Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At a Crossroads in History

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Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

Things aren't as simple as they once were. Even the ways that we attain our basic needs - food, water, and energy - have gotten very complicated. All three of these sectors have grown more and more interconnected...if demand grows in one, it will grow in the others.

After examining these relationships closely, we have found that there is one tiny company that uses these connections to their full potential - allowing you the chance to quadruple your money with a pure play that involves very limited risk.

Don't delay. Keep reading to learn how to profit from food, water, and energy...and from the intimate connection between them.

Best regards,

Kate Incontrera
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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The biggest opportunity of the new world economy…

"Hard Luck" Scheele's
Discovery Could Quadruple Your Money by July 14, 2010

Every country in the developing world needs
this 231-year-old discovery, but…

  • Only 10 companies in the world have it…
  • Only 3 of them are pure plays…
  • Only ONE can actually deliver

Turning every one of your dollars into four
by this time next year!  Here's the story:

Time: August, 1756
Place: Gothenburg, Germany

Just after midnight an epic explosion rattled every beam in the house…

Carl Wilhem Scheele, just 14 years old, had damn-near blown his hands off…

His boss was practically thrown from his bed — his entire family torn from the depths of a sound sleep…

Scheele had been working late and was still dazed…

His tired face coated in soot…

Within seconds, his boss rushed into the lab…

And after a quick assessment of the situation, he suggested Scheele find another place to work…

If I were alive back in 1756, I would never have guessed that "Hard Luck" Scheele would make the discovery that can quadruple your money by July 14, 2010. Let me explain…

Why "Hard Luck" Scheele Was the Most
Brilliant Failure of His Time

Isaac Asimov called him "hard luck Scheele."

You see, he paved the way for modern chemistry. But he never got credit for it.

Because, over the course of his 30-year career, when he wasn't blowing up labs, Scheele discovered elements like oxygen, nitrogen and chlorine.

Plus dozens of other elements and important compounds.

Unfortunately, scientists who came long after Scheele stole his ideas and published them as their own. Meanwhile, Carl Wilhelm Scheele died, virtually unknown, at the young age of 44.

As you can see, Asimov didn't call him "hard luck Scheele" for nothing.

But, as I'm about to show you, Scheele's most important discovery can be your gain.

Because it's 231 years later and every single industrialized and developing country in the world is devouring record amounts of this discovery.

It means, if you get in today, you can reap gains of 412%, or more, in as little as 12 months…

Quadruple Your Money With
"Hard Luck" Scheele's 231-Year-Old Discovery

I'm not talking about oil. I'm not talking about natural gas.

I'm not talking about steel, gold or copper...

Scheele's most important discovery is something you may never have heard or read about before.

And yet, without Scheele's discovery, every company that builds cars, boats, pipes or machinery would come to a screeching halt.

Life Without Scheele's
iscovery Would Mean...

  • No jets, cars, boats, or even basic mining equipment…
  • Oil and coal-processing companies would have to shut down…
  • Almost all water would become undrinkable…
  • Every construction and transportation project, canceled…
  • Nuclear power plants, non-existent…
  • All power-generating turbines would seize and melt down…

And that's the short list!

So why is this opportunity so urgent?

Because the credit crisis has slowed the world's appetite for the stuff temporarily.

And that's not just good — that's great.

Because it gives you a shot at the deal of the century — one cheap, tiny company who has made Scheele's discovery the focus of their entire business.

They're sitting on tons of it.

Not just the product itself, but the means to get it, refine it, store it and distribute it to anywhere in the world.

That means, as global demand drives the price of this important resource through the roof, this company stands to make a mint.


Because, unlike every other company in the industry, this is the only North American "pure play" that runs the whole operation from start to finish.

What's a pure play?

A company with a singular focus. One driving function and purpose for making money.

In this case, our pure play only mines Scheele's discovery.

While their so-called "competitors" are mining dozens of things — copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, to name a few.

But the pure play I'm talking about — the company that could make you 412% or better — can deliver concentrated Scheele's discovery profits only.

Plus, as demand increases, they can increase production by 50% or more in as little as four months.

That means, as the global economy gets back on its feet, this pure play will be the only one able to keep up with demand.

Scheele's 231 year old discovery could quadruple
your money, or better, by July 14th, 2010

The price of Scheele's discovery hovered around $5/lb. from 1997 – 2002.

