Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chuck Norris: What I'd Say to Congress and American Students

Human Events
Chuck Norris What I'd Say to Congress and American Students
By Chuck Norris
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President Barack Obama is taking a bold move this week to address both American public schools and, in prime time, a joint session of Congress. I pondered what I would say to both groups about Obamacare if I had the chance.
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Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh warns: “We could reach a point where Obama controls TV and radio.” TV and radio commentator Glenn Beck asks: "Is there any place (that has a mass audience) where the government won't regulate free speech?"

That’s because Pres. Obama's Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd, makes no secret of his desire to stamp out freedom of speech and of the press, effectively silencing conservatives on talk radio, cable TV and perhaps even the Internet.

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First, I would share the information from my four most recent columns, which concerned the four dirty secrets of Obamacare. In short, I'd tell them that it is too much about prescription and not enough about prevention.
I then would proceed to tell them something that the president never would: The majority of Americans (including all of them) can improve their health care coverage, improve their quality of life and live longer by simply taking better care of their own health. I'd tell them that the answer is not in big government solutions and that it's time for government to quit enabling the majority of Americans and equip them to fight for themselves and one another.
I'd tell them the truth is the No. 1 enemy of our health is not government, insurance companies or health care practitioners, but ourselves.
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