Sunday, September 6, 2009

Details for 912 Events Inside and Outside of DC

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Details for 912 Events

Dear Fellow Patriots,
The overwhelming outpouring of support from Tea Party
Patriots is truly astounding! You guys are the most incredible Americans! Thank
you! Thank you!
From the emails and snail mails we have received over the
last few weeks, we know many of you will join us in DC. Others will host local events
to demonstrate
with us in their home towns. Others have
work and family obligations and will be cheering us on from those
obligations. No matter where you are on
September 12, whether you are in DC, at a local event, or watching the
news coverage of the day, we will be united as Americans and standing
shoulder to shoulder with other Patriots in presence and in spirit.
We will remind America of the incredible gift our
Founding Fathers gave to us. As a united
voice, we will stand up for the United States Constitution. We will be one voice
demanding Congress restores fiscal responsibility to our national budget. We will
remind Congress, the President, and
our fellow citizens what limited government and free markets can do.
Be sure to check out the opportunities listed below to make your
voice heard on September 12.
What's next? Will Tea
Party Patriots actually have more weekly to do list emails? Yes. You guys have not
needed our
guidance over the August recess. You have made your voices heard at town halls
across this country and have received tremendous news coverage in doing so. Look
for those emails to start again this week, when Congress resumes.

912 Hometown Events

For those demonstrating from your home towns, be sure to
enter the event near you. This will help others know where to go to meet up locally.
To do so, goto, click Sign In, and click
on Add an Event to list your local event.
To view local events in your area, goto and click on your state
to view events in your state.
Remember to record your attendance numbers after the event! After the event, goto Click Sign In. After signing in, click Your Name's
Dashboard. Then on the right hand panel, click on Edit My Events. In the list
of events, click Manage on the appropriate event and enter the Final Guest Count
and click Update Event.

912 March on DC Details

Still looking for buses to go to DC? Click to check out the most updated list of
buses. []
View the current agenda [].
Events are still being added to it so check it frequently. In addition to the
March itself, there will be training opportunities, press conference, a doctor's
rally, happy hour, Remember 911 and Support the Troops at Walter Reed, a Sign Making
Event, and more.
Want to volunteer to help Tea Party Patriots while in DC? We still need volunteers
to assist with the Doctor's Rally, the Sign Making Event, to greet fellow Tea Party
Patriots, to give out flags, etc. Please fill out this form [].
We will be in touch with you this week about when and where to volunteer.
The Tea Party Patriots Hub in DC will be the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill: 400
New Jersey
Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.,
20001. In addition to having our Sign Making Event at the Hyatt Regency, there
will be Tea Party Patriots t-shirts and other gear available, a welcome desk on
September 11, and a video hot spot where you can record your voice to tell why you
are in DC. The Hyatt has a huge bar area and a nice restaurant if you would like
a place to rest from the other planned activities. It is within walking distance
of both Union Station and the Capitol.
The Tea Party Patriots Sign Making Event from 8 am - 11 pm on Friday, September
11 will be at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill (400 New Jersey
Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.,
20001) This will be the best place to go to meet and greet other Tea Party Patriots
and to make your signs. While we will have supplies, it would be helpful if you
bring your Sharpies and Poster Markers. Come stop by for an hour or stay the day.
We'd love to meet you in person.
Where do we meet on September 12? If you are physically able to walk in the March,
we would like you to begin gathering at Freedom Plaza at 9:00 am. We will march
from Freedom Plaza to the West Lawn of the Capitol. At Freedom Plaza [](1350
Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004, Metro Center Red, Blue and Orange lines;
Federal Triangle Blue and Orange lines), we will line up by state according to this
list [].
There will be speakers at Freedom Plaza, many of whom are Tea Party Patriots Local
Coordinators, prior to marching. The March ends and the Rally will officially begin
at 1:00 at the West Lawn of the Capitol. To accommodate as many speaker and musician
requests as possible, there will also be speakers on the West Lawn before the official
start time at 1:00 but the exact start time of these speakers and entertainers has
not been determined. It will be dependent on how quickly the staging and audio
equipment will be setup.
Have you registered for the 912 March on Washington? It's free. We need to know
how many to expect so we have enough potties
and appropriate sound and video equipment. Click to register now [].
Be sure to read the Capitol Police Guidelines for Events at the West Lawn [],
and act accordingly.
Looking for other people from your state while you are in DC? Goto:, click on Groups, and then click on your state.
Planning to visit your Congressman and Senators while in DC? Be sure to
call their offices to schedule a time to visit. It will probably be best
to visit in groups of 5 - 12 or so people. If you know of others from
your area going, get a group together and visit the office. If the
Congressman or Senators are not available, you might ask to visit with the
Chief of Staff or other staff member.
Here's some other miscellaneous information includingmap of Capitol Hill [],
information about Freedom Plaza [],
Union Station [],
Capitol Hill Restaurants [],
overall map of DC [],
Washington Post Visitor Guide to DC [],
and Destination DC Visitor Information [].

Thank You

Continue to keep up the incredible work you do to
further our core values: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally
limited government, and free markets. You are the heart and soul of
this movement. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to
help you!
Tea Party Patriots Local Coordinator Team
Amy Kremer (, 678-495-8271, gchat: amykremer)
Jenny Beth Martin (, 404-326-096, gchat: jennybethm)
Mark Meckler (
Rob Neppell (
Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a social welfare organization organized
under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to
Tea Party Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income
tax purposes.

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