Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Is Running Out--An Iranian Bomb Is Coming

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Insiders Warn:
Time is Running Out—An Iranian Bomb is Coming

Time is running out on preventing Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon—and Obama's soft approach to diplomacy makes that threat even more urgent. So says New York Times bestselling author Dore Gold.

In his shocking new book, The Rise of Nuclear Iran, Gold shows how Iranian leaders have expertly manipulated the West to buy more time to develop nukes.

Through diplomatic duplicity—saying one thing at the negotiating table while doing the opposite—Iran has exploited the negotiation process by not only covertly developing uranium to weapons-grade levels, but gaining more time to do so.

In The Rise of Nuclear Iran, Gold warns that if we ignore the lessons of the past, future diplomatic efforts will certainly fail. This doesn't mean that engagement won't work, Gold says, but we need to drastically change our approach and keep military options on the table. Otherwise, Iran will become a nuclear power, and provide a nuclear umbrella for terrorists around the globe.

The Rise of Nuclear Iran exposes the terrifying reality a nuclear Iran will bring to the world:

  • Iran is the main state-sponsor of terrorism and subversion in the Middle East. A nuclear Iran could embolden terrorist groups by providing them protection under a "nuclear umbrella."
  • A nuclear Iran will give surrounding countries even more motivation to pursue nuclear ambitions.
  • A nuclear Iran will give the Western world second thoughts about taking any type of action against Iran for fear of devastating retaliation.
  • Iran aims to export the Iranian Revolution into the Western Hemisphere and is systematically developing infrastructure in South America to make targeting the U.S. easier.
Stunning, insightful, and compelling, The Rise of Nuclear Iran shows that it may be too late to halt Iran's drive for nuclear weapons, but it's not too late to stop them from becoming a nuclear power.

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