Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August is not the end of the road

Americans for Prosperity

Dear Brad,

They were clearly father and son walking up to shake my hand.  The son was in his mid-twenties and they wore matching baseball caps with their small business's name emblazoned on the front.  The father looked me straight in the eye and said, "We're here because this cap-and-trade bill will kill our family business." 

We were in Gillette, Wyoming yesterday on yet another leg of AFP's Hot Air Tour, where we expose the truth about this job-killing, tax-increasing legislation called cap-and-trade.  On Monday, we held rallies with our 7-story-high hot air balloon in Helena and Bozeman, Montana.  Today, we're in Rapid City, South Dakota and tonight it's North Platte, Nebraska.

HAT Picture
Crowd at the Rapid City Rally

Rapid City Stop Picture
Talking with activists at the Rapid City Rally

Click here to see pictures of the Gillette Hot Air Tour rally, and click here to see highlights from our Helena and Bozeman rallies.

So much time and attention has been placed on the health care takeover and that makes sense.  President Obama has clearly chosen to put much of his political capital into the government takeover of health care.  So much is at stake for our way of life in the health care battle.

However, while we're running an all-out effort to protect and preserve our private health care freedoms, we cannot afford to take our eye off the other key threat to our economic freedom and well-being, and that's cap-and-trade – or really cap-and-tax.

That's why at Americans for Prosperity we've held over 60 Hot Air Tour rallies across the nation – from Savannah, Georgia to Medford, Oregon and from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Omaha, Nebraska.  It's why we've held town hall meetings across states like Pennsylvania.

We just closed the month of August – a month that I believe will go down in history as a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans decided to take time away from their families, businesses and busy lives to send their elected representatives a crystal clear message:  it's our government, not yours and we're standing up and fighting for our freedoms

But, the story must not end with August.  If it does we will lose on cap-and-trade and health care. 

In fact, the big-government Left is counting on our side losing momentum.

That's why they intend to stretch out the upcoming session of Congress deep into October and November.  Wait and see – that's exactly what they're going to do. 

They believe that time is on their side.  Our job is to show them they're wrong.

Eric Olson is a grassroots activist who heads up "Montana Shrugged."  Eric took an entire day from his business, put his two daughters and a son into his pickup truck and helped us organize both Hot Air Tour rallies in Helena and Bozeman.  At the end of a long, hectic day he shook my hand and said, "Tim, we're going to keep it going in Montana.  For as long as it takes.  Count on it."  Folks like Eric Olson and you are a key reason we're going to win.

It's exciting to see the Hands off My Health Care Bus Tour making its way across the nation on a 34-stop 15-day tour. 

On Oct. 2nd, AFP will host a huge rally at the Capitol in D.C. in conjunction with AFP Foundation's 3rd Annual Defending the American Dream Summit to keep the pressure on our elected officials.

Thanks for all you're doing.  We're going to win.  If we keep fighting.

Tim's Signature


PS: We've been asking elected officials to pledge in writing not to vote for any climate bill that hides a tax hike, including cap-and-trade.  7 U.S. Senators and 36 Representatives have signed on so far.  Please go to and encourage your elected officials to take the pledge and commit to oppose hidden energy taxes.

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