling for goes through the roof thanks to an enormous infusion of federal spending.

It's the same rigged game that's been played for years. Wall St. and Washington, hand in hand, both getting rich, while leaving YOU out in the cold.

Until now. I'm not exaggerating when I say this:

No opportunity for profit like the one I'm about to show you has ever occurred in the 220-year history of American government...

The game has finally changed -- and the potential gains you could see are HUGE. In a minute, I'll show you exactly how just your first play on this newly leveled playing field could bank you as much as $31,000 in just a few weeks.

Oh, and one more thing: Your gains are virtually government guaranteed.

That's because the White House's newly leaked "Title XV Tip Sheet" grants you  access to the same inside information that D.C. power brokers and Wall Street players have been using for generations to amass their fortunes.

Like those lucky few who already know how to capitalize on the "Title XV Tip Sheet." They're calling the opportunity I'm about to reveal to you...

"An All-You-Can-Eat Money Buffet"

An All-You-Can-Eat Money BuffetThat's what the Montana Billings Gazette -- one of the few media sources that are on top of this story -- recently reported about the "Title XV Tip Sheet."

They're not exaggerating, either.

As I'll prove to you shortly, it's no stretch at all to imagine how this kind of information could hand you an almost endless string of triple- and quadruple-digit winners...

As I mentioned earlier, this information -- which 99% of Americans don't even know where to find -- is being "leaked" to a small group of people.

In fact, I hope you won't take this wrong way, but you probably wouldn't even recognize the "Title XV Tip Sheet" if it were sitting right in front you.

This seemingly dry, dense and entirely ordinary federal document wouldn't seem to contain such an incredible moneymaking opportunity... and yet it does.

And if you're among the lucky few who learn the real power behind it, the result could be as much as $31,000 in cold hard cash... on just your first "tip" alone!

Beyond that, I really don't know what sort of profits you could bank. This is such an unprecedented situation that quite frankly, the sky's the limit.

Now let me be clear: The "Title XV Tip Sheet" does not come from the secret files of some off-the-reservation government official who's disgruntled with Obama's fiscal policies...

This is "on the books" information -- it's just that very few even know how to track it down. These 100% LEGAL tip-offs:

  • Are personally directed by the president
  • Have been formally approved by the House and Senate
  • Earmark BILLIONS for a select group of public companies
  • Can be leaked early to you

Oh, and there's one other thing I can say with 100% certainty:

The "Title XV Tip Sheet" is NEVER WRONG.

Let me explain...

Your 100% Accurate Profits Pipeline --
Leaked Straight From the White House...

It's not hyperbole when I say the "Title XV Tip Sheet" is made up wholly and completely of fact.

If information makes it onto the "Tip Sheet" and through to our source, every "i" has been dotted and every "t" has been crossed...

This isn't speculation or guesswork. This information I'm providing to you is always legit and always true.

Don't believe me? Here's just one quick example as proof (more are below)...

A few weeks ago, the "Tip Sheet" informed us that Health Net, a California healthcare company that's found favor in the Obama administration, was set to receive a $939 million government contract.

This is news that 99% of the general public would never ever know about. It's not like these deals make the front pages...

Which is just the way Washington likes it. Keeping these contract agreements out of the headlines allows them to funnel as much money as they want into their own pockets without anyone crying foul.

But when news of this $939 million deal made its way into savvy investing circles, Health Net's share price flew a quick and easy 138% in almost no time.

That's a profit 99 out of 100 investors would likely never have seen -- unless they had a legal (or illegal) "inside source."

Like the "Title XV Tip Sheet" could be for you, starting right now.

Remember, the information that the "Tip Sheet" is passing along to you is always 100% on-the-books FACT. It's just reaching you earlier than almost anyone else on the planet...

Here's another fact: By playing the "tips" it routinely "leaks," you could conceivably make a living off this profits pipeline alone.

Imagine if you'd gotten hold of these "Title XV Tip Sheets" and received word on the following opportunities to profit from government contract money before anyone else...

In 2006, you could have learned about these three companies' deals with the U.S. government...

Top Federal Contractors - 2006 (Chart)

And you would have been able to bank:

  • 23% gains on Rockwell Collins, thanks to $998 million in government funds...

  • 35% gains on BAE Systems, thanks to a whopping $6 billion in contracts...

  • 62% gains on Merck & Co., thanks to $481 million in funding you knew about before anyone else...

In 2007, this edition of the "Tip Sheet" would have clued you into the following contracts...

Top Federal Contractors - 2007 (Chart)

And you would have been in line for:

  • 43% gains on Alliant Tech, thanks to $1.9 billion in lucrative federal contracts...