Then, in 2005 the price of Scheele's discovery shot up to almost $40/lb. That's an increase of 700% in just a few short years.

But, today the price is down around $18/lb… a sign of the slumping global economy.

But don't let that low price fool you.

As you can see from the graph, just two months ago Scheele's discovery was down to just $7/lb.

It more than doubled in just two short months. But the coming months and years will bring a spike in the price of Scheele's discovery that will pale 2005 several times over.

And when it does, the pure play you're about to learn about will shoot into the stratosphere.

Will you be along for the ride? Read on and find out how you could quadruple your money in as little as a year!

Think about what that could mean for your money in a year…

Five years…

Even ten years.

How long you ride out this potential wave of profit making will be completely up to you.

But once their gears crank into motion, your profit window will vanish.

Scheele's Discovery Could Turn Every One of
Your Dollars Into at Least Four in Just a Year

In a matter of days, this company could go from cheap and tiny, to a massive, market-controlling profit-maker.

Fun and profitable…
cream of the crop!

"It has been fun and very profitable…I did not have one loser. In my opinion your newsletters are the cream of the crop. Thanks for the excellent picks."

— Thomas K.

Want the details?

Well, I just wrapped up a report called, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy.

In it, I detail everything you'll need to know. And I'm willing to send it to you absolutely FREE.

But I'll need to hear from you very soon.

You see, there's no way this story will stay quiet once they start delivering.

And that can happen at any moment.

How can I be so sure?

Allow me to explain…

The Exploding Discovery That Will Make You Rich

So what exactly did Scheele discover in his humble lab some 231 years ago?

One ingredient that is crucial — and required by law — to develop every one of today's new and improving technologies, energies and infrastructures.

With it, steel can be made to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Without melting, expanding or breaking down.

And not even titanium can match its strength against high pressure and corrosion.

It's no wonder the entire world is hungry for it — tons of it.

How hungry are we talking?

Hungry enough to potentially launch the share price of this one tiny company into the stratosphere by July 14, 2010.

I'm talking about turning $1,000 into $5,120… $5,000 would become $25,600…

And $10,000 would turn into $51,200.

In as little as a year.

With more to come in the next five years… 10 years… 20 years or more!

My brand new report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy, lays out everything you'll need to know.

And I'll tell you how to get a copy, free of charge.

But first, let me explain why this is happening right now…

Government Mandates Could Mean 412% in Your Pocket By This Time Next Year

President Obama committed $150 billion towards new energy initiatives.

But, taking into account the infrastructure needed to get those initiatives off the ground, some reports put that investment closer to $700 billion.

Toss on top of that the investments coming out of developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and several wealthy Middle Eastern countries.

  • Every square inch of steel
  • Every pipe
  • Every motor
  • Every nail, screw, rivet and more…

They will all require Scheele's discovery for better strength and resistance to heat, corrosion and breakdown.

As you're about to see, Scheele's discovery — and this one pure play with access to tons of it — are about to become very popular indeed.

Because, "global slump" or not, every modern and developing country in the world has big plans for their future.

Things like:

  • Better domestic oil recovery
  • Greener, cleaner energies
  • Cheaper, more fuel-efficient cars
  • Desalination for drinkable water
  • Nuclear power

Scheele's discovery will play a role in all of it.

How so? Well, let's start with the world's ongoing addiction to oil.

Scheele's Discovery Can Mean Triple-Digit
Returns — Several Times Over — Without
Investing a Cent in Oil, Drillers or Refineries

You see, the newest drilling technologies allow us to squeeze the last remaining drops of oil from deposits once considered spent.

The only problem is, the oil left in these deposits is the heavy sludge that sits on the bottom.

And this sludge or "sour" oil needs considerably more refining than the "light sweet" oil found closer to the top.

And Scheele's discovery plays a crucial role in this refining process.

In fact, 95% of refiners use it remove sulfur from "sour" oil converting it into useable, cleaner burning fuels.

New Gas Laws Mean Huge
Profits with Scheele's Discovery

In 2001, high-sulfur gasoline represented 100% of demand.

But thanks to global anti-air-pollution laws and the diesel engines coming online as a result, a December 2007 report predicts that high-sulfur gasoline will drop below 10% of total demand by 2020.

