Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Specials: Prepare Yourself for a Second Market Crash!

Dear Fellow Investor,

I'm constantly looking around for the best investing products. Below you'll find several products I came across this week that I thought you would be interested in... check them out today!

Prepare Yourself for a Second Market Crash!

The man who predicted the market crash of '08 has just issued another dire warning about a second market collapse that may be on the horizon.

The recent gains should not be confused with the beginning of another sustained bull market. We could be in for a brutal sell-off in September or October... another 20% to 30% drop is possible.

Here's what to do now to protect your portfolio!

Are You Stranded in "Kyoto Station"?

Imagine yourself in Kyoto Station -- one of the largest and most intimidating buildings in Japan. You know your destination, but you don't know where to meet your train... or how to get there.

Loads of investors are stuck in Kyoto Station, and everywhere they turn in today's markets there's confusion, risk... and uncertainty. I want to guide you in the right direction by taking you out of "Kyoto Station" and showing you how you can make $442,000 over the next 7 months.

To get the full details on this potentially life-changing opportunity, click here.

Pay Your Broker $1

For the past 14 years -- I've been "securing" up to 100%+ gains when I invest, before I ever put down a penny... by paying my broker $1.

I admit: The Wall Street broker who first created these transactions was later indicted on 98 counts of fraud... and put in prison. But as I'll explain, I'm not the only one who's doing this... and it's perfectly legal.

Click here for the full story.

ETF Profit Secrets Revealed

In 2008 my ETF strategy gave investors 11.5% returns... while the S&P lost 39%.

In the next 12 months you could do even better... Click here to discover how.

Here's to smart investing!

Roger Michalski
V.P./Group Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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