  • 41% gains on Honeywell International, thanks to $2.6 billion in federal funding you got early word on...

  • 43% gains on Harris Corp, thanks to a $2 billion agreement that sent its share price soaring...

And so far in 2009, you could have learned about...

Top Federal Contractors - 2009 (Chart)

Which would have enabled you to collect:

  • 52% gains on IBM, thanks to $684 million in government money...

  • 71% gains on Jacobs Engineering, thanks to a $626 million cash infusion...

  • And the 138% on Health Net I told you about earlier!

Thick As Thieves...

A popular chain e-mail from a few years back listed the following about a certain rogues gallery:

"29 have been accused of spousal abuse... 7 have been arrested for fraud... 19 have been accused of writing bad checks... 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses... 3 have done time for assault... 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit... 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges... 8 have been arrested for shoplifting... 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits... 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year"

Are we talking about a New York crime family here? An L.A. street gang?

Not even close. This laundry list of dubious distinctions claimed to apply to members of the United States Congress at the time.

So if you think this bunch of crooked liars aren't manipulating which companies get your tax dollars...

I've got some premium real estate in Detroit I'd like to sell you.

But now, with the "Title XV Tip Sheet," YOU can get the inside scoop on where they're funneling these billions -- and how to invest to take full advantage of it...

Details are in your FREE Special Report. Keep reading...

Based on these rock-solid double-digit gains alone, you could almost certainly make more money annually using the info from the "Title XV Tip Sheet" than you would working 40 hours a week, chained to your desk!

The list just goes on and on... Solid, predictable gains, one right after the other, constantly stacking up in your portfolio thanks to the "Title XV Tip Sheet."

And on the first "tip" it's leaked to me, I'm forecasting a potential return of $31,000.

But that's just the beginning...

In just a moment, I'm actually going to show you how you could "super-charge" those gains I just showed you... doubling or even tripling the profits... without any more effort or risk!

The fact is, massive deals with the U.S. government have been making small segments of the investing population rich for decades now.

The only reason you haven't been a part of that segment is because you didn't have the same information.

That all changes today, thanks to the "Title XV Tip Sheet."

Over the next 3 years, the White House is set to funnel more money than ever before -- almost $800 billion -- into the American economy...

Every company under the sun is lining up in hopes of filling its plate with these stimulus bucks. The question is: Which lucky few will actually get in the door?

Thanks to the "Title XV Tip Sheet," you'll find out before almost anyone else.

Do You Trust These
People With Your Money?

Do You Trust These People With Your Money?Face it: Congressmen, senators, lobbyists and special interest groups are the decision-makers when it comes to doling out government cash.

Each has their own "favored son" company that more often than not is going to be flooded with millions -- even billions in cash.

Case in point: Remember a few years back, when Halliburton -- a company that Vice President Dick Cheney had been CEO of until 2000 -- received contract after contract for Iraq reconstruction work and other cherry deals?

TIME Magazine even exposed an e-mail from a top Pentagon official stating that Haliburton's deals to work in Iraq had been directly "coordinated" with the VP's office

"It's a farce," one anonymous government contractor recently stated. "It stinks of politics and big special interests."

But until the "Title XV Tip Sheet" came about, the only way an average Joe would make any money off these shady agreements was to either:

  • Sit on the company's board of directors, or...
  • Receive a (almost certainly illegal) piece of early information on the deal

Lucky for you, those days have come to an end.

With stimulus money now set to be distributed to the Obama administration's "favored sons," the "Title XV Tip Sheet" gives the insider edge you need to beat these crooks at their own game.

For instance...

You Could Get Extra Early
Word on Winners Like These...

A few years back, a health insurance company named Humana Inc. was awarded over $2.2 billion in government funds...

Now if the "Title XV Tip Sheet" had been feeding you that early info, you could have bought Humana when it was priced at $20.39 a share -- and then watched it ride D.C.'s gravy train all the way up to $47.88... a 135% gain!

But that was several years ago, when the economy was gangbusters and everyone was doing well. Those same kinds of gains can't be made today, right?

Well consider this: So far in fiscal year 2009...

  • Computer Science Corp. has received $1.9 billion in government contracts... and watched its share price soar 76%.

  • URS Corp has received $2.2 billion... and as a result shot up 117%.

  • McDermott International has been handed $536 million by the Obama administration... and its share price has skyrocketed an amazing 226%!

Did YOU make money on any of these deals? Did you even know about this river of federal money flowing into their coffers?

I'm betting the answer is "no."

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why didn't our elected officials clue us in on these deals?

