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 Today's Top Story

by Ted Nugent

The easy play would be to be angry at the nine banks who received $175 billion taxpayer dollars through the Troubled Asset Relief Program and then shelled out $33 billion of these dollars in bonuses to employees. The very employees who steered the ships into the rocks.

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Americans have a right and an obligation to be angry. We just need to be sure our anger is aimed at the right target.

Indeed, the banks who received our tax dollars should have been wiser with our cash. Thirty-three billion smackers is a lot of bonus money. According to the July 31st Wall Street Journal, 5,000 bank employees were paid at least one million green backs in bonuses.

To be fair, many bank employees receive the majority of their compensation in bonuses. Fair-minded people know that banks need to keep their talented investment and banking professionals.

What does not make sense to thinking, logical Americans is that these obviously-talented people are compensated so handsomely when the economy is in the worst condition in decades. Layoffs are the norm right now in middle America, not bonuses--especially million-dollar bonuses.

This Week's Top Human Events Articles
5. Defense: They Build While We Cut
by Rowan Scarborough

Russia and China, two potential U.S. adversaries in a future war, are committed to big increases in defense spending and global military adventures in the coming years, just as President Obama is forcing the Pentagon to scale back.

The imbalance has defense experts worried that re-emergent Russia and China will be able to defeat U.S. forces in an air, sea and ground conflict because they will field superior fighters, ships and tanks in the next decades.

by Rowan Scarborough

Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ sweeping gag order prohibiting senior military officers from discussing the 2010 defense budget is raising fears of politicizing the Pentagon.

Six Republican House members wrote to Gates on May 5, saying his requirement that generals, admirals and senior civilians sign a non-disclosure agreement seems so broad the signers may withhold candid testimony on Capitol Hill.

by Rep. Tom Price

The revelation last week that a majority of Americans may actually disagree with the President was something for which his team was clearly not prepared. Their attempt to marginalize citizens across the country who dared to speak out against a government-takeover of health care is shameful, arrogant, and desperately sad. (Continued Below)

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2. Hollywood Hit on Glenn Beck
by Michelle Oddis

As HUMAN EVENTS reported earlier a racially charged activist group called “Color of Change” founded by Van Jones, a special advisor to the Obama Administration, is trying to silence popular radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck by calling for a boycott of Beck’s TV advertisers after he called President Obama a racist on the Fox and Friends morning news show.

1. Obama's Three Stooges
by Jed Babbin

August 2009 may go down as the coolest weather on record, but the political rhetoric on President Obama’s attempt to nationalize health care is more heated than ever.

Health care is a kitchen table issue: every American adult wants the best health care for themselves and their families and -- across the generation gaps -- they are coming out in record numbers against the Obamacare proposal.

Also, check out the latest video from HUMAN EVENTS TV with Michelle Malkin on her new bestseller, Culture of Corruption.

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