Monday, August 24, 2009

Taipan Daily: We're giving you advance notice, so please hurry

Dear Taipan Daily reader,

Everything is falling into place just as Justice Litle predicted. Justice has been writing about this event in Taipan Daily. Now he's put together a special report that details this major event and how you can profit from it.

What am I talking about? The crash of the EURO. That's right, for the first time in many years, a major currency is going to falter. And it's no accident. In fact, four high-profile men are influencing the destruction of the EURO. When it fails, they're going to make billions.

You may not be able to make billions yourself from this event, but you can walk away with a huge sum of money – but only if you act now. The details on what you must do are in Justice's special report below.

Please read it immediately.

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily

"Before October 7th, four men will make $53 billion crashing the euro..."

"And this 5-letter code* could make YOU $100,000 when they do it."

-- Justice Litle
Editor, Macro Trader


Dear Reader,

Rarely do chances at nearly instant gains of $100,000 occur outside a casino...

But that's what I've determined four of the world's most notorious traders are about to hand you right now.

And it's the farthest thing from a crapshoot. I'm not kidding or exaggerating.

If these men do what they've done time and again under similar circumstances in economic history, you really do have a legitimate and realistic shot at gains of 100 grand or more virtually overnight...

With just this one trade.

And as soon as the next few weeks.

Heck, it could happen tomorrow...

That's because if I'm right, sometime between now and October 7th, a quartet of infamous billionaires will make a coordinated assault aimed at collapsing the world's most valuable currency in circulation: The euro.

By even my most conservative estimates, these sharks of finance (I'll "out" them below) will likely rake in more than $53 billion with this simultaneous attack...

And today, I'm going show you a simple, fast way to potentially rope yourself $50,000 -- $100,000 or more when they do it.

Even better, this opportunity doesn't involve currency trading of any kind.

You won't have to buy or sell coinage or notes...

You won't have to pick the optimum transaction moments among exchange rates that fluctuate 18,000 times a day...

You won't have to buy or sell anything on the Foreign Exchange or other overseas markets...

In fact, you don't need to know anything about currencies at all to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

All you'll need to do is this one simple thing: Give a broker a 5-letter code I'll offer you FREE in just a moment.

This code is all you'll need to potentially bank 100 grand or more on a chain of events that are now all but guaranteed to happen within the next seven weeks...

Again, let me stress: This is NOT just another overhyped currency speculation.

It's a global macro play that "piggybacks" a massive move against the euro that history proves is now virtually inevitable.

Don't worry if "global macro" doesn't mean anything to you. It does to the four men who are about to make you rich (and it will to you in a minute)...

And don't worry if you don't know anything about the euro -- or any currencies other than the dollar...

As long as you know how to count up huge numbers of U.S. dollars when this low-risk play comes home to papa, you already know all you need to about currency.

I repeat: To potentially put yourself in position for this $100,000 payday, you don't need to know a thing except the 5-letter code I'm going to give you FREE.

But you WILL want to know exactly why this once-in-decades chance to get wealthy overnight is coming your way by October 7th...

And why I'll give only 1,000 people this 5-letter code.

So let me give you the particulars right now.

Attack of the "Black Wednesday" billionaires

The four billion-dollar men I'm certain are plotting a move against the euro even as you read this all have one thing in common...

They're expert practitioners of global macro investment theory -- what I call the "Billionaire's Blueprint."

Of course, I'll explain what that is in more detail later. But for now, all you need to know is that this method of looking at the world and the opportunities in it can turn ordinary people -- folks just like you -- into millionaires or billionaires fast...

  • Former railway porter and part-time waiter Gregory Sumner used techniques of global macro trading to start his own private investment company. Today, he's worth more than $10 billion...

  • Cab driver and wannabe writer Bill Krebs borrowed 3 grand against his credit card to make his first macro trade -- netting him $23,000. He's since parlayed that score into a personal fortune worth $2.5 billion...

  • Waiter and caterer John Levin clawed his way up to restaurateur -- then sold it all to begin global macro trading with currencies and other plays. Today, he lives in the Bahamas, where he manages his $2 billion...