That means more and more refineries coming online in the next few years. And each of them will need plenty of Scheele's discovery to process low-sulfur fuels.

Read on and learn how the global thirst for Scheele's discovery can mean 412% profits for you!

What does that mean to you?

Consider this.

There is a June 2010 deadline for all highway trucks to move over to ultra low-sulfur diesel (ULSD).

By 2014, that mandate will apply to boats, trains, machinery and every other diesel fuel application in the U.S.

Europe also has an increasing need for ULSD.

Their deadlines for highway trucks, off-road diesel and inland waterway use will all come due by December 2011.

In fact, world demand for ULSD vehicles is expected to double in the next 10 years.

Naturally, as the need for ULSD increases, the world will need more and more of Scheele's discovery in their refineries.

And thousands of pounds of Scheele's discovery will be used in each and every one of them.

I've averaged 25% annually!

"I have bought many recommendations. My only regret is not buying them all. I made over 100% on Libby, and have probably average 25% annually on all picks combined."

— Chuck B.

But this scenario is just a cog in a much bigger machine.

Because Scheele's discovery will also be used in every steel girder, pipe and rivet in every building of every new refinery that comes online.

And this North American pure play will be standing by, ready to deliver tons of it.

Are you beginning to understand the magnitude of this opportunity?

It could start any day now.

And when it does, this company could soar.

Making insiders like you very rich along the way…

I'll tell you everything you need to know in my brand new report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy. And in just a minute, I'll show you how to get your hands on it absolutely FREE.

But first, I want to show you how much bigger this opportunity really is…

The Cars of Tomorrow Mean
Huge Profits With This Tiny Pure Play

I can't tell you which of today's car companies will replace former car giants like Ford, GM and Chrysler.

But it doesn't matter who takes their place at the top.

Because Scheele's discovery will play a huge role in all of it.

That's because Scheele's discovery provides tremendous strength when added to conventional steel.

Allowing carmakers to use thinner, lighter metals.

Making them much lighter, more fuel-efficient cars.

Without giving up strength or safety.

For example, the body of the 2008 Mazda 2 was made from high strength steel (HSS) — a steel alloy made with Scheele's discovery.

Not only was the car 2100 lbs lighter than their 2007 model, but fuel efficiency increased by 15%.

It also won a higher crash safety rating.

Think Scheele's Discovery Has a Future
in the Car Industry?
Wait, It Gets Better.

Not only can Scheele's discovery be used throughout the car — the body, bumpers, frame, roof rails, brakes, wheels, engine, pistons, mounts — to improve strength and resistance to extremely high temperatures.

But, as I mentioned, it has an incredible strength to weight ratio.

In other words, the steel becomes much stronger, even as it gets thinner. Allowing manufacturers to make much better cars with much less steel.

That means:

  • Lighter cars with better performance

  • Making bigger, more durable trucks without sacrificing fuel economy

  • Better profit margins for manufacturers

This is all happening right now.

But advances are currently in the works that'll pale every one of these measurements by comparison.

The market for these cars will be incredible.

For example, automakers in Asia estimate 18 million new car owners in the next two years…

That's like every resident in the state of Florida buying a new car… and that's a lot of lightweight steel.

And you'd better believe Scheele's discovery will be mixed into every last ounce of it.

As global demand for Scheele's discovery continues to increase, this tiny North American pure play could be raking in millions.

Because they are the only pure play that can handle this kind of global demand.

The capacity to deliver up to 34 million pounds in a single year without changing anything in their current operation.

Plus, the ability to ramp up production by 50% in as little as four months.

And that means incredible profits for you, if you get in right now.

I reveal every last detail on this explosive company in my latest report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy.

I'll tell you who they are and why they are poised to corner the market for Scheele's discovery…

And how you could use that information to quadruple your money by July 14, 2010.

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

Who Am I to Be Making Such Grandiose Claims?

My name is Chris Mayer.

Perhaps you've heard of me.

I wrote a book last year called Invest Like a Dealmaker.

I've also made appearances on several financial news programs. Fox's Bulls & Bears, Forbes on Fox and the CNBC financial reports to name a few.

But long before I became a financial analyst, I worked for Provident Bank, one of the largest and most respected banks in the U.S., overseeing a $250 million investment account and loans for $400 million companies.

