Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Unusual $1 Opportunity

The Daily Reckoning

Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

We just learned about an unusual $1 opportunity...

It's from a Florida retiree - who has discovered a unique way to make triple-digit gains on his investments... no matter what happens to the stock market.

As you'll see below: he's sharing the full details through a special offer. It's a time-sensitive opportunity, expiring shortly.

So if you're interested, I urge you to have a look today...


Kate Incontrera
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning




Use My $1 Transaction

and Receive 5 Free Months of True Income

This gift expires shortly.

Dear S&A Research Subscriber,

For a short time only, you can claim 5 free months of True Income.

But you must get in before this offer expires, shortly – in order to begin receiving your 5 free months. After that, you'll no longer be eligible.

The fact is, True Income is among our newest and highest-priced research letters, meant for only a small group of subscribers. We don't like to "give it away."

As S&A founder Porter Stansberry says – "True Income is the best newsletter I've ever published. We've worked hard for three years finding the right analyst."

But as you'll see below – we're doing this for one big reason...

In short: As I'm sure you know, stocks are a mess right now. The DOW has swung as much as 200 points recently. It's getting harder for folks to make a decent gain anymore... and many experts are predicting yet another swing in stock prices.

Well – in True Income, we've discovered a little-known $1 transaction that allows you to "secure" 100+% gains with your broker... before you ever invest a penny.

For example, right now, by paying your broker $1 per transaction... you can "secure" a 148% gain on Dune Energy (DNE), within 20 minutes.
Or consider Rafaella Apparel, a small clothing designer. Right now, you can "secure" a 340% gain on this firm within the next 20 minutes, simply by paying your broker $1 per transaction.

The fact is... In True Income – we've been using this $1 transaction ever since last fall's market collapse... to legally "secure" up to triple-digit gains, every month.

Take Rite-Aid (RAD), for example. On February 6th, we found a $1 transaction for this retail chain... and are currently sitting on a 188% gain. In other words: In just 6 months, a $10,000 stake would have almost TRIPLED by now.

As subscriber Eric Friar in Anaheim tells us – "My portfolio is showing a profit of 225%. This is simply amazing. Thanks!"

"This is exactly what I've been looking for in this volatile market," says Bill Ness, a True Income subscriber in Tucson. "Please keep doing this."
And here's an interesting note: reader Jimmy Wintz tells me, half his gains since the beginning of the year have resulted from this transaction, though it comprises a mere fraction of his overall investment approach.

In this letter – I'll show you exactly how this obscure $1 transaction works... why it's legal... and how you can use it yourself, starting right now, to "lock-in" a 206% gain on a semiconductor firm in the next 20 minutes...

But there's one catch...

As I said before: We're only making you this offer for a very short time only. Once it expires (details below) – we'll pull it... and you'll be too late.

Pay Your Broker $1

I don't believe in bribery.

But for the past 14 years – I've been "securing" up to 100%+ returns when I invest, before I ever put down a single penny... by paying my broker $1.

He accepts the money... and "locks me in" for a gain of tens of thousands of dollars – even if the stock doesn't go up. "Thanks, Jim," I tell him.

Some people might think I'm breaking the law. And I admit: the Wall Street broker who first created this transaction was later indicted on 98 counts of fraud... and put in prison. But as I'll explain, I'm not the only one who's doing this...

For example, I know of a guy named Ed Lansky in Little Rock, who started using this transaction back in 2002. He's made 2,500% on his money.

There's Marty Windsor in Dallas, who's made 900%. And a fellow in Los Angeles, Bob Gibbons, has made over $885,000 by shelling out to his broker through these transactions...

Now, I'll be the first to tell you...

While gains like these are possible – in my own experience, I've found that gains of roughly 100% through these transactions are typically the norm. Sometimes it takes a year or more... other times it happens in as little as a few months.

And let me make one thing crystal clear: I'm a proud American, who served honorably in the Vietnam War. I would never break the law of this great country, or allow any money to enter my account through dishonest means.

I have a beautiful wife and 6 sons, and I've built 3 multi-million-dollar businesses in my life. Believe me – I would never risk any of that for jail-time.

In short: There's an obscure transaction in the equities system that only costs $1 to execute, and allows you to legally prearrange your returns, every time you invest.

