Friday, August 14, 2009

Taipan Daily: Spiritual Sizzle for Me - Profitable "Steak" for You

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Editorial Director’s Note: Jim’s encounter with a divine chunk of Chi-town bovine pays big dividends to you — now he’s fully fueled and raring (forgive the pun) to cover the speakers and events of this year’s Taipan Global Opportunities Summit. The games — and gains — begin right now…

Spiritual Sizzle for Me - Profitable "Steak" for You
Early highlights from Taipan’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit
by Jim Amrhein, Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

I don’t believe in fate or destiny. Not at all. But if I were on the fence about it, I’d have gotten a major sign toward believing in a cosmic script last night…

As you’ll recall, after I cranked out yesterday’s “roving reporter” dispatch from Taipan Publishing Group’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit, all I wanted was a steak — a fat, sizzling slab of corn-fed American beef from a bona-fide Chicago chophouse.

So at around 7 o’clock, I set off on foot from my posh room at the InterContinental Hotel to hunt down a proper chunk of meat from the spectacular “Magnificent Mile” area. The concierge rattled off a half-dozen steakhouses within walking distance — a dizzying array of options. So much meat, so little time. And but one aorta to give.

To clear my head, I decided to stroll to the Hard Rock Café listed on my little touristy map. Being a rock ‘n’ roll fan, I figured eight blocks or so wasn’t too far to walk to check out Little Richard’s boxer shorts (or whatever). Along the way, I passed several prime steakhouses, including the world-famous Lawry’s. But my guts told me not to stop at any of them…

And they were right, my guts. Because directly across the street from the Hard Rock Café (which I never even made it into) was a small, quaint restaurant in an old, Victorian-era three-story brownstone house. Out front was a typical Windy City vertical incandescent-bulb sign, and from that sign shone the perfect name:

Chicago Chop House.

I have to say, the moment I saw it was almost spiritual. It was exactly the place my carnivorous soul had bade me to seek. And it was as though its image and location had been beamed into my brain by a benevolent, all-knowing God of Meat…

Being alone, and casually dressed, I sat in the lounge area — which also looked precisely the way I saw it in my mind’s eye. The Kelly green walls were packed with old-time photos of Chicago, all sepia-faded black-and-whites. Wood-bladed brass fans hung from the pressed-tin ceiling. On the walls bracketing the huge wooden bar, there were clusters of headshots under gold letters: Chicago Gangsters and Chicago Mayors. The cash register at the bar was one of those ancient, all-brass monstrosities with the flip-up white numbers that you read through a little glass window on top…

I plunked down at a bar-side two-top with the euphoric surrender of a Templar who’d found the Grail. In minutes, I had a local-brewed beer (Goose Island Honker Ale) in one hand, a warm sourdough roll with salted butter (from a pat, not a packet) in the other, and a 24-ounce T-bone on the way, replete with crumbled Danish bleu cheese. And all to the tinkling of a local pianist who played and sang everything from The Entertainer and The Girl From Ipanema to Johnny Cash’s Jackson.

I won’t go into all the ways in which my steak echoed the divine. But like I said — it was a near-spiritual experience. Add an all-redhead cabaret and I’d have signed on for an eternity right there.

But enough of my evening’s sizzle. Let’s get to the meat of your chance to get rich…

The Kick-Off and Opening Drive of 2009’s Summit

Thursday started early, with an orderly sign-up and registration for all attendees, followed by a rich continental breakfast. Promptly at 8:45 a.m., Taipan Publishing Group President Sandy Franks took the stage to welcome everyone — and briefly introduce the theme of this year’s Global Opportunities Summit: Finding Wealth in the Post-Dollar World.

In perfect synergy with this theme, first up to the podium was Justice Litle, Taipan’s Editorial Director and editor of its flagship service, Macro Trader. As they always tend to do, his comments shocked and challenged the forum. Here are some of the highlights of his presentation:

JUSTICE LITLE — The World’s New Reserve Currency

It might’ve seemed odd to some that Justice would kick off a conference with a “post-dollar” theme by explaining all the ways in which the U.S. buck is still the king currency on planet Earth. Some of the facts supporting this are impressive:

  • 80% of the $3 trillion in daily trading on the Forex markets happens in U.S. dollars — often as a “middleman” currency
  • More than two-thirds of the world’s central bank reserves are held in U.S. dollars
  • All major commodities are priced in U.S. dollars, no matter where on Earth they’re traded

Why is the buck still on top of the heap? Because Americans are still, by far, the world’s biggest spenders — both on the consumer and government levels.

But true to form, Taipan’s Philosopher-in-Chief was simply throwing out a boomerang with all this pro-dollar talk. And it began to make its turn back to the core theme once Justice put numbers and facts to the “explosion of monetary creation” that has happened in the U.S. over the past 25 years — since the reign of Paul Volcker…

“We are unwinding the excesses of a quarter-century,” said Justice, as he highlighted supporting facts from the many on-screen charts his presentation included. His point was that the U.S. dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency is no longer sustainable.

