Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lock up Your Money... the Misery Index is Back

Obama Express: Next Stop "Carter Country" ... Misery Index and All!

Dick Morris Dear Fellow American,

Do you remember Jimmy Carter’s Misery Index?

If you recall the late 1970s -- “the years of malaise” -- you probably do.

You calculate the Misery Index by adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate. In the 1976 election, Carter devastatingly used a Misery Index of 12.5 to unseat the bumbling, ineffective Gerald Ford.

Four years later in 1980, Carter’s “weapon” blew up in his face -- a 21.9 Misery Index all his own crushed the Peanut Man’s reelection hopes.

You can break out the Misery Index again, thanks to President Obama whose policies remind me of Carter more with every passing day.

Obama’s stimulus package has failed to accomplish a single positive goal -- but it has raised unemployment to 9.5%, ballooned the deficit, driven up interest rates, and is dead certain to trigger Carter-style hyperinflation.

Now Obama wants to pass healthcare “reform” -- which everyone in Washington knows will cost at least $1 trillion. And he wants cap-and-trade for climate control, which will wreak havoc on U.S. businesses. And House Democrats are howling for $550 billion in tax increases, poison to economic recovery hopes.

Obama is well on his way to a bloated Misery Index -- and soon.

This means you must act now to protect your financial well-being. Hyperinflation is murder on the markets, and merciless to your savings. It erodes your buying power on a daily basis. Wealth it took years to build bleeds away before your eyes.

But one of the smartest investment experts I know, Nicholas Vardy, points out that during the hyperinflation of the Jimmy Carter years, many investors did just fine.

They accomplished these gains by positioning their money in investments uncorrelated to the hemorrhaging Carter stock market… and by insulating their portfolios with investments that were leveraged by inflation.

In other words, inflation made money for them. And here’s the good news for you. Such investments exist today.

Vardy advises: As Obama spends us to record levels of hyperinflation, topping the disastrous Carter era, “buy and hold” will be financial suicide for your portfolio. But he adds: “No matter what the state of the financial markets, there is always a strategy out there than can make you money.”

Nicholas, an American based in London, can back it up, too. Remember those awful months of September, October, and November 2008 -- especially, the bloody week of October 6? The DOW crashed to the tune of minus 17%.

That same week Vardy’s Global Stock Investor portfolio made money. How was that possible? Vardy’s investments were strategically “uncorrelated” to the overall stock market. Very likely, that was the only way to make money -- possibly in the world -- that week. And Nicholas Vardy made money for his investors.

That’s the Vardy strategy. Seize opportunities wherever they may be. Let go of strategies that worked during the Great Bull Market of the 1980s and 1990s -- and position your money for the Hyperinflation Market of the Obama years. There will be gains to be made. And Nicholas will make sure you’re in on them.

I follow Vardy's advice closely and admire his economic and investment insights.  Full disclosure: I receive a percentage of each Global Stock Investor subscription sold, but I wouldn't do this if I did not believe in his abilities.

Remember, when Obama’s $800 billion stimulus farce and projected $1.8 trillion deficit trigger the inevitable “Category 5” hyperinflation hurricane -- markets may well tank to record lows… exceeding those of the last crash.

Don’t believe the current “false recovery.” If your financial advisor (or your Obama-worshipping brother-in-law) advises you to get back into regular mutual funds -- beware.

Instead, be smart. Try the brilliant investing strategies in Nicholas Vardy’s Global Stock Investor. Don’t let Obama’s hyperinflation bleed your money away. You worked too long and hard to earn it. I urge you to give Vardy a try.

Click here to learn more.

Dick Morris
Dick Morris
Fox News Commentator

P.S. For a limited time, you can get a full year of Nicholas Vardy’s Global Stock Investor for about the cost of a mid-priced dinner for two. Of course, with all the great investment tips you’ll be getting, you’ll be able to afford lots of dinners -- higher-priced ones at that. (But skip the $1,500-a-plate Obama fundraisers!)  Click here to learn more.

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