For example, consider Finova (FNVG), a holding firm. At less than a penny a share – it's too small and unstable for most people's taste...

But by paying your broker $1, you could have arranged to receive a 472% gain on this firm... no matter what happens to the share price... to be paid on November 15th.
Or consider Rite Aid (RAD), the retail chain. Using a $1 transaction – you could have "locked-in" a 269% return, BEFORE you ever invested in it.

How exactly is this legal? Well, that's why I'm writing you this letter...

You see – after spending 35 years in the financial business as an analyst, I've found an incredible secret to using this transaction in just 20 minutes... from anywhere in the world... without ever being fined, arrested or exposed.

For example, this past June, I showed a friend of mine how to prearrange a 282% gain on a semiconductor firm... enough to turn every $15,000 into $42,300.

The unbelievable part is: not only is it legal... but the way this secret works, you're entitled by law to receive the "secured" payout, once you make the transaction. In other words: You're under a legal obligation to be paid.

Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true. And I admit – Once you see how this transaction first became popular, you might decide to avoid it...

But I can assure you: this is the main way I invest my own money. In fact, as far as I'm concerned – everyone else in the market is playing a sucker's game...

Think about it: typically when you invest... you have NO idea whether you'll make money or not. Not me. I know exactly how much I'm set to receive, and the approximate date I'm set to get it... by executing a $1 transaction with my broker, before I get in.

The point is: If you're sick of losing money... what I'm about to reveal could put a fortune in your account this year – all for the price of exactly 1 U.S. dollar per transaction.

Let me give you the full story...

2 Years in State Prison

In 1991, Mitch Milton was arrested... handcuffed... and led from his multi-billion-dollar Beverly Hills brokerage firm to a California state prison.

Hailed as "the most powerful financier since J.P. Morgan," he was the creator of a new transaction on Wall Street... a way to secure triple-digit investment returns on hundreds of companies – no matter what happens in the market.

As one colleague reported: he made more money in one hour than most people make in a year. In his first year alone, he earned his department a 100% return...

But what few people could have possibly realized at Milton's arrest – was that his obscure transaction was about to spread... to 1,000s of people across America.

As recently as July 28, 2009, for example – I got an email from Eric Friar, a guy I showed how to legally use this secret last fall. He writes: "My portfolio is showing a profit of 225%. This is simply amazing. Thanks, Mike."

Or consider Dave Tilham in St. Paul. By using this transaction almost exclusively, he made over $350,000 in the space of just 12 months...

Behind bars at Pleasanton Penitentiary – even Milton would have probably never guessed that by 2009, more than $140 billion would go into his secret transaction every year... used 100% legally by people from all walks of life...

On April 4, 2006, for example, you could have used this $1 transaction on Foamex... and "locked-in" a 206% return with your broker.

With most companies, you're lucky to see 100+% gains after 5 or 10 years, but in this case – you'd have been set to make that money just 14 months later.
In 2008, you could have arranged to "secure" a 227% gain on Vertis, before putting a single cent on the line... and have been set to receive your payout just over a year later.

The transaction takes about 20 minutes, via a phone call to your broker: Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade... almost every firm you can name.

But here's the thing...

Because of the controversy surrounding its creator, it wouldn't surprise me if some brokers try to talk you out of using this transaction. Personally, I just ignore these folks. The fact is, there's a way to use it without any fines... lawsuits... or penalties from the SEC.

You see – when Mitch Milton first created the market for these transactions in 1976, it was legal...

Gradually, however... as it gained popularity in the 1980s... something happened. As one securities lawyer writes:
"The original concept was good and legal. But overly aggressive stockbrokers exploited and corrupted it. They used illegal inside information, misinformation and market rigging to make millions and millions of dollars... Some of these multimillionaires are now in the penitentiary. Unfortunately, this kind of greed is still rampant."
In other words – when Milton saw how much money this transaction was making his clients, he began using it for himself, illegally...

By 1989 – he was so rich (net worth estimated at $1 billion), the U.S. Government stepped in... and reformed how these transactions can be handled.

And as you're about to see, that's when I began using it myself.

Limited # of these

First off: don't get the wrong idea. I'm not talking about options... penny stocks... or insider plays. Personally, I avoid "high-fliers."