All this and solid investment ideas too

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His essays are sharp intellectual discoveries... all this and solid investment ideas, too."

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I was Vice President before I was 30. And the entire time I was there, we didn't lose a single dime on corporate loans.

There aren't too many people who can make that claim.

But more importantly, I loved my job.

I loved poring over financial reports and balance sheets. I loved looking for trends, errors, inaccuracies, hidden values and opportunities.

And has it paid off?

You bet.

Because today I use that same finely tuned eye to pick stocks for about 54,237 readers in a highly sought-after, monthly stock research newsletter called Capital and Crisis.

But special situations like the one I've been telling you about are too small and sophisticated to send out to that many people.

You see, I have a keen eye for finding "special situations" in the markets.

I'm talking about fast moving, hidden opportunities anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Opportunities that are extremely popular with insiders but just too small or too unknown for the average investor.

Takeovers and buybacks... secret mergers... heavy insider buying opportunities... and tiny unknown companies poised to take off, like the one I've been telling you about today.

I come across opportunities like this fairly often, but I had no outlet for sharing them with the right kind of readers.

Until about two years ago.

So I just kept them to myself.

I worked with my publisher to develop a special research advisory service to make sure I had a way to tell people like you about opportunities like this.

Special Situations That, Over a Short Period of Time, Could Make You Very Very Rich

In fact, in the last stock advisory report I put together, Blue Gold, all five of my recommendations came up winners.

Hyflux Ltd. quickly soared 23% higher...
Lindsay Corp shot up another 36%...
Kurita Water would have given you another 46%...
Nalco Holding shares rise another 63%...
Gorman-Rupp shot up another 77%...

All told, on just those five companies, my readers saw an average of 47% gains in just over a year.

And if you'd put just $5,000 into each, you'd be sitting on $37,250 today.

But in my latest report, I'm shooting for the moon:
I'm Talking About One Opportunity That Could Deliver 412% or Better By This Time Next Year

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, in just a minute I'll show you how you can see opportunities like this one up to 24 times a year.

A weekly research service that keeps you in touch with "special situations" happening all over the world.

It's an elite-level service I call, Mayer's Special Situations.

And it's helped make some people very happy and rather wealthy.

For example, I don't need to tell you what kind of year 2008 was for most investors.

But the readers who took advantage of my recommendations saw plays like:

106% on Contango Oil & Gas Co.
194% on T-3 Energy Services
177% on Titan International
112% on Kodiak Oil & Gas

Just $5,000 in each of those plays would have you sitting on $49,450.

And $10,000?

That would have become a tidy sum of $98,900.

But, all told, I closed 14 plays in 2008.

Only five of them were losers.

And, I finished the "worst year for investors, since the Great Depression" with an average return of 57%.

That's winners and losers combined.

Take a look at what some of my readers had to say…

"[So far] I'm up 25% not including the nice dividend.  Thanks for discovering little thought-of plays like this."
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— Paul E.

And 2009 is shaping up to be another great year for my readers.

With plenty of upside still to come.

And of course I'll tell you all about this year's whopper in my latest report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy.

It's poised to deliver as much as quadruple your money — as soon as July 14, 2010.

The report is yours absolutely free, just for checking out my research advisory service, Mayer's Special Situations.

This Scheele's Pure Play Will Have a Hand in Every
Major Development in the Coming Decade

As the world continues to move away from fossil fuels, towards cleaner energy sources, nuclear power will become a huge player.

There are currently about 439 active nuclear reactors in the world — representing 16% of total global power supply.

But there are at least 34 more under construction, 81 planned and 223 proposed.

In fact, the World Nuclear Association estimates that output from nuclear power, worldwide, could easily double over the next 30 years.

What does this have to do with Scheele's discovery?


We won't go into the exact details of what it takes to generate nuclear power. But I will tell you this: it is absolutely crucial that those reactors are kept cool.

That means anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million feet of steel alloy tubing for collecting steam, turning it back into water and using it to cool the reactor.

Early nuclear power plants used copper alloys. But the salt water running through them would corrode them into nothing after just eight years — give or take.

We're talking about nuclear power here — obviously they can't have cooling systems just falling apart.

But today's tubing is made from steel alloys, fortified with Scheele's discovery.

And now they last up to 26 years.