  • Former college boxing champion and clerk Peter Jacobs cut his macro teeth trading cotton futures. Now he runs a top-ranked asset management firm, and sits atop personal holdings somewhere north of $3 billion...

  • Mark Michaels used his life savings -- $700 at the time -- to invest in plywood futures. It paid him back 12 grand. Soon after, he branched off into global macro speculation that has made him $80 million richer...

These are just a few of the many examples of ordinary folks like you who've become global macro millionaires -- or billionaires...

Like the four I'm convinced are about to clean up huge crashing the euro.

You could clean up, too -- if you're among the 1,000 lucky individuals to get the FREE 5-letter code you'll need to turn their $53 billion raid into a potential hundred-grand "macro trading" stake of your own...

But right now, let me tell you how I know these four billionaires could bury the euro by October 7th:

In a nutshell, it's because they've got enough money to force profitable events to happen on a global scale, rather than trying to merely anticipate them.

The best-known example of this in money history happened on September 16, 1992 -- what people in the financial world call "Black Wednesday."

Similar to what I'm predicting will happen before October 7th, Black Wednesday was the day a major world currency (the British pound sterling) collapsed under short-selling pressure from deep-pocketed speculators...

Some of the same men I'm certain are about to make billions crashing the euro.

In a nutshell, here's how Black Wednesday played (and paid) out:

The Setup: "Global Macro" speculators (again, like the men who are about to potentially hand you an opportunity at a fast $100,000) sniffed out a fundamental overvaluation in the pound, relative to other currencies and the British economy, in the weeks before September 16th of 1992.

The Shot: Rather than betting long on sterling's natural decline from market forces, they instead used their huge reserves of cash and credit to "short sell" pounds faster and on a broader scale than the Bank of England could buy them to shore up their value.

The Score: This financial bullying forced the British government to withdraw the downward-spiraling pound sterling from the body that pegged its value to other currencies (the European Exchange Rate Mechanism) -- and allow it to "float" in the market, where it lost 25% of its value virtually overnight. See here:

GBPDUSD - Weekly Forex Chart

The Spoils: ALL of the £3.4 billion the Bank of England lost in value ended up in the pockets of speculators -- either individual or institutional. Just one of these, George Soros (you'll hear more about him in a minute), banked US$1 billion...

In one day.

You see, these in-the-know billionaires used personal and borrowed money to flood the market with an already unstable currency, which sank it...

They then pocketed the billions in profits their own short-selling forced.

This kind of thing happens all the time, especially in currency trading -- which is a key part of "global macro" investing. Cases in point:

  • On May 14th and 15th of 1997, speculators descended onto the troubled Thai baht like invading Huns, forcing the Thailand government to enact controls against foreign currency speculation, which failed. In the end, the baht lost half its value in days, and the short-sellers made a killing

  • Short-Selling: A Global Macro Kingpin's Billion-Dollar Secret

    In case you're a little fuzzy on the whole "shorting" thing, that's when an investor:

    1) Borrows a quantity of currency under a contract to repay it at some point in the future.

    2) Immediately sells this entire position in the market for another, more stable currency.

    3) Waits for an opportune moment to buy back the original currency at a lower price.

    4) Repays the debt in the original currency loaned, pocketing the difference from the price drop.

    That's exactly how it worked for George Soros -- with one important difference: His $10 billion play against the already-weak pound was so large the Bank of England couldn't defend against it.

    Using overwhelming resources to crash a vulnerable currency, Soros literally forced the market to cough up approximately $1 billion in short-selling profits.

    Today, I'm predicting that Soros and three other global macro billionaires are about to crash the euro in a similar raid. And there's an easy, low-risk way YOU could "piggyback" this move for an easy $100,000 or more...

    Without ANY currency trading of your own. Your FREE 5-letter code is the key. Keep reading.

