Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up: Why Banks Are Still Failing and U.S. Homeowners Are Drowning

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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Taipan Daily: Why Banks Are Still Failing and U.S. Homeowners Are Drowning
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

On Friday, Fed Chief Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke boldly declared that the “U.S. economy is on the verge of a long-awaited recovery after enduring a brutal recession and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

Couple that statement with news that previously owned home sales jumped 7.2% in July – the fastest pace in two years – and you’ve got yourself a full-blown triple-digit market rally.

But are our resident skeptics Justice Litle and Adam Lass buying the hype? Read their thoughts… and more highlights from our Global Opportunities Summit below…

Managing Risk in an Age of Black Swans

For those who may not recognize the term, a “black swan” event is an outlier. A flyer on a graph. In economic terms, it’s an event or condition that occurs well outside the norms of historic precedent, predictive reason or common sense…

According to editor Zach Scheidt, editor of both Taipan’s New Growth Investor and Death Cross Trader, black swans have been happening a lot lately, and they can create unanticipated risk in portfolios – and wreak havoc with normally sound systems of analysis.

“Risk is always present when investing,” according to Zach. And too many traders (individuals and professionals alike) end up causing permanent damage to their capital because of misunderstanding – or poorly managing – risk. Learn more about the best way to manage risk, and also get tips from Christian DeHaemer and Harinder Singh right here…

Triple-Digit Profits – Virtually Government-Guaranteed

Thanks to the newly leaked "Title XV Tip Sheet," you have the rare opportunity to receive the same early alerts that have been making D.C. and Wall Street insiders rich for decades. Their secrecy has cost you untold wealth already; act now and start making it back. Your first "tip" has the potential to return $31,000, all from 100% on-the-books information…

It's All in the Margins

Global crude oil production is estimated to run around 85 million barrels per day, give or take. The price of a barrel of oil depends on how much demand swings above or below that number.

If demand falls, say, a million barrels per day below global production levels, then that's a million fresh barrels going into storage (surplus) every 24 hours. If, instead, demand rises a million barrels above available production, that's a million barrels being drawn down from storage – day after day until the surplus runs out.

Justice discusses the important lesson there – and explains why the U.S. economy is like a Las Vegas hotel – here…

Get Ready for Crash Season

The good news is that high-profile economists are turning bullish. At the head of the pack is James Glassman, a senior economist at JP Morgan Chase & Co, who boldly predicts a full-on "V shaped" recovery.

And the bad news? Glassman's bold predictions from the past haven't fared so well. This, after all, is the same guy who co-authored a book called Dow 36,000 some nine years ago, neatly pegging the top of the late great bull market.

Learn why “crash season” is upon us and why China is a major warning sign…

Six Items to Alarm You, and a Title XV Tip Off

It seems that House GOP Whip Eric Cantor has noticed that the $787 billion stimulus program he voted for doesn't seem to be putting anyone back to work. The last thing in the world Washington wants is for the 10% or more who are unemployed to go back to work. Eventually? Sure, but not right away, that's for sure.

Just read between the lines in most any recent statement coming out of the Fed or the White House. Bernanke has said repeatedly that he can pump trillions into the mortgage market with impunity because he has a double-secret way to control inflation.

Adam tells you right here and now what it is…

Less Than 100 Left!

If you couldn't attend our Annual Conference in Chicago, hear what our editors had to say, including their moneymaking recommendations. The economic stimulus plan is putting pressure on the dollar... and that could destroy your financial assets. That's why these strategies and recommendations discussed at the summit are so important to you. Get all the details with your own set of LIVE audio recordings available in two formats: CD or MP3 -- or order both. But you must respond right away. There are less than 100 copies left... so please act now!

Why Banks Are Still Failing and U.S. Homeowners Are Drowning

With trillions of dollars in taxpayer largesse thrown at the nation’s biggest financial institutions, the banks should be looking better now right?

Nope... banks are still failing at a rapid clip. Just this past weekend we saw the demise of Montgomery, Ala.- based Colonial Bank, the sixth-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

On top of that, there are reports that “more than 15.2 million U.S. mortgages, or 32.2 percent of all mortgaged properties, were in negative equity position as of June 30, 2009.” In layman’s terms, that means that roughly one out of three homeowners is “upside down” on their property. Learn why these and other market factors are adding up for a target-rich hunting ground for bears…

The Truth About the Numbers

This week's set of housing data included a lot of hopeful numbers: Single-family housing starts climbed for the fifth month in a row; July's existing home sales climbed at the fastest rate in two years, and rose for the fourth month in a row. But are these glimmers of growth in the housing market real... or a government-made mirage? Learn the truth in our new exclusive report.

Leaked: The

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