But I'll admit: once you see how this transaction works (below)... you could use it to safely make gains that are just as high as those of risky stocks and options...

240% with Transaction ID: 75605EAT7
187% with Transaction ID: 35687MAP2
180% with Transaction ID: 896047AE7

Other than the incredible gains – this investment transaction has almost nothing in common with high-fliers.

You won't ever be fined, arrested or exposed by the SEC.

Why? See below.
You see, options and penny stocks appear by the tens of thousands on the market. Anyone can own these investments... just by knowing the ticker.

But the $1 transaction I'm telling you about is LIMITED. In some cases, you'll try to get in... only to discover there are none available for the company you're trying to buy. When this happens – it often means other people beat you to it...

For example, Jim Munson, 57, in Seattle. He's been doing this for 2 years.

In June 2007 – he wanted to invest $35,000 into Compania de Alimentos... a tiny retail firm, but worried it was too risky... So he made a $1 transaction with his broker, and was able to "secure" a 305% gain in advance... for a set payout of $106,750, due just a year later. I've heard dozens of stories like this.

In short: Once these transactions become available in the market, you have to be quick to get in... or folks like Jim will cut ahead of you. (Don't worry – I'll explain how to prevent this. It's a simple trick I learned back in the '90s.)

If there are none left... your broker won't be able to secure your gain, whether you pay him $1 or $100. And you'll be forced back to investing with the peons...

For example, in October 2008 – you could have legally "secured" a 147% gain on Mrs. Fields, the cookie-bakery chain.

But even as I'm writing to you (Aug. 2009), there have been over 150 transactions on this firm already... from people across the country.
Or you could have legally "locked-in" a 226% gain on Ziff Davis Media... and have been set to receive it July of next summer. Already – there have been over 5 transactions on this firm.

Because these opportunities are limited... and because they can "secure" such a windfall return... many folks who do this keep it hidden from all but family and friends.

It makes sense. Think about it: If you'd uncovered a way to prearrange 100+% returns over roughly a year or two period, with a scarce transaction... would you give it away?

In fact – in a recent poll among a small group of experienced investors... nearly 70% had never even used this unique way of investing... mostly, I suspect, because they simply don't know how safe and potentially profitable these transactions can be.

Personally, I've been using it since 1995... and told only a relative handful of folks in that time. It was only recently – after retiring to Florida's Emerald Coast – that I decided to share it with others...

The best part is: Many simply dismiss the idea. For example – I've heard one man, an MBA investment banker, publicly compare it to trash.

That's fine by me...

You see, what these idiots don't realize is that in 1989, when the U.S. Government reformed the market for these transactions... a new Federal law changed its structure.

And as a result, it began to legally appear in Wall Street's biggest and best-known brokerage firms – but in a way you've probably never heard of before...

Let me explain...

Almost banned

In short: By using this $1 transaction, you receive an investment...

But unlike most securities – it doesn't appear on the New York Stock Exchange... the NASDAQ... or in the pages of The Wall Street Journal.

Consider the story of Fred Stoff, for example, who made over $5 million with these types of transactions in the 1980s. Here's a man who knew nothing about finance...

In college – he barely passed Economics. "I made my usual C," he says. He made his living playing blackjack at one point... until eventually he heard about an amazing new way to make tens of thousands of dollars – by making an unusual type of transaction he'd never made before.

As it turns out – Fred's broker was Mitch Milton... who was later sued by the SEC for abusing these transactions, while clients like Fred made a fortune.

What few people realized was the opportunity this would create...

You see, when the Government revoked Milton's brokerage license – some people demanded these transactions be outlawed on Wall Street...

Instead – Congress passed the Financial Reform Act, which prevents brokers like Milton from abusing it... while allowing it to be legally used by ordinary folks (like you and me) as an alternative to investing in the markets.

Recently, for example, you could have:

Legally "secured" 297% on Adelphia
Legally "secured" 275% on Broder Brothers
Legally "secured" 113% on Credit Suisse

In a nutshell: The Government's solution was to turn it into a public investment... with a $1 transaction fee... available through any major broker.

But the catch was, the only place you could find it was in the computer systems of brokerage firms... completely independent of the stock exchanges...