  • Mexico's Chiapas rebellion of 1994 shook foreign investors' confidence, and signaled the beginnings of a peso crash. By December, the time was right for currency sharks (one of which you'll read about shortly) to crank up their short-selling pressure. This proved too great a blow for the peso, which tumbled 80% in the span of a week -- paying out God knows how much to these global macro speculators

  • In July of 2007, speculators contributed to the collapse of the Malaysian ringgit. By the time the smoke cleared later that year, this once-stable monetary unit had lost half its value -- and further lined the pockets of currency raiders already flush with cash from plays on the rest of the Asian Financial Crisis. So huge was the effect of these speculators that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamed accused currency kingpin George Soros of single-handedly destroying Malaysia's economy.

These are just a few historic examples. Evidence also abounds of recent speculative pressure against the Czech koruna, the Brazilian real, the Icelandic krona -- even the German mark.

Look, I could write a book about the speculative currency attacks that have paid a handful of global macro sharks billions over the last decade or so...

But what 99.9% of ordinary investors don't know is that there's one low-risk way to make significant quantities of cash as these attacks happen.

And that's just the way the men who've made billions playing currencies like it. If everyone knew how to "piggyback" their action (like my 5-letter code could soon allow you to do), they wouldn't be nearly as rich as they are.

Bottom line: As you've gathered by now, I'm predicting that by October 7th, a band of billionaires will use deep-pocketed short-selling to crush a currency...

However, the opportunity I'm offering YOU to bank a fast $100,000 or more when they do it doesn't take deep pockets at all, or any knowledge of "shorting."

What I'm offering you right now requires only a tiny fraction of the investment of currency plays or short-sells -- with the chance for far greater potential gains...

The 5-letter code I'll give you FREE is your low-risk chance to use their big-money raid to multiply any size investment 10 -- 20 times over, easily.

That would turn just 5 grand into $50,000 -- $100,000.

Or it could move 20 large into $200,000 -- $400,000.

Do the math: Fifty G's could even turn into as much as 1 million dollars.

And all of it before October 7th -- what history might soon know as the Second Black Wednesday...

Four reasons why you could be at least
$100,000 richer
by Wednesday, October 7, 2009

History's ironies never cease to intrigue me.

The day George Soros and other astute "global macro" speculators crashed the pound sterling for billions in profits was a Wednesday.

And October 7th of 2009 -- the date by which I'm predicting they'll do it again with the EU's euro -- is also a Wednesday...

But mark my words: The bludgeoning I believe they're about to hand the euro will eclipse the original Black Wednesday in importance and scope many times over.

By my math, short-selling speculators made in the neighborhood of $4 billion on September 16, 1992 -- by forcing the pound to lose 25% -- 30% of its value...

However, if they crash the euro to a similar degree before it happens by itself (it's headed that way fast as you'll see in a second), just four men could rake in more than 13 times this much: Better than $53 billion...

And like I said -- you don't need pockets deep enough to short-sell massive amounts of currency like these global macro billionaires for a chance to score a fast 100,000 (or even a million) bucks for yourself as it happens.

The simple 5-letter code I'm going to reveal to just 1,000 of you could easily pay out 20 times your money when these men make their move.

So it's not hard to see how some very serious money -- YOU can virtually decide how much -- could come from this kind of return on your investment, is it?

But before I give you this code, let me show you the four reasons why I'm so sure that this "attack of the billionaires" will happen by October 7th...

REASON #1: CONDITIONS -- It's no state secret that the European economy is faltering on many levels. But few truly realize how bleak the near future looks in Euro-land. According to the International Monetary Fund, the 16 EU-member countries that use the euro as currency (called the Eurozone) will contract by 4.8% in 2009.

That's nearly double the 2.6% that the slumping U.S. is projected to shrink. And the flawed (or corrupt) monetary policies of the European Central Bank aren't helping matters. According to the U.K. Telegraph's renowned economic analyst Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

"The European Central Bank preens as the last guardian of virtue in a sinful world, yet its actions are devastating the public finances of almost every country under its care..."

The Economist adds:

"The ECB has run as loose a monetary policy as other central banks have. It is just rather more coy about it..."

Another recent Telegraph article quotes David Buik of BGC Partners as saying:

"Quite a significant correction in the euro is coming in the next few months. The European Central Bank is behind the curve in getting to grips with its economic problems..."

