Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Next Shockwave is Coming!

to Crisis...
Wall Street tells you it's the beginning of a new bull market and stocks look great.

Don't believe it. The next shockwave is about to hit:

  • One in three commercial loans on verge of default
  • One million ARMs about to spike
  • Personal bankruptcies up 33 %
  • Business bankruptcies to spike 60% before year-end.

Meanwhile, the government is taking money from you to bail out companies "too big to fail." What does that do to your wealth? And how can you save yourself?

You've got two choices...

Dear Fellow Investor,

Look beneath the surface of the so-called recovery and you'll see more trouble brewing.

Enough trouble, in fact, to rob you of what's left of your assets if you don't make the right choices today.

Unsuspecting investors are grabbing up cheap stocks, giddy with thoughts of a new bull market ahead. But they're about to get a rude -- and costly -- surprise.

RealtyTrac says commercial loans are "probably going to default at a rate that makes subprime look like a walk in the park ." Deutsche Bank says those losses could hit $230 billion.

Business bankruptcies have doubled from last year, and D&B estimates they could spike another 60% before year-end.

I've been leading investors away from trouble and to profits since 1977, a fact noted by Investor's Business Daily when they called me "one of the best market timers in the business."

The Wall Street Journal said mine was one of only five publications to predict the 1987 market crash.

In April 2000 I got subscribers out of stocks less than 30 days before the dot-com crash. Then in January of 2006 I warned subscribers that the housing bubble would burst, saving them from millions of dollars in losses.

And now I'm saying, look out!

We're not out of the woods yet. Continue down the path Wall Street is leading you on and you could lose half your net worth. Because the investments you own are far more dangerous than you think.

Change direction now and there's still time to protect your wealth, and to keep your wealth growing safely 10-12% per year.

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