In other words – when you use this investment to buy a stake in a company... you don't receive any shares of stock. Instead, Federal law requires your broker to use an obscure transaction (details below)... allowing you to "lock-in" a set gain in advance.

For example, consider Winn-Dixie (WINN), a retail chain. In April 2005... you could have invested in 2 different ways.

One was by simply buying the stock... which has fallen 50% since then.
The other way was by using this 20-minute transaction with your broker to prearrange a 163% gain in advance, which you'd have received in full.

In fact, I went 15 years without buying a single share of stock.

The way I see it: why even bother with stocks, where I never know if I'll make one lousy penny... when – for the price of a candy bar – I can prearrange a nice return in advance... and be obligated to receive it by law.

Of course – as with any investment, there are certain risks. Companies can go bankrupt, for example, or fail to meet their obligation for some other reason. Like most investments, these are in no way immune to this reality.

But when you look at the track record of this unique investment, it certainly beats the uncertainty of investing in the stock market. According to a Dow Jones report – this secret approach has crushed the S&P 500 by 543% since 2001.

The sad thing is: Many brokers only share these transactions with their wealthiest clients... folks with $1 million or more in assets. Meanwhile, they happily give you as much worthless stock as you want.

It's unfair, I know. But the reality is – brokers do not always have your best interest at heart. Believe me, after 35 years in the business, I've seen some real slimeballs in my career. Consider:

A friend of mine – J., who's made over $2 million as a trader – spent the first part of his career training brokers for some of Wall Street's biggest firms. He says:
"Unfortunately, many brokers only care about their commission. They recommend whatever's hot, with little concern for the client."
You see – the only commission your broker makes on this transaction is $1. So he prefers selling you stock... which makes him up to 10 times more.

Bottom-line: Don't always trust your broker. Instead of buying stocks... you could make 100% more than equities... by doing something a little different.

So how exactly does this investment work? And what should you tell your broker, right now, to legally "secure" a 100+% gain in the next 20 minutes?

In 30 days or less

Before I explain – there's something you should know...

To "secure" the highest gains, you should begin using this transaction immediately – specifically, in the next 30 days or less... while it's still widely available.

As Barron's recently put it: "Demand is just unbelievable." In the last year alone, hundreds more people have heard about this... and have been piling in...

Take Dune Energy (DNE), for example. Right now, by paying your broker $1 per transaction... you can "secure" a 148% gain on this firm.

But already – as of August, there have been over 400 transactions on  Dune.

Or take Rafaella Apparel. Right now, you can "secure" a 340% gain on this firm – simply by paying your broker $1 per transaction.

But already – as of August, there have been over 100 transactions on it.

So what's the cause of this recent spike in demand?

Put simply: As I said before, this transaction offers an alternative way of investing in companies... WITHOUT touching stocks. And after last fall's market collapse... and the shake-down in the economy... thousands are turning to this instead.

It's easy to see why: Unlike stocks, you get to prearrange how much you're set to make... when you're set to make it... and you're legally entitled to receive the full amount.

Furthermore, unlike stocks – this investment is listed in brokers' computers and NOT on the regular markets...

For example, consider Tembec (TMB), a paper company. In February 2008 – just months before the DOW crashed 400 points... you could have "secured" a 323% gain on this firm... and been set to receive it in full by June 30, 2009.

That turns every $10,000 into $32,300, in just over a year.

Meanwhile, if you'd bought the stock... you'd have lost 80%. And chances are, the broker who sold it to you wouldn't have even noticed...

Or consider Calpine (CPN). If you'd held stock in this utility firm in 2008 – you'd have pissed away 72% of your money... gone... in less than a year.

But by using the $1 transaction I've been telling you about, you could have legally "secured" a 144% gain... without touching a single share.

The point is: After what happened in the market last year – very few people trust stocks anymore. I know I don't. Nobody knows what'll happen next... and day-to-day trading is still extremely unstable...

That's why – in 35 years as a financial analyst, I've never seen as much demand for this secret as what we're seeing right now in today's economy.

So I urge you: if you're interested, get in now...

Transaction ID: 19483NAC9

The way this transaction works, you pay your broker $1 to execute it... tell him which company you want... and receive a single investment that's unlisted on any stock market.