The handwriting is on the wall. The smart money's beginning to bet that Europe's recession only deepens while the rest of the world shows signs of recovery.

Add it all up and you've got a major world currency that's facing an imminent collapse under its own weight -- which, like with the pound on Black Wednesday -- is catnip to the global macro tigers I'm predicting will crash it by October 7th.

The catch is that they must forcibly crash the euro BEFORE it happens on its own.

Otherwise, short-selling the currency won't make them nearly as much. And with word starting to get out that little is propping the euro up now but rosy words from the ECB, they'll have to do it soon.

REASON #2: RHETORIC -- The European Central Bank is becoming increasingly noteworthy among economists and better analysts for spouting strong rhetoric about the integrity of the euro, but failing to back it up with sound interest-rate and lending policy...

And now, people outside of banking and policy circles are starting to become skeptical of the ECB's smoke and mirrors. People like journalists and investors.

That's why I'm betting that the upcoming quarterly statement of the ECB -- if it's anywhere near as rhetorically rose-colored as the last few -- will raise red flags within the investing community.

This should trigger individual and institutional short-sellers to begin taking substantial positions against the euro, driving it down. The four global macro billionaires I think are aiming to crash the currency have to get in before this happens, or they'll leave billions in profits on the table...

The date of that next ECB quarterly statement: Wednesday, October 7th.

REASON #3: HISTORY -- Financial crashes are as uncannily common in autumn as falling leaves and World Series games, it seems. Cases in point:

Panic of 1907: Marked by huge consumer runs on banks and trust companies, this event began in mid-October, and culminated with the October 24th near-shutdown of the stock market.

Crash of 1929: Commonly commemorated as October 28th and 29th, these two days saw a 24.5% dip in the Dow that would morph into the Great Depression.

Crash of 1987: October 19th, popularly known as "Black Monday," was the largest single-day drop in U.S. stock market history: 22.6%.

Recession of 2008/2009: Economists argue over precisely when the current global financial malaise began -- but for Americans the slide started at the Dow's high watermark of 14,267 on October 11, 2007.

With economic conditions what they are in the Eurozone right now, history suggests that if a crash is coming for any reason, it'll happen this fall.

REASON #4: PSYCHOLOGY -- The last factor that makes it seem inevitable to me that the four billionaires I'm about to introduce you to will crash the euro is simple psychology...

After Soros' billion-dollar Black Wednesday success, a number of global macro speculators have been chomping at the bit for a chance to do it themselves -- or do it again.

The man who broke the Bank of England proved unequivocally that the "Crash and Earn" model of profit-taking can actually yield shrewd investors billions of dollars practically overnight...

That's why I believe that right now, Soros and three other billionaires (or more) are reading the same tea leaves I am. They're looking at the same factors I've just revealed to you...

And if I'm right, they're lining up to simultaneously pounce on the euro at an opportune moment between now and the October 7th ECB quarterly statement.

They may already have that moment picked out -- a certain target price, trend or economic signal...

They've likely already lined up contracts and agreements for billions' worth of borrowed euros to flood the market with, so they can short-sell like mad...

They've surely already negotiated agreements with banks and other lenders to help them multiply their leverage to ensure the collapse of the euro...

I'm telling you, the stage is set for a record-breaking $53 billion plundering of the world's most valuable currency. It's the kind of play that changes worlds.

It's also the kind of play that could change YOUR world with a completely realistic chance at $100,000 or more when these guys ride in on the euro like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

And as hard to believe as it may be, all you need to ride along with them to potential low-risk, 10 -- 20X gains on your investment is a simple 5-letter code.

I'm about to show you how to get it FREE, if you're among the first 1,000 to act.

That code is coming your way in minutes, just as soon as I introduce myself -- and prove that I know how to lead you to everything I've promised, and more...

Confessions of a global macro profit junkie

My name is Justice Litle, and I'm an addict...

Addicted to seeking global macro profits, that is.

