Friday, August 14, 2009

Tea Party Patriots Town Halls and TPP Hotel for 912 March on DC

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Keep It Up and 912 March on DC

Dear Fellow Patriot,

You guys
have been incredible! You are going to Town Hall Meetings, protests, and
other events to show your support for our core values: fiscal
responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. You are letting
Congress know you do not want more out of control spending and
taxing. You do not want bills passed that have not been read. You
do not want the government to takeover our health care.
is listening. The media is finally beginning to pay attention to
us. The opposition is trying to paint us as paid demonstrators in bed
with the pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. They are
calling us the mob []and
thugs. The media and elected
officials []
continue to use insulting
and rude []expressions
to describe us [].
Really, who can blame them for making this type of assumption? It is how
our opposition is funded [].
opposition []said
they would []spend
at least $82 million to []pass
government take []over
of our health care [].
$82 million dollars to pass a bill!! Now The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers
of America (PhRMA) []
has promised to kick in as much as $150 million for advertising and grass-roots
activity to help pass []
the government takeover of health care You read that right - $150 million to pass
a bill!! The opposition is made up of
over 1,000 organizations []many
of whom have large lobbying ties like ACORN,
AFL-CIO, UAW, MoveOn, and many more. Our opposition
is enlisting the unions []to
help get
this bill passed [].The
opposition is paying people to attend events []
and to promote their agenda [].
We know who we are. We know our opposition is spreading spreading
lies []
and we
know the truth [].
We are average
Americans []
who care
passionately []
about this country. We are truly a widespread grassroots
movement. We are not paid to be at these
events. In fact, in many cases, we are losing money by attending these
events because we have to take time off of work. We are average Americans of all
ages, of all races, and of both major political
parties, who care passionately fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited
government and free markets. We are willing to
make these sacrifices with our time and money to make sure our voices are heard.
The sacrifices are becoming more significant as our opposition begins to
actually use violence when we express our voices. Someone from the
opposition slapped a man []
in Tampa. Several men wearing []supporting
the government
takeover []of
our health
care []charged
a man,
ripped his shirt, and hurt him in Tampa [].
In St. Louis, an
African American who does not want government takeover of health care was
beaten []and
hospitalized after racial slurs were thrown at him, resulting in
6 arrests.
Do not let this stop you. They want to intimidate us. Do not let
them. They will use bullying techniques. Be courageous and
determined. Ask the tough
questions []
and demand answers from your Congressman and Senators. We
must be vigilant to protect not only our health care freedom but all of our
constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
We have tremendous momentum building. Let's keep it going by continuing
to express ourselves in ways that promote the movement and that demonstrate the
core American values of decency, honesty and respect for others that we all

Keep it up! It is working!

Tea Party Patriots Hotel for 912 March on DC

The 912 March on DC is coming up in a little over a month. Tea Party Patriots will
be staying at the Hyatt on Capitol Hill. The hotel is within walking distance of
Union Station and the Capitol. There are 2 other hotels across the street from
the Hyatt on Capitol Hill: Liason and Washington Court Hotel, which are also within
walking distance of Union Station and the Capitol.
Here is some other important information about the March:

1. To sign up for the March on DC, goto: While donations are
appreciated to help pay for staging, security, street closing, av equipment, etc.,
there is no mandatory cost to attend the March or the Training Sessions.
2. There will be training sessions, open houses, socials and other functions on
September 10 and 11. Details can be found on:
3. Tea Party Patriots will be hosting a Sign Making Event on Friday, September 11.
4. Tea Party Patriots is planning a Social after the March on Saturday evening,
September 12.
5. For Travel Arrangements, there are 2 Travel Agents you can use: Joanne Griffing
and Christine Drawdy [].
6. We are creating a 912 March on DC Page on our website. Look for it later this
7. If you are arranging a caravan, bus, or other transportation to the 912 March
on DC, be sure to add an event indicating this on so
other people in your area will know how to get plugged in.
8. Use this form to Sign up to Volunteer. []
9. Use this form to Suggest a Speaker [].
Many speakers will be firmed up this week so be sure to use this form right away
if you have a suggestion. There will be a mix of elected officials/celebrities,
grassroots speakers/regular Tea Party participants, and entertainment. We will
turn this form off on Wednesday, August 19.

Thank You!

You are the heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement. Thank you for promoting the
causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets
with us!
Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team,
Amy Kremer (, 678-495-8271)
Jenny Beth Martin (, 404-326-0936)
Mark Meckler (
Rob Neppell (


Donations for Tea Party Patriots

If you would like to make donations to Tea Party Patriots, you can click to goto
PayPal []
or send a check to:
Tea Party Patriots
1025 Rose Creek Drive 620-322
Woodstock, GA 30189
Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a social welfare organization under
501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Tea Party
Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions.

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