Instead – it can only be found in your broker's computer... identified by a 9-figure string of letters and digits, which reveals exactly how much you can receive...

For example, the I.D. for Collins & Aikman is 19483NAC9.

Back in July 2006 – if your broker had typed this into his computer... this is what would have popped up...

In other words: By choosing to invest in this firm without stocks, you'd have paid your broker $1... "locked-in" a 206% gain... and been set to receive it on January 15, 2007.

That kind of return turns every $10,000 into $20,600... in 6 months.

The big question, of course, is: "How does your broker prearrange such huge returns? And why exactly are you legally entitled to receive these payouts?"

Well... the answer goes back to where we began – to Mitch Milton, the Wall Street broker who first created this investment in the late 1970s...

In short: Milton "secured" up to triple-digit returns for his clients... by investing the money directly into companies that were TOO SMALL to offer stock shares.

You see – Wall Street banks charge fees of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to companies that want to appear on the NYSE or NASDAQ. You've probably read about this process... It's known as "taking a company public."

But often... small new companies simply can't afford these high fees. So instead of going public, they stay private.

Well – to help them, Milton created a new kind of investment, completely private, that allowed such companies to raise the capital they needed... legally... by simply bypassing the stock market... and attracting a small group of private investors.

For example, Fred Pendle, 45, made over $950,000 by using these private investments. Today he lives in France.
The Pinton brothers made over $4 million.

More importantly – Milton's new investment helped some of today's best-known companies to get off the ground... like Federal Express and MCI.

So after his arrest in 1989... the Government decided NOT to outlaw it. Instead – Uncle Sam decided to simply turn it into a public investment, available to anyone who wanted it...

But the difference: They're only listed in the private brokerage system, accessible only by the proper identification number.

Take CIT Group, for example – a holding firm for Citigroup...

It's hard to imagine why you'd want to invest in this company. But if you do – you've got 2 choices. Either buy the stock... and risk everything...

Or last month, you could have called your broker... given him ID: 12557WJB8... and "secured" a 145% gain ... due to be paid by 5 p.m. on September 15, 2009.

And the best part is: As I mentioned earlier: By using this transaction, you bypass the traditional markets... and invest DIRECTLY into the company like a private investor.

As a result – the U.S. government legally requires the company to pay you. In short: If the company accepts your money with this transaction, they're legally bound to pay you the predetermined gain you "secure" in advance.

Of course, no investment is 100% fool-proof. Companies go bankrupt all the time. But as long as you avoid the companies that will go broke... and focus on the ones that have a strong foundation... you can safely make an absolute killing.

In fact – even in a worst-case scenario... if a stock goes bankrupt... you would still be the 1st in line to get your money back – ahead of even stockholders!

In other words: As long as a company stays in business... you are 100% obligated to receive your "pre-secured" gain (triple-digits, in some cases, often in just a year or less).

And incredibly – on top of all that – it gets even better...

$15,348 for your patience

Because you're avoiding the market... and investing directly – the companies who offer these transactions often make the deal even sweeter...

In short – Not only will they legally commit to paying you gains of up to 100% or more... they'll also pay you INTEREST every 6 months while you wait!

For example, take Piedmont Aviation, a Maryland-based firm...

In April 2005, if you'd paid your broker $1 per transaction... given him ID: 720101JD7... and told him to invest $10,000 into this firm... here's what would have popped up:

In other words: You'd have "secured" a 675% gain in advance, to be paid into your brokerage account 19 months later... on November 8, 2006.

But that's not all...

During that time... every 6 months... you'd have also received an interest payment of thousands of dollars on your original $10,000 stake. Take a look:

Altogether – you'd have made $67,500 in capital returns, and another $15,348 in interest while you waited... for a total gain of $82,848.

That's another reason I went 15 years without buying a stock. By doing this instead – not only do I "secure" my gain in advance, but I collect up to 10 TIMES more extra income than even the best-paying dividends on the market.

Take Owens Corning (OC), for example, a building goods supplier...

In September 2006, if you'd paid your broker $1... given him ID: 69073FAE3... and told him to invest $10,000 into this firm... here's what you'd have received:

By now, you'd have received $3,675 in interest.

