Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lose Up to 30 Pounds in 90 Day with New Research-Backed

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Dear Friend,

I’ve always encouraged a proper diet and regular exercise as the right way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You just can’t get around doing the work when it comes to losing weight. But recently I discovered a unique new extract that acts as a catalyst for healthy weight loss. And the research holds up under the closest scrutiny. (Or I would never recommend it to you.)

I even sent the study out for review to an independent statistician. He verified the results: study participants lost up to three times more weight when taking this extract compared with those who just dieted and exercised. This is incredible news for anyone who struggles with their weight. Finally being able to drop the necessary pounds will bring about major changes in your health, quality of life, and simply how you feel every day. Imagine not worrying about the stress on your heart and joints or the impact that being overweight can have on your overall health!

This is a big “helping hand” in the battle to lose weight

Don’t get me wrong, there are no “magic bullets” when it comes to weight loss, but the research shows that when you combine this extract with proper diet and regular exercise, it can help you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days That’s three times more weight than what you’d lose with diet and exercise alone. Plus, it’s all natural, safe, and promotes healthy, steady, significant weight loss that lasts.

After combing through the research, I was thoroughly convinced that this rare extract could give people the edge they need to take—and keep—the weight off, so much so that I developed a formula around it, called TonaLean-3.

And this is good, healthy, maintainable weight loss. Why? Because unlike some other popular diet aids, with TonaLean-3 you’ll not only see your body fat percentage drops considerably, you’ll actually maintain lean muscle mass. Plus, you get excellent antioxidant support and considerable help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels—all without feeling any jittery side effects. I don’t know of any other supplement that does all this. Certainly none backed by any decent research—which is why I’ve never recommended one before now. Learn exactly how TonaLean-3 works to help you lose weight.

I know achieving your weight loss goal is hard, and that it doesn’t get any easier with age. But this formula will go a long way in helping you, and you’ll feel an incredible difference in your overall health and energy levels. You’ll look terrific, too!

Take care,

Dr. David Williams

P.S. Forget fad diets and unreliable “quick” fixes for losing weight—they don’t work and yo-yo dieting does more damage than good. TonaLean-3 is different. It is designed to work with a healthy diet and exercise routine to help you lose more weight, retain lean muscle mass, improve your body composition, and maintain normal blood sugar levels. It has no side effects and actually helps you build a healthier, stronger body. And it has the research to back it up.

Mountain Home Nutritionals
700 Indian Springs Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

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