Because as much as we'd like to believe they have our best interest at heart, more often than not these guys are in it for themselves.

And securing shady government business deals for their buddies is just business as usual on The Hill...

Like in 2006, when California Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham received an 8-year federal prison sentence for accepting $2.4 million in bribes in exchange for massive defense contracts.

Free limo rides, hotel suites, even prostitutes -- Cunningham enjoyed them all, courtesy of defense contractors who wanted a piece of the taxpayer goldmine the U.S. government controls...

These kinds of deals are happening every single day. And whether they're on the level or as crooked as a question mark, you're never going to hear about them.

Which means you've got almost no chance of locking down the kinds of gains I just showed you...

Unless you take advantage of the incredible opportunity we now have with the "Title XV Tip Sheet."

But the "Tip Sheet" is actually just the first piece of good news I have for you.

Because I've got a way for you to take the information you receive from it and actually multiply the potential returns it provides by as much as 4-5 times over.

Let me show you...

Why Settle for "Doubles" When You Could
Make 4 or 5 Times Your Money or More --
in Less Time and With Less Risk?

Remember that series of very solid double-digit gains I showed you earlier, that you could have received from the "Title XV Tip Sheet"?

I don't know anyone who'd pass those up. Like I said, you could make an even better living solely off of those winners than you would at a 9-to-5 job.

But what if I could show you a way to put those gains on steroids -- a low-risk technique that could crank up these government-guaranteed "tip offs" and make the potential returns you see even bigger?

Would you be interested in that?

Using the simple, yet little used technique I'm talking about, you could have "turbo-charged" the gains of most of the real-life examples I showed you above four or five times over:

  • Your 52% gain on IBM inflates to an impressive 87%...

  • Your 71% gain on Jacobs Engineering jumps to 137%...

  • Your 35% gain on BAE Systems expands 4.1 times to 146%...

  • Your 43% gain on Harris Corp. balloons 4.3 times to 187%...

  • Your 41% gain on Honeywell multiplies 4.5 times to 187%...

  • Your 62% gain on Merck and Co. zooms 4.7 times to 293%...

  • Your 23% gain on Rockwell Collins booms 4.8 times to 110%...

  • Your 43% gain on Allied Tech explodes 5.6 times to 242%...

I think the question should be: Why wouldn't you be interested?

You could have doubled, tripled -- even quadrupled -- your money on these "Title XV Tips" simply by using the simple method I'm about to show you.

You see, if you're an investor, the secret to turbo-charging your portfolio like this lies with one basic, yet largely misunderstood strategy: Options.

Now, if you're first-timer and a little anxious about making an options trade like, please don't be...

I say this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Options are an almost universally misunderstood investment. But as I'll show you in a minute, I can make it very easy for you. If you follow my recommendations, I'll tell you clearly and concisely exactly what to buy and at what price. And I'll leave it up to you to determine how risky you want to get with the play. You decide when to say "when" and pull your potential profits off the table.

  2. Options are the best way to play a battered, volatile market. Instead of just buying stock in a company and hoping the price goes up, options allow you to play both the upside AND downside of a company's stock. That means plenty of opportunities for big, fast, and easy gains on companies no matter what their shares are doing.

And above all, the profit potential when it comes to options is head and shoulders above what you can make simply buying and selling a stock.

And I want to make it so easy for you to do that you'll wonder why you didn't start trading them sooner.

That's why I'll gladly send you a FREE copy of my special report, "Take The Mystery Out Of Options," a how-to guide that will walk you through every step of buying and selling an option play.

But even if you don't feel like learning the ins and outs of options trading, you can skip the report and still jump into the options game like a pro. That's because with each "Title XV" recommendation I send you, every detail of how to buy an option on it will be laid out for you.

However, if you're still feeling a little nervous, don't worry -- you can still make money!

The great thing about the "Title XV Tip Sheet" is that there's no law that says you have to buy option plays on the companies they clue us in on.

If you're only comfortable buying the shares straight up, you can absolutely do that. And you could still make great money in the process!

It's a win-win situation. It's just up to you...

How big do you want to win?

Now as I told you earlier, the first recommendation our source is providing you could be worth $31,000. But it could be worth even more than that, depending on how much you want to put into the play.

I'm supremely confident in the validity of this tip. Let me show you why...

One "Tip" -- THREE
Potential Triple-Digit Gainers

I don't care how highly placed or reliable a source is. I'm going to perform my due diligence and research on every single company that comes across my desk...

If it doesn't pass muster with me, it doesn't get my seal of approval, it's as simple as that. Well, your first "Title XV" recommendation easily wins my approval.