So we're talking about lighter, more durable metals that are far more resistant to heat and corrosion than the older ones.

Every new plant that comes online in the coming years will require between 400,000 lbs to 500,000 lbs of Scheele's discovery.

But that's not all. Just about every nuclear power plant currently in operation either has or will begin retrofitting all of their old tubing with alloys made with Scheele's discovery.

I only buy stocks based on your recommendations

"I really like your newsletter…I only buy stocks recommended in your letters. Nothing compares to the simple and easy strategy of MSS. Keep up the good work."

— Rahan Q.

What does that mean?

It means in the next several years, every nuclear power plant in every country in the world will be outfitted with hundreds of thousands of pounds of Scheele's discovery.

And where will it all come from?

The vast majority of it could be supplied by this tiny North American pure play.

I've had my eye on them for a couple of years now.

And that's how I know just how huge this opportunity could be.

I'm talking about a chance at quadrupling your investment in as little as a year.

With more to come in the next five… 10… even 20 years.

I'll give you every last detail, and show you exactly how to profit in my newest stock research report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy.

I'll tell you how to get a copy for yourself — absolutely free, no strings attached — in just a minute.

But first, I'd like to show you just how versatile and diverse the uses for Scheele's discovery really are.

You see, there's one more industry that's growing larger by the day… and without Scheele's discovery, it would come to a screeching halt.

How 16.975 Billion Gallons of Water Can
Quadruple Your Money by 2010

Estimates show that, at current usage rates, roughly 3.5 billion people will be without drinkable water by 2025.

There are about 6.7 billion people in the world today.

But projections put world population between 7 and 8.3 billion by 2025.

That means roughly half of the world will be living without drinkable water.

The only solution?

Take the earth's vast stores of salt water and make it drinkable — a process called desalination.

You see, just like the steel alloy tubing used in nuclear power plants, Scheele's discovery combats the corrosion that comes from processing gallons and gallons of salt water in the desalination process.

It lines the holding tanks — representing at least 185,000 lbs of Scheele's discovery per plant. Plus it's used in the pumps, valves and piping as well.

Anything metal that touches salt water, needs to be reinforced with Scheele's discovery if it's going to last.

Right now about 125 countries around the world use desalination to supplement their useable water. With a total output of about 9.96 billion gallons of desalinized water per day.

The biggest players are Saudi Arabia, UAE and the United States.

But as I type this, The Straits Times reports that 90% of China's ground water is polluted.

They're home to 20% of the world's population… but only 7% of the world's drinkable water supply.

That means China will be taking the lead in a very short period of time.

Once again, this rapid increase in global demand can only push the price of Scheele's discovery to newer, greater heights.

And getting in today means riding the profit train right along with them.

So, let me send you my newest report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy today — right now.

It has every last piece of information you'll need to get in today and take full advantage of a chance at quadrupling your money by this time next year.

I'll show how to get your free copy in just a second.

But first, allow me to reveal the one company that I'm so excited about…

The One Company That Will Use
Scheele's Discovery to Make You Rich!

How is it possible that just one small company can use a 231-year-old discovery to make you rich?


Because this 231 year old discovery will play a crucial role in every industrial development in the new world economy.

Refining oil… new cars… nuclear power… drinkable water.

Plus, there's so much more going on… and even more yet to come.

And the pure play I've researched for my latest report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy, is poised to use this global demand to their benefit.

And yours.

The Perfect Company to Take on the
Global Slump and Emerge a Super Power

I'm not going to lie.

There are other companies with access to Scheele's discovery.

And some of them are bigger than the company I have in mind.

But none of them have nearly the same money-quadrupling potential.

Because our pure play has access to over one billion pounds in total resources.

They can pull over 71,000 pounds out of the ground every day — that means as much as 26 million pounds annually.

With the ability to ramp up production by 50% in as little as a few months.

And they couldn't be more financially sound.

They finished last quarter with $260 million in cash and a debt load of only $16 million.

So, even in these tough times, they've got their heads well above the water line.

That means they have plenty of money to invest in additional reserves should the need arise.

Either way, they are the closest thing to a guaranteed quadruple-bagger I've seen in a very long time.

And the time to get in is now.

I'll show you exactly how in my latest report, Scheele's Discovery: Quadruple Your Money in the New World Economy.