Now suppose instead – at the same time... you put $10,000 into a high dividend-paying stock like McDonald's (MCD), which pays millions in dividends...

By now, you'd have received just $1,299 in dividends.

In short: By using this $1 transaction instead of stocks... your payout would be almost 3 TIMES HIGHER. And that's not even including your capital gains! Plus, unlike dividends, the company is legally obligated to pay you – no matter whether the stock goes up or down.

Bottom-line – It simply doesn't get any better than this in the financial world. By using a simple, 20-minute, $1 transaction... you can get an unbelievable deal.

Even better: Because of its fraudulent background – very few Wall Street analysts cover it... And many pension funds and institutional investors (such as banks and insurance companies) are prohibited from using it.

To top it off: The brokers' market where these transactions are found is extremely illiquid – which means (as I said before) they're limited in number...

Taken together... all these factors have turned this unique transaction into what is arguably one of the greatest secrets of investing.

So which transaction do I recommend you execute right now?

206% in next 20 minutes

The most exciting transaction I see right now is for a Texas-based semiconductor firm... which currently offers a 206% total gain, securable in just 20 minutes.

Remember: Just pay your broker $1 for the transaction... send him the 9-letter/number Transaction ID... and tell him how much you want to invest. That's all it takes.

Here's a look at what you'll receive:

Company: **esca** Semicon******
Transaction ID: 35****AP2
"Secured" Return: 206%

In short: By investing $10,000 into this transaction today... you can legally prearrange a 206% return within 20 minutes...

That gives you a total gain of $20,600 on a single company... every last cent of which you're entitled to receive by law.

The best part: You'll receive a $3,946 interest payment every 6 months, while you wait for the full return... deposited directly into your brokerage account.

To be honest – I never thought I'd be giving away the details of these transactions to anyone but my closest colleagues and family...

You see – for the past 3 decades, I've worked on the "Big Money" side of financial analysis. In Florida, I was partner in a $4 billion capital management firm... I was Executive at a major bank in Boston... and I briefly ran a pension fund.

But recently... I was contacted by Porter Stansberry – founder of S&A Investment Research. "Mike, I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse," he said.

I'd heard of Porter – but never met him. As a younger man, he'd made a splash in the finance world in the late 1990s... when he predicted the collapse of AT&T and helped subscribers make as much as ten times their money.

But when Porter spoke to me by telephone – he admitted he'd never shared with his readers the secret I'm sharing with you today.

I confirmed for him the full details of how this opportunity works...
For just ONE U.S. dollar, you could legally "prearrange" triple-digit gains with your broker... collect interest every 6 months... and never touch a single share of stock along the way.
Days later, Porter made me an offer... to join S&A Research and reveal everything I knew about this secret. "You don't even have to leave Florida," he said.

At first I refused...

As I mentioned earlier: I've launched 3 multi-million-dollar businesses in my life. I'm retired now, on a beautiful beach. I don't need a full-time job...

Well – to make a long story short, Porter and I struck a deal... and I decided to go ahead with it. My job is to tell you everything I know about this transaction.

So let's get started...

Your 1st Transaction

My name is Mike Williams.

And when it comes to investing... I've always been cautious. I hate risking money, unless I know I'm set to receive a huge return.

Perhaps that's the result of my upbringing. I grew up in Japan – where my father was stationed as a U.S. Air Force pilot in the Korean War. When I was old enough – I followed in his footsteps... serving in the worst years of Vietnam.

Believe me: After an experience like that... landing a 360,000 lb, C-141 cargo plane near rice paddies shelled by gunfire... you learn to calculate your risks.

And that's one reason why, after leaving Vietnam and joining the finance world, I gradually lost interest in stocks... and turned my attention to this instead.

You see – as I said before: Stocks are way too volatile, in my opinion...

"You may never buy a stock again."

– Porter Stansberry, who writes, "you could increase your returns enormously" by using this secret.
By using the $1 transactions I've been describing here instead, you'll know exactly how much you could make... and when you're set to make it. To me, it's much more of a sure thing than your typical investment strategies.

Of course, nothing is 100% guaranteed in this world. As with any investment, there are definite risks. But after spending 34 years in the investment sector – I can assure you: This is much easier to predict than the stock market. And the gains can be absolutely extraordinary.

