Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coulter applies free market to health care
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Coulter applies free market to health care

Ann Coulter
In her brand new column at WorldNetDaily today, Ann Coulter wields logic like a pair of nunchucks, as she continues her multi-part series on "liberal lies about national health care."

Writes Coulter: "The only reason you can't keep – or often obtain – health insurance if you move or lose your job now is because of ... government intrusion into the free market.

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They tell us we should drink eight glasses of water each day. Meaning... we should drink eight glasses of toxins that increase our risks of Alzheimer's, stroke, kidney failure, and even cancer.

It's a long story. But, in short, some big wigs with little scruples twisted the truth until we were gladly pouring rat poison down our throats.

Yes, actual rat poison (I'll explain more in a minute.) And that's just the beginning of our worries...

If our drinking water's not safe imagine what our meat, vegetables, and medicines are going through. Unchecked, this will all cost us our good health. That's why I'm pulling the curtain back on this and hundreds of other lies that they're throwing at us right now.

"You will notice that if you move or lose your job, you can obtain car and home insurance, hairdressers, baby sitters, dog walkers, computer technicians, cars, houses, food and every other product and service not heavily regulated by the government. (Although it does become a bit harder to obtain free office supplies.)"

Coulter also takes on two other myths in today's column, regarding the "public option" and the issue of coverage for abortions and illegal aliens.
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What Ann Coulter represents to the written word, Molotov Mitchell is to the age of video. He's edgy. He's creative. And he's a digital bomb-thrower.

This week, Molotov Mitchell covers the legalities of when revolt is justified.
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