And I don't mean to brag, but I've made a career out of using this "Billionaire's Blueprint" to lead people to huge short-term gains...

In fact, as both editor of the Macro Trader investment research advisory and editorial director of the Taipan Publishing Group, I've played a part in leading rank and file wealth builders just like you to chances at over 125 double- or triple-digit winners in the last year alone -- including gainers like:

  • 440% in 77 days
  • 470% in 52 days
  • 329% in 61 days
  • 125% in 18 days
  • 114% in 4 days
  • 155% in 11 days
  • 189% in 3 days
  • 423% in 74 days
  • 255% in 61 days
  • 403% in 77 days
  • 242% in 50 days
  • 340% in 77 days
  • 524% in 23 days

  • ... Even an incredible 6,900% in just 71 days

    My point in showing you this is not to boast, but to highlight one important fact:

    Justice Litle,
    Big Gain Hunter

    Justice hates bragging about himself. But as his publisher, I know all he's doing to help our Taipan readers become rich. So I'll do the bragging...

    In just 10 years since pursuing a Ph.D. at Oxford University, Justice has:

    1. Worked as an institutional commodities broker executing complex trading strategies for international clients...

    2. Written for Futures magazine, provided market commentary for Reuters and Dow Jones, been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, and contributed to the book Trend Following...

    3. Stood at the helm of Outstanding Investments, an acclaimed natural resource newsletter rated #1 by Hulbert's Financial Digest.

    4. Read over 300 books on money, markets, investing and global macro theory -- and reviewed numerous others...

    With these qualifications, we're thrilled to have this world-renowned trading expert running our marquee investment research service, Macro Trader.

    And right now, Justice is recommending what's shaping up to be his most profitable global macro play yet. To cash in, all you need is a simple 5-letter code, which is yours FREE in his new Special Report, "Crash and Earn: How to Score $100,000 as the Euro Gets Sacked." Keep reading...

    Sandy Franks,
    Executive Publisher,
    Taipan Publishing Group

    EVERY ONE of the four billionaires I'm certain are about to plunder the euro for $53 billion (I'm about to "out" them in a minute) has a handful of scores like these from the beginning of his career...

    A time when they gained four, five -- maybe even 69 times their money, like some of my publishing group's readers could have in just this last year.

    These are the kinds of gains that turned even small amounts of coin into major steps toward their lifelong billions...

    Remember billionaire Bill Krebs, who took a $3,000 cash advance against his credit card to make his first trade -- and made nearly 8 times his money?

    Or Mark Michaels, whose $80,000,000 fortune began with a $700 play on plywood futures that multiplied his life savings more than 17 times over?

    These huge, life-changing scores came from superior information, knowledge, and perspective, not big cash outlays.

    Now, imagine how a fast, low-risk $100,000 could jump-start your investment success -- or just your future. Your FREE 5-letter investment code is the key...

    And the opportunity I'm offering you today is textbook global macro. I've already shown you:

    The big-picture perspective -- the little-known history of profitable currency attacks, the uncanny timing of crashes, the psychology of currency raids, and stories of ordinary investors who hit it big in global macro...

    The targeted information -- quotes from media and analysts proving that the euro's on the ropes, the ECB rhetorical bluff and bluster, and the exact date by which an attack on the euro should logically occur...

    All that's left now is to show you the superior knowledge -- by revealing the one global macro investment you'll need to play the coming "euro-crash" for gain percentages that even the four billionaires I'm talking about won't see.

    Sure, their deep-pocketed ability to sway markets single handedly will likely yield them billions -- but they're going to risk and leverage billions to do it...

    Remember, George Soros' Black Wednesday position against the pound sterling was a whopping $10 billion -- yet he "only" made around $1 billion from the play.

    That's roughly 10% gains on his money risked.

    But as I mentioned above: The simple, 5-letter code I'm about to reveal that would allow you to "piggyback" a coming raid against the euro could easily pay you back 10 -- 20 times your investment...

    That's as much as 2,000% gains on your money risked.

    This is the key to global macro investing the way I practice it -- leveraging knowledge and information while others leverage huge amounts of cash.