In fact, for the past year now... I've been sharing these Transaction IDs with folks around the country... a small group of Stansberry subscribers.

And I'm pleased to say, our results have been extraordinary...

Subscriber Eric Friar in Michigan has more than TRIPLED his money and says, "This is simply amazing."
"This is exactly what I've been looking for in this volatile market," says Bill Ness, a subscriber in Tucson. "Please keep doing this."
"I really enjoy this," says Jim Bosworth, in Los Angeles. "I know the exact length of time I will need to hold and what my exact return will be."

I share these Transaction IDs once a month by e-mail... with details on the company I'm recommending... how much you can expect to make... when you're set to receive the full gain... how much interest you'll receive... and when each interest check should arrive.

If you're interested, I'll add you to my recipient list immediately.

You see – I'm the editor of one of the newest and most unique research letters at S&A Research. Called True Income, it focuses exclusively on the opportunity I've been telling you about in this letter.

Every 30 days, I find a new company offering a $1 transaction... with potential to offer a 100% gain for very little risk... along with huge interest payments.

Frankly, I never thought I'd be writing a financial advisory letter. But it's been my privilege to run True Income. I'm astonished by the notes we receive...

"Perfect!" says Chuck Bloom. "This is a much needed newsletter to cover a misunderstood and potentially very profitable area of the market."
"I LOVE it!!!" says Vince Singleton.
And here's an interesting one: Jimmy Wintz says, Half his gains since the beginning of the year have resulted from this secret... though it comprises a mere fraction of his overall investment approach.

But one of my greatest notes comes from Porter Stansberry, the guy who hired me to do this work...
"We publish more than a dozen investment newsletters, and I'm proud of all of them. But publishing True Income is a real milestone for me. We've worked hard for three years finding the right analyst for the job. And we've structured the product so our subscribers will make big, triple-digit gains... I believe True Income is the best newsletter I've ever published."

Porter Stansberry
Founder, S&A Research

That said – if you're interested in True Income... I should probably stop here and mention something I should have told you a lot sooner...

Be aware of 3 things:

First of all – you'll need at least $5,000 investing capital.

Again: it only costs a dollar to execute the transaction with your broker – but you can only invest in units of about $250. So to make a transaction worthwhile... we recommend having enough cash for at least a $5,000 total investment.

Secondly – we only focus on receiving a near 100% return in True Income. In my experience... "pie-in-the-sky" gains of 500% to 1,000% aren't worth the risk.

You see, as I said before, you can use this transaction to make astronomical gains, similar to a penny stock or option... But in True Income, we aim to simply double our money... safely... and leave it at that. Sometimes it takes us as long as 2 years or more to see these gains... other times just a few months. The great part is – we know at the beginning of every investment how long it will take.

The point is, if you're an overly aggressive investor... this may not be for you.

And that brings me to the 3rd point that you should carefully consider, before you try a subscription to True Income...

In short: We don't focus on "hot stock" stories. We don't care about "trends"... the "next new technology" or any other investment fads...

Furthermore: You won't receive any "overnight windfalls" by using this approach. Yes, you could use this transaction to pocket triple-digit gains... but it won't happen overnight. Typically, you have to wait at least a year, often longer. Sometimes, we find opportunities that take just a few months... but that's not the norm.

So if you're looking for a "get-rich-quick" approach, look elsewhere.

As I mentioned, you also need to understand: as with any investment, there are risks to doing this. But personally, I think it's a lot less risky than throwing your money at the stock market. We know in advance exactly how much we're set to make... and when we're set to get paid. And as long as we stick with solid companies that can meet their obligations... we could make a heck of a lot of money.

For all of these reasons, Porter and I have decided to limit True Income to only a small audience: Folks who meet the specifications I just mentioned... who are willing to wait... and who aren't just looking for a "hot tip" to pad their portfolio.

And the easiest way for us to do that is by charging a high price...

That's why one full year of True Income costs $2,400.

If that sounds like too much money – I can tell you right now: True Income won't be right for you. It's not for beginners... the kind of people who don't have enough capital saved to try something new...

