Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coulter: Medicare for all? No, thanks
A Free Press For A Free People
Don't miss Coulter's health-care myth series

Ann Coulter
Continuing her series on "liberal lies" about health care, Ann Coulter, in her new column today at WND, addresses Democrats' contentions about Medicare, illegal-alien coverage and the so-called "public option."

Writes Coulter: "Hey – I have an idea: How about we make everyone in America a multimillionaire by pulling Bernie Madoff out of prison and asking him to invest all our money! Both Medicare and Bernie Madoff's investment portfolio are bankrupt because they operate on a similar financial model known as a 'Ponzi scheme.' These always seem to run fabulously well – until the money runs out."

About the issue of coverage for illegals, Coulter writes: "Technically, what Obama said is that the bill isn't 'designed' to give health insurance to illegal aliens. (That bill, the 'Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens Act of 2009,' was still being drafted by Ted Kennedy at the time of his death, may he rest in peace.)

"But unless the various government bureaucracies dispensing health care are specifically required by law to ask about citizenship status, illegals will be covered. We can't even get employers and police to inquire about citizenship status, but liberals assure us that doctors will?"

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What Ann Coulter represents to the written word, Molotov Mitchell is to the age of video. He's edgy. He's creative. And he's a digital bomb-thrower.

This week, Molotov Mitchell celebrates "Positive Wednesday."
The birth certificate movie every American must see
'A Question of Eligibility' lays foundation for understanding hot issue
A Question of Eligibility
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All those are good reasons to check out the first DVD documentary about what has become the hottest issue in America – "A Question of Eligibility."
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