Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tele-townhall with Sen. DeMint and Rep. Bachmann

Americans for Prosperity

Dear Brad,

Activists like you are rocking town hall meetings across the nation opposing the health care takeover.

The Obama Administration and their hard Left friends are hitting back hard.  There’s talk of the “public option” being dropped from the legislation.
Given how fast moving the health care battle is and how crucial you are to winning, we’re hosting another national a tele-townhall with Senator Jim DeMint of South Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann tomorrow night.

As you know, Americans for Prosperity members and taxpayers have been turning up the heat at town halls and rallies across the nation during the Congressional recess.  Many of you are asking us what else you can do now to win this battle for our freedom and many folks are asking for an update on all that’s happening.

So we thought the best people to answer your questions would be these two great free market leaders who are fighting the good fight in Congress.

Please join us Tomorrow, August 20th, at 8:00 pm ET, for this exciting, informative and interactive tele-town hall call with Senator DeMint and Congresswoman Bachmann.

When: Thursday, August 20th - 8:00pm EST
Participant #: 1-888-356-3090
Pin #: 13255

There is no charge to you to join the call. it’s a simple way for us to thank you for keeping up the heat and provide you the information we need to finish the job by stopping a government takeover of health care.

Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of thousands of AFP members, Senators are feeling the heat just like their colleagues in the House. 

Join our national telephone town hall call tomorrow!

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Even though we have expanded out lines, only the first 3000 callers will be able to get on the call live.  To guarantee that you are on the call please click here to RSVP with your phone number by 2pm EST on August 20th and we will call you when the town-hall is underway.


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