If you don't want to try anything different from what you've always done... well... you'd be better off investing the old-fashioned way: with stocks... dividends... and other cheap ways of collecting income.

The reality is – the transactions I reveal in True Income are easily worth 10 times our price. Consider Transaction ID: 767***BU7, for example...

I recommended this on February 6, 2009. And already, just 6 months later, we're sitting on a 188% gain. A $10,000 stake would have almost TRIPLED by now.

That said, I'm willing to make you a special offer...

You see, as I'm sure you know: Stocks are a mess right now. The DOW has swung as much as 200 points recently. It's getting harder for folks to make a decent gain anymore... especially with the economy still in such a massive hole.

As a result of this – I've never seen a better opportunity in my 34-year career as a financial analyst to use this secret than in today's volatile market...

Again: You don't touch a single stock, while "securing" up to 100+% gains.

And that's why, for a short time only, we're offering you the first FIVE (5) months of True Income essentially free of charge. In other words: you can receive one full year for just $1,400. That's almost 50% OFF.

Believe me: we won't keep this offer open for very long...

As I said before: we usually aim to limit our audience size to only attract the folks who can meet the specifications I mentioned above. So once we've allowed enough new subscribers to get in, we'll end it... and the price will go right back to $2,400.

So if you're interested, get in now... and try True Income for the next five months, essentially free of charge... at no obligation.

IDs Available Right Now

By joining True Income, you'll receive an email from me once a month... detailing a new Transaction ID you could use immediately... offering "secured" gains like:

148% with Transaction ID: 26*****AC7
147% with Transaction ID: 624****C0
113% with Transaction ID: 225****V4

In the next 10 minutes, you'll get access to my True Income Basics – a report that explains exactly how these $1 transactions work... how they were created... which companies offer them... and why, in my opinion, they offer the single safest way to invest.

It took me months to prepare, but this concise and easy-to-read primer will share detailed instructions on everything you need to know about this secret, like:

How to spot these transactions for any company you want
A simple trick to doubling your interest payments
Word-by-word instructions to give your broker

Personally, it wouldn't surprise me if you decided to never buy a stock again after trying this approach. Think about it: With stocks... you're lucky to make 20% in a year – and that's assuming you don't lose everything else in a market crash.

But by using this $1 transaction, you could legally "secure" up to 10 times that gain on just a single company... no matter whether the stock goes up or down.

To me, it's a no-brainer. That's why I went 15 years without buying a stock...

In fact, when you realize the advantage you get, it's no wonder Mitch Milton used it for his personal accounts. Once you try it... it's hard to go back to anything else. (In the beginning, people were making so much money with this transaction they eventually broke the law in their abuse of it.)

But like I said – you don't have to bribe anyone... or do anything illegal... to begin using this secret. In fact, you can make your first transaction right now.

You see – in the next 10 minutes, you'll also get access to a second report...

Inside... you'll find details for the transaction I recommend taking advantage of immediately: If possible, before the end of today... or at the very least, tomorrow morning.

This new report – The True Income Investment I'd Like You to Make Now – will show you which company I believe currently offers the highest and safest gain... (the semiconductor firm I mentioned earlier, for a 206% gain).

Bottom-line: I don't worry about stock prices... and I couldn't care less if I receive dividends. Instead, I just pay my broker $1 – sit back... and wait to collect a fortune.
Once you try this transaction yourself... I think you'll feel the same way.

And it gets even better...

"I have an unrealized profit of 225% in just 4 months, not counting the interest payments. This is simply amazing. Thanks Mike!!!"

- True Income subscriber Eric Friar Anaheim, CA
ONLY IF YOU LIKE IT. If you're not happy with True Income for any reason... if this isn't right for you... let us know within the first 90 days of your subscription... and you can get a refund (minus a 10% service fee).

No questions asked. And you can keep everything I've sent you... my compliments.

To secure your spot, Subscribe Now.


Mike Williams
Emerald Coast, Florida

P.S. I just found a transaction for Rite-Aid, the national retail chain. The last time we "secured" this company, we saw nearly a 200% gain. It's still available... for a $1 fee – but I urge you to call your broker now... if possible, before the end of this week.

P.P.S. Remember: The chance to save nearly 50% on your subscription expires shortly.

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