Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's really behind America's rapid descent into evil

The Marketing of Evil:
How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption
Disguised as Freedom
By David Kupelian

First the Obama administration quadruples America's debt and
socializes its banking and auto industries, calling it an
"economic recovery plan."

Next comes an all-out effort to impose the largest tax increase
in history ("cap-and-trade") - in the middle of a depression -
all based on an environmental "crisis" more and more top experts
say doesn't exist.

Then comes the attack on America's health care industry - the
envy of the world - and the relentless drive to replace it with
the kind of miserable, government-run, socialized system so hated
in Canada and the U.K.

Finally, when honest, law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens
stand up and protest the rapid destruction of their country,
they're called "mobs," "Nazis" and "terrorists."

How can the worst U.S. government in history get away with this?

How is it possible that such evil can be "packaged, perfumed and
sold to us" as though it were somehow good and wholesome?

There is just one book that explains how all this is
accomplished - how lies are packaged as truth, corruption
disguised as freedom, godlessness sold as liberation - and how we
can free ourselves from the deception that surrounds us. Now,
more than ever, Americans need to read David Kupelian's modern
classic, "The Marketing of Evil."

Subtitled How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us
Corruption Disguised as Freedom, this best seller, now in its
10th printing, remains one of the most controversial, yet widely
acclaimed, books on today's America.

The Marketing of Evil reveals how today's "leader class" - from
government to popular culture - exploits Americans' deeply felt
national values of fairness, generosity and tolerance. It shows
how they trick millions of us into embracing as enlightened and
noble that which all previous generations since America's
founding regarded as grossly self-destructive-in a word, evil.

No quarter is given in this riveting, insightful exploration of
how lies, both subtle and outrageous, are packaged as truth. From
the federal government to the public school system to the news
media to the hidden creators of "youth culture," nothing is
exempt from the thousand-watt spotlight of Kupelian's
journalistic inquiry.

"The Marketing of Evil so clearly exposes the incredible con
game to which Americans have been subjected that it offers real
hope-because when our problems come this sharply into focus, so
do the solutions," says WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah.

In the end, The Marketing of Evil is an up-close, modern-day
look at what used to be known as "temptation"-the art and science
of making evil look good.

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