    Don't worry, I'll reveal everything you need to know about this investment:

    • Exactly what it is (it's NOT currency of any kind)
    • How it could pay you $100,000 or more on even a small outlay
    • How it relates to an impending raid on the euro
    • And the 5-letter code you'll need to make your gains...

    It's all in a Special Report I've written, titled "Crash and Earn: How to Score $100,000 as the Euro Gets Sacked."

    This report is yours FREE. I'll show you how to get it below -- right after I show you how I use global macro theory to put my Macro Trader subscribers into potentially million-dollar (or billion-dollar) positions...

    Just two words for Macro Trader: HUGE HIT

    "As a new Macro Trader subscriber, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your new trading service thus far, I have just two words: Huge Hit!!!! Each week, I look forward to your analysis of the most recent market mayhem and the latest twists and turns of current events. I think the incorporation of an audio presentation on the website and in the e-mails is nothing short of cutting edge genius!"

    -- Jeff C., New Oxford, PA

    The "Billionaire's Blueprint" proven
    beyond any possible doubt

    Wikipedia defines "global macro" as being an investment strategy based on:

    "... forecasts and analysis about interest rates trends, movements in the general flow of funds... government policies, inter-governmental relations, and other broad systemic factors."

    And of course, global macro investing theory means all this stuff -- but it encompasses so much more.

    It's applying the analysis of momentum trading and behavioral finance...

    It's the testing of new "quantitative finance" mathematical models of analysis...

    It's seeing money and opportunity through the master lens of macroeconomics...

    If all this sounds like gobbledygook to you, don't worry. You won't need to know ANY of it to potentially bank $100,000 with the 5-letter code I'm going to give you.

    All you really need to know is that global macro is my life.

    It's how I base every investment recommendation I make in my Macro Trader investment research advisory...

    And I don't call global macro investing the "billionaire's blueprint" for nothing.

    Virtually all of the very best-performing hedge funds active today employ variations on the global macro theme...

    The Quantum Fund
    Balestra Capital
    FX Concepts, Inc.
    Bridgewater Associates
    Centaurus Capital
    Caxton Associates
    D.E. Shaw & Co.
    Brevan Howard Asset Mgmt.

    These are perennial household names in the annual "best hedge funds" rankings. Look them up if you care to...

    Also, take a look at this chart of cumulative returns from funds that use a global macro approach vs. other investing principles:

    Global macro approach vs. other investing principles chart

    See how the global macro outlook blows away every other approach?

    And this "Billionaire's Blueprint" is not too shabby a strategy for individual investors, either -- people like the four men I'm about to "out" for likely crashing the euro before October 7th...

    Macro Trader ropes
    a tidy 80% gain

    "In at 5.45; out at 9.83..."

    -- Jim M., Sydney, NE

    Others who've made it big in global macro:

    John Taylor studied romance languages before catching the global macro bug by forecasting currency fluctuations. Today, without benefit of a degree in business or economics, Taylor manages a portfolio worth $14.6 billion...

    John Paulson was born to humble beginnings in Queens, New York. He got his BS in finance from NYU. He doesn't put in 15-hour days and he tries to make it home to his townhouse for dinner every night. But he's become a global macro titan nonetheless, now sitting at #79 on the Forbes 400 list, with a personal fortune of around $6 billion...

    Jim Melcher competed on the U.S. fencing team at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. He had "lousy high school grades" and considered himself lucky to have been accepted at Columbia. Nevertheless, global macro savant Melcher is today reaping the spoils of a compound portfolio growth rate of 33% annually since 1999 -- beating the market over that same period by more than 23 times over...

    Raymond Dalio was the son of a jazz musician who caught the global macro bug early. He executed his first trade at age 12, long before studying finance at Long Island University. Today, the self-made man manages an über-successful hedge fund, and sits atop a personal fortune of some $4 billion...

    76% Macro Trader
    gain sits "well"

    "... In at $5.20, out at $9.20... Hope the rest come in this well."