“The dollar as a world reserve currency is a non-working solution,” Litle claimed as he elaborated on:

  • The four essential attributes that any world reserve currency must have
  • The six looming crises the U.S. dollar faces
  • Three reasons why the buck won’t fare well in the “Emerging Markets Century”
  • And the three key advantages of what he calls the “new world currency”

What is this new world currency, according to Justice?

Well, it’s NOT the euro, the yen, the yuan, the real or any other conventional currency in existence — nor is it a bundle or “basket” of them, as Russia’s Medvedev keeps clamoring for…

It’s a totally new concept of money, and it has its roots in a 50-year-old theory proposed by John Maynard Keynes. That theory was way before its time — but there are five key reasons why it may now have finally come into its own.

Space does not allow me to go into any more details about Justice’s mind-boggling and all-too-likely theory right now — not that I could adequately cover the subject in 30 pages or more. And I couldn’t even begin to relay to you all the ways you could play this transition for huge profits…

But you can (and should) hear this shocking revelation about the future’s money for yourself. Let Justice explain his “punctuated equilibrium” model for change — and show you the four key factors that point irrevocably to a demand for his new currency in the coming century of emerging markets…

Now that Taipan’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit is underway, the only way to do this is to advance order your own copy of the CD/MP3 recordings of the event. Last year’s recordings sold out utterly, so reserve your own copy NOW.

At $79 for the MP3 files, and just $99 for BOTH the MP3s and conventional CDs, it would be worth the cost many times over just to hear what Justice Litle has to say about the money of tomorrow...

But hold on — I’m just getting warmed up. Next up to the podium stepped another of Taipan’s “heavy hitters.”

ADAM LASS — Is the Rally for Real?

You haven’t seen an argument backed up by numbers, graphs, charts and statistics until you’ve seen a presentation by technical analysis wizard Adam Lass, editor of Taipan’s über-successful WaveStrength Options Weekly investment research advisory service…

And even though his mouth may be spewing a lot of fancy talk about “vectors,” “Fibonacci retracements” and other technical analysis gobbledygook, these visual aids really do make his complex methodology completely understandable — even downright simple-seeming.

And there’s no arguing with his service’s track record. With 49 out of 50 winning plays in 2008 — and 100% potential winners so far in 2009 — Adam’s absolutely on fire…

But back to his discussion of whether the rally is really over or not. “We’ve actually been in a single technical formation since 1994,” says Adam, pointing on-screen to yet another revealing chart.*

*[Editor’s Note: All charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, etc. of all speakers will be available to you FREE with either the MP3 version or the CD/MP3 combo package of Taipan’s 2009 Summit recordings…]

And although he insists that there is no such thing as a “perfect signal” in technical analysis, history plainly shows that one specific technical indicator is as reliable as they come. I’ll leave it to him to explain exactly (not that I even could), but it involves overlaying seven-month vs. 13-month performance averages…

Since I can’t begin to relay all the information in his presentation, I’ll just cut to the chase: According to Adam’s best projections, we’ve still got a bit of rally left in front of us — but then we’re soon headed off another cliff.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that today he revealed five specific options recommendations for playing BOTH the rally and the crash for mega-profits. They’re all in your CD/MP3 recordings of Taipan’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit, yours now for as low as $79

Oh, no — I’ve got less than 300 words of space left, and three more speakers to cover

10 Pounds of Tips in a 5-Pound Bucket

Are you starting to understand what I mean when I say I can’t possibly do these speakers justice in 2,000 words or less per day?

I can hit just a few selected high spots with these dispatches — but it would be simply impossible for me to give you even 1% of the in-depth information that attendees of Taipan’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit are getting right now, even as you read this…

But like I’ve been saying, you haven’t missed the boat, even if you aren’t here right now.

With our special package of CD or MP3 recordings and supporting materials, ALL of the information, presentations, charts, graphs, PowerPoints and everything else Taipan’s editors are revealing to conference attendees can still be yours…

And for way less money than what you’d have paid in sign-up fees, lodging, airfare and food to hear them firsthand.

Even better, you won’t have to furiously scribble notes, praying that you don’t miss a critical slide or a specific rapid-fire investment recommendation…

With our CD/MP3 recordings and related materials, you can pause, replay and listen to these revelations and recommendations over and over again in the comfort of your home, car or wherever — even while you’re on the phone with your broker!

Now that I’ve confirmed the specifics (like I promised to yesterday), here’s the deal: $79 gets you downloadable MP3 files of all Summit presentations, while just $99 gets you BOTH these MP3s and portable, conventional CD copies of the seminars…

And either option comes with downloadable copies of every speaker’s PowerPoint slideshows — so you can follow along with the charts, graphs, and other visuals they’re using on-site. Reserve your copy now.

Well, that’s 1,982 words. Just under the wire…

But so much more to report (and to see and do and eat). You’ll hear all about it if you stay tuned, dear reader.

Jim Amrhein
Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

P.S. I was not able to pin down the specific number of these presentation recordings that will be available. All I know is that this number is limited, and that last year’s recordings sold clean out. My best advice to you is to advance order right now

P.P.S. If you missed my report yesterday from Taipan's Global Opportunities Summit, don't worry... you can still read it. Simply access the article here.

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