That's because I've done hours of research to determine exactly what industries Obama is planning on pouring the stimulus money into first...

But one sector stands alone. It's what the president has promised to make the heart of his recovery plan -- infrastructure.

Roads, bridges... you name it and Obama wants to improve it. In fact he's pledged to lead the biggest government infrastructure investment since the interstate highway system was created in the 1950s.

Obama wants to create jobs and fast. And with so many infrastructure projects set to kick off as soon as the money is spent, thousands of jobs could be filled within weeks.

"I think we can get a lot of work done fast. When I met with the governors, all of them have projects that are shovel-ready," Obama stated on NBC's Meet the Press.

That means several public construction companies are set for some massive cash infusions, very very soon.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials have stated that some $64 billion worth of projects are ready to start immediately. They're just waiting for someone to cash the government check.

Now you could dig around for weeks trying to figure out who that someone is going to be...

... or you could let the "Title XV Tip Sheet" just tell you.

Only thing is -- you've most likely never heard of these few companies.

But even though they don't mean jack to most people, they're household names inside Senate chambers and Wall Street boardrooms. They're some of the same companies that have won government contracts for years.

In fact, they've been listed on the "Title XV Tip Sheet" for the last 8 years and one of them has already received $422 million in funds in 2009!

These two companies are absolute no-brainers to be some of the biggest beneficiaries of Obama's infrastructure blitz.

Based on the information I've pulled from the "Title XV Tip Sheet," my conservative forecasts for an option play on each of them, could result in a 337% and a 279% gain respectively.

But these two companies aren't even the biggest news. I've managed to discover one more company that could be in line for bigger things than both of them.

It's a relative newcomer to the lucrative world of government contracting, but this small construction firm could be the granddaddy of them all when it comes to "Title XV" gains...

I believe wholeheartedly that this company will soon be appearing on the "Tip Sheet" thanks to the upcoming infrastructure spending spree.

It's simple logic. It's really one of the only companies in America equipped to handle the heavy workload that's about to be handed down by the president.

And when I use options to "turbo-charge" the returns we could see from this company, my forecast calls for as much as 520% gains.

That would turn a simple $5,000 investment into $31,000, just like that.

Add all Three companies up and that's a combined potential gain of 1,136%!

Not bad for your first time cracking a highly secretive insider circle, huh?

I've collected all the details on each of these three "tips" and combined them into one urgent research report entitled "The Title XV Tip Sheet -- Cracking the Insider's Circle."

You'll learn everything you need to know to add these first Three companies to your portfolio, as early as tomorrow morning. Ticker symbol, options symbol... whichever way you want to use these tips to make money -- it's up to you.

But you'll only be able to do it if you reserve your copy of this FREE report today.

But wait, there's even better news...

The "Title XV Tip Sheet" is really just the appetizer for the main course I'm about to serve you.

A main course that I think you'll agree could blow away anything you've ever experienced in the world of investing...

The "Tip Sheet" Is Just the Beginning...

My name is Adam Lass, and I'm the executive editor of WaveStrength Options Weekly (WOW) -- an investment research service that I don't mind saying is the class of the industry.

Why don't I mind saying that?

Because it's true. Our track record speaks for itself. And I'll show you just the kind of results our team has provided for our readers in a moment.

However, in our 3+ years of publishing WaveStrength Options Weekly, there's one thing we've never had -- a source as highly-placed and potentially lucrative as the "Title XV Tip Sheet."

Now, we're not exposing "Watergate" here. Political intrigue usually isn't our thing...

But when we discovered the information this source was providing, we knew it was too good to pass up.

Let me remind you: These "tips" are 100% legal -- and 100% accurate.

This is simply info that you or I would most likely never hear about unless we ran in some of the most powerful inside circles in D.C. or Wall Street.

But thanks to the "Title XV Tip Sheet," there's no need for that.

Today's the day you can even the score with the shady crooks who've been working so hard for years to make sure you never have a chance at gains like the ones they take for granted...

And with WOW, we could do them one better. We take that sought-after info and turbo-charge it, allowing you to increase your potential profits even more than just a simple buy-and-hold investment would ever see.

I realize that everything I've just told you is a little, well... unusual.

But I hope you'll believe me when I tell you that if something doesn't pass the strictest due diligence and scrutiny of our WOW team, then we simply won't publish it for our readers.

In fact, you can ask them for yourself in just a moment. Because I'm going to open up the WOW "Reader File" for you.

Inside it, you'll find over 1,200 testimonials from our subscribers, detailing just how much our research has meant to them.

But what's a testimonial without something to base it on?

Take a look at this...

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