Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're Profiting 24% Every 39 Days. Here's How


Turbocharge your profits with the service that's averaging 24% profits every 39 days with trades like these:

50.05% in 63 days

31.26% in 21 days

29.87% in 57 days

28.59% in 66 days
311% in 36 days 145.83% in 61 days
84.69% in 22 days 36.36% in 15 days

Dear Fellow Investor:

Short-term, markets continue to fluctuate -- and it's a fool's game betting where they'll end up on any given day.

But over the longer term, the trend is clearer: stocks are headed steadily up.

In fact, with the Dow now well into the mid-9000s, I'm more confident than ever we'll pass the 10,000 mark by the end of the year -- as I predicted it would last March, when the doomsayers were talking seriously about "Dow 4,000."

Back then (on March 24, to be precise) I also said, "This is an ideal time for Skousen Turnaround Trader," my trading service that focuses on finding the stocks that have fallen out of favor but are poised for big comeback.

And, not to boast, but... boy, have I been right!

In fact, since the rally began in March, we've been able to take the following stock profits:

  • 10.22% in 45 days
  • 11.72% in 56 days
  • 28.59% in 66 days
  • 29.87% in 57 days
  • 31.26% in 21 days
  • 50.05% in 63 days

And during the same period, we leveraged our profits with options and made unbelievable profits of:

  • 36.36% in 15 days
  • 84.69% in 22 days
  • 145.83% in 61 days
  • 242.50% in 21 days
  • 311% in 36 days
  • 333.33% in 62 days

Over the past 6 months we've banked an average of 24.22% profits every 39 days (with both stocks and options) trading some of the best undervalued companies on the market.

But if you've been missing out on gains like these, don't worry: the profit party isn't over. My subscribers are still drooling over our recent profits of 16%, 32%, 33%, and 145% we just took this week! And I'm about to issue several more "buy" signals.

In fact, I just issued a buy signal for a classic "turnaround" prospect -- a company that provides ground communications systems for approximately 200 satellite missions for the U.S. military and commercial customers.

After earning record profits in 2008, and enjoying a 2-for-1 stock split, this company was hit with a series of problems that hurt its stock price badly -- as did, of course, the overall market collapse. But with its problems now resolved and the market rallying, things are on the mend -- and the stock is starting to move back up.

Read my free report to find out how you can start profiting with this and other turnaround stocks today!

Mark Skousen
Mark Skousen, Ph.D
Editor, Skousen Turnaround Trader

P.S. It could be years before you see another chance like this -- an opportunity to ride a steady market rally to a dozen or more double- and triple-digit trades in the space of a few months. You can get all the details right now, in time to start profiting by tomorrow morning!

P.P.S. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am so confident in the great turnaround opportunitites that I see coming that I'll guarantee you at least 20 double-digit winners in the next 12 months. Read my free report to get all the details...

Read my free report now.

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