And I'll send you a copy absolutely FREE, just for checking out my elite-level stock research service, Mayer's Special Situations.

No strings attached. This is a 100% risk-free proposition.

But if that's not enough, how about this…

Another "Special Situation" That Could Mean
245% in Your Pocket — Get the Details FREE Today

I've already told you how important desalination is going to be in the coming years.


Because only 2.5% of the world's water supply is drinkable.

And half of all hospital beds in the world are filled on account of a water-borne illness.

But one tiny microcap has a five-pronged solution to the world's water problems.

  • City-scale desalination and purification plants

  • Industrial-grade purification for manufacturing processes

  • They build spec plants to be sold and operated by other companies

  • Plus, consumer-level home filtration products
They also spend a fair amount of time and capital doing research and developing new water treatment technologies.

So how did this company make it into my "special situation" queue?

Well, to start:
  • They're a small company

  • They don't trade on any of the major U.S. exchanges

  • They're not making headlines in any of the mainstream rags

And, more importantly, they're a huge money-making opportunity.

Because, if it has to do with water treatment, this company's all over it.

In fact, they're currently covering every water-related project from desalination to filtration in 26 of China's 31 provinces.

Their earnings grew by 30% and 36% in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

And in 2008 net profits were up 79%.

As for 2009? We're looking at another banner year.

Between China, North Africa and the Middle East alone, their order sheets are stacked to the ceiling.

I'm talking about $650 million worth of pending orders.

Your recommendations paid for my subscription 10 times over

"Mayer's Special Situations is by far the best newsletter I receive.

The equity recommendations are a huge bonus that will pay for the investment (not cost) in the newsletter 10 times over.

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It's safe to say their financial future is pretty solid and their horizon is clear of obstacles.

What makes this such a special situation?

Well, for one, this company is incredibly cheap right now. And it has nothing at all to do with the company itself.

They're simply caught in the undertow of the contracting global economy.

But it won't last for very long.

As soon as the credit crunch lets up a little bit, we'll see funding start moving back into these much-needed water project.

In fact, I expect this one to triple by late 2010… maybe sooner.

Imagine turning $1,000 into $4,000 in less than a year.

Or turning $5,000 into $20,000.

It's not only possible, it's almost a sure thing.

But the time to get on board is today — right now.

That's why I want to send you a second report, Blue Gold: The Blockbuster Water Play Ready to Burst Open.

Let me send you a copy today, absolutely FREE, just for giving Mayer's Special Situations a try.

What's the Catch? For the First Time Ever…
There Isn't One

Think about this.

Two exclusive, detailed, wealth-building Special Situation reports.

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All I ask in return is that you give my research advisory service, Mayer's Special Situations, a risk-free test drive.

The moment you sign up, I'll immediately send you an email with your FREE reports with the potential to deliver 657% in total returns.

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And when I find a "special situation" that's ripe for profit taking, I immediately fire off an email with everything you need to know:

What to buy
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If you've read this far, it's clear that Mayer's Special Situations might be the stock research service for you.

And that's great.

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As much as I love what I do, this kind of research takes an incredible amount of time.

The companies I recommend are way off the radar.

Your broker's never heard of them.

These virtually unknown, off the radar stocks with tremendous profit potential are what Mayer's Special Situations is all about.

So what's a fair price to ask for an elite-level stock research service?

Heck, a quick search on the internet brought up much "leaner" services for $3,995… $4,995… even $8,995.

But I won't ask for nearly as much as those other services.

Not that $2,000–3,000 wouldn't be a fair price.

But I know the economy's been tough on all of us. So I want to be sure you have a chance to make a ton without spending a ton.

That's why a full year of Mayer's Special Situations usually goes for just $995.

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That's why I'm giving you my 60-day, unconditional, money-back guarantee.

If you decide that Mayer's Special Situations isn't for you, at any time and for any reason in the next 60 days, just give us a call and we'll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

And your two FREE reports are yours to keep, with my compliments, just for giving my service a try.

But, the world's thirst for Scheele's discovery won't wait for you. And this pure play's going to shoot through the roof any day now.

The sooner you get on board, the sooner you can start raking in the profits. So don't wait another minute.

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Chris Mayer
Founder and Senior Analyst
Mayer's Special Situations
August 26, 2009

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