    -- Ray M., Winnipeg, Manitoba

    John Henry was a farmer's son, who grew up in rural Illinois and Arkansas. After developing asthma as a teenager, he studied philosophy at the University of California -- but quit to play rock and roll. Yet the lack of a college degree didn't stop him from developing a global macro method of trend-following, amassing a personal fortune of around $860 million. Nor did it hinder his ownership in three major league baseball teams, an NHL hockey team, and a prominent NASCAR team...

    David Shaw is a world-renowned scientist, and was probably called a "computer geek" all through college -- but Fortune magazine has called the Stanford Ph.D. "the most mysterious and intriguing force on Wall Street." His pioneering methods of quantitative trading are a global macro trader's fantasy. Today, his hedge fund employs over 1,500 people and manages around $29 billion...

    James Simons, like a lot of global macro greats, got started as a mathematician. An MIT-educated and award-winning academic, Simons left the teaching world to apply his own methods of mathematical analysis to money and markets. The results speak for themselves -- Simons is now ranked by Forbes as the 55th richest person in America, with a personal net worth of $5.5 billion...

    I could go on, name after name. Story after billion-dollar story.

    But I've already proven beyond any possible doubt that the global macro approach is the one to embrace if you're interested in getting rich.

    Now it's time to help you get started toward your first million -- or billion...

    If history holds true, 1,000 of those reading this will be able to use the 5-letter code in your FREE Special Report to "piggyback" the crash of the euro I'm predicting for a fast, easy $100,000 or more.

    Now don't worry. I'm going to show you how to get your own copy of "Crash and Earn: How to Score $100,000 as the Euro Gets Sacked" -- with no risk or obligation -- in a moment. I'll also show you why I'll only let 1,000 of you in...

    But right now, I want you to meet the four supreme wizards of the "Billionaire's Blueprint" who are about to make YOU rich by intentionally collapsing the euro.

    Fact: Macro Trader is best of "all of them"

    "I read a ton of commentaries, advisements, et al. Out of all of them, I get more satisfaction and confidence from what you put in print than anybody else. Just a fact..."

    -- Joe K., Missoula, MT

    OUTED: The four billionaires I predict
    will crash the euro by October 7th

    As I've proven, there are a fair number of folks out there who are using the global macro "Billionaire's Blueprint" right.

    Some are hedge fund managers.

    Some are high-profile international billion-dollar men.

    Some are ordinary investors who are a shade smarter than most -- or more attuned to the bigger trends in macroeconomics...

    And I'd like to think that at least one is the editor of a global macro investment research advisory.

    But four of the indisputable heavyweight champions of global macro investing are the billionaires I believe are going to make $53 billon crashing the euro sometime before October 7th...

    I want to be on the record as having predicted this -- so I'm going to "out" these men for you right now:


    By and large, global macro types are a secretive lot that don't enjoy the spotlight. Not the case for George Soros. In fact, it's the spotlight that helps him make sure that the bold macro trades he makes pay off hugely.

    Known far and wide for his philanthropy and deep-pocketed support of Democrat political causes, Soros is also a very sought-after commentator on matters economic and fiscal. This gives him an enormously powerful tool to hedge his bets with...

    And that's exactly what he did. In the run-up to the Black Wednesday attack on the pound, Soros was very quiet as he secured agreements to use his enormous personal and leveraged funds to borrow $10 billion or more worth of sterling. But once he had his stake, he went loud. Soros talked down the pound at every turn once his short-selling began.

    The combined effect of both flooding the market with pounds AND causing other investors to flee the currency -- or attempt to short it themselves -- is what ensured its collapse. Along with Soros' billion dollars in overnight profit.


    Everyone thinks George Soros was the only one who broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday...

    Not true at all -- he was just the only one talking about it to anyone in the media who would listen. But numerous kingpins of global macro took sizeable profits from this historic "crash and earn" move against the pound sterling. Though few know it, Bruce Kovner was one of them.

    As soft-spoken, low-profile and right-leaning as Soros is loud, headline-grabbing and liberal, Kovner is the yin to Soros' yang. He's considered secretive even by family and friends -- and is also considered one of the most influential movers and shakers in right-wing politics...

    As Chairman of Caxton Associates, LLC, one of the world's largest and best-performing hedge funds, Kovner's propensity for and expertise at currency trading based on global macro fundamentals is well documented. That's one of the reasons he's listed at number 164 on Forbes' "World Billionaires 2009" list, with an estimated personal fortune of $3.5 billion.


    Another of the behind-the-scenes global macro wizards to have cashed in big from the Black Wednesday crash of the pound was British billionaire Joe Lewis, now a Bahamas resident...

    Though never on record with the exact amount he made on September 16th, 1992, Lewis does admit that his successful play against the pound was one of his biggest windfalls. Fellow traders have maintained that he pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars on the crash.

    And right now, he's hungry for another huge score like the Black Wednesday that helped to make him. That's because the multibillionaire currency speculator and majority owner of the Tavistock Group conglomerate has taken an absolutely brutal beating in the last two years betting the wrong way on financial giant Bear Stearns. According the U.K. Times, Lewis lost as much as $800 million on the collapse of the American financial giant...

    This fact notwithstanding, Lewis' $2.5 billion in personal holdings still ranks him at number 261 on Forbes' "World Billionaires 2009" list. That means his pockets are definitely deep enough to take a significant position -- and let's not forget that currency speculation is how he made his early fortune. If he makes a move on the euro before October 7th, it will seem like coming home to him.

    "Up substantially" since trusting Macro Trader

    "I enjoy this service immensely as it gives me a good feel for the Macro events that impact the markets. I am up substantially since this service has been in effect and just want to thank you for a job well done."

    -- Donald W., Peoria, IL


    The only one of the four billionaires I believe are about to take down the euro who may not have been involved with Black Wednesday (at 36, he was just hitting the big time in 1992), Louis Bacon's nevertheless a prime suspect for the October 7th currency coup I'm certain is coming...

    His Moore Capital Management is universally acknowledged as one of the very best global macro hedge funds -- and Bacon himself has been ranked in the top 20 money earners every year since the 1990s. With a net worth of an estimated $1.7 billion, he's number 468 on the Forbes "World's Billionaires 2009" list.

    With a reputation for trafficking in "anything that trades," Bacon's no stranger to currency trading, either. He's made millions, if not billions at it. And a raid against the euro alongside global macro's heaviest hitters would definitely be his style. Charismatic and gutsy, Bacon owns homes all over the world -- and recently bought the most expensive piece of land ever sold in American real estate history: The 171,400 acre Trinchera Ranch in Colorado, for $175 million.

    There they are, out in the open. The four global macro billionaires I believe are about to gang up on the euro by October 7th -- and rake in $53 billion doing it...

    OK, I'm on the record as having called the next Black Wednesday.

    Now for the catch in this opportunity, and the silver lining.

    Here's the catch: You won't know this raid is on until George Soros starts talking down the euro. That's when you can be certain it's happening for real.

    It's also when you can be certain that your chance at maximum gains is gone.

    The instant Soros mouths off about the impending crash of the euro, the smart money will smell a repeat of Black Wednesday and begin shorting like crazy...

    And the opportunity I'm putting in front of you today for a realistic $100,000 or more in profits will evaporate in the blink of an eye.

    But here's the silver lining: The "piggyback" play I'm recommending is so low-risk, there's literally no good reason for not acting on it right now -- before their raid on the euro begins.

    The 5-letter code I'm offering you, along with your FREE Special Report with all the details about it, could easily return you 10 or 20 times your money...

    How often in life do you get a chance to make 100 grand with an investment of only $5,000?

    And when you factor in how inevitable a crash of the euro appears -- either on its own or forced by the four men I've just named -- it's even lower risk...

    Again, there's no sound justification for not acting now to get your FREE copy of "Crash and Earn: How to Score $100,000 as the Euro Gets Sacked," my Special Report with all the details on this play...

    Including the all-important 5-letter code.

    Here's how the first 1,000 of you who respond to this letter can get it right now, risk-free -- and free of charge...

    Read on to learn why only 1,000 people will get this opportunity.

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