Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Third in a Series (Commemorative Plates On Sale Now!)

Ann Coulter

September 02, 2009

Liberal Lies About National Health Care: Third in a Series (Commemorative Plates On Sale Now!)
By Ann Coulter

(9) If you like Medicare, you'll love national health care, which will just extend Medicare's benefits to everyone.
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Government-backed, Tax-free Payouts for Ordinary Americans

$741.39 – that's how much the state of California wants to give you every single month.

The payout is split between two checks – one for $333.06 on September 8th and the other for $408.33 on September 15th.

But to take part in the next biweekly payout, you must ensure that your name is on the correct list before September 8th.

I'll tell you everything you need to know to collect the September 8th payout in this urgent report.

Hey -- I have an idea: How about we make everyone in America a multimillionaire by pulling Bernie Madoff out of prison and asking him to invest all our money! Both Medicare and Bernie Madoff's investment portfolio are bankrupt because they operate on a similar financial model known as a "Ponzi scheme." These always seem to run fabulously well -- until the money runs out.
Not only is Medicare bankrupt, but it is extremely limited in whom and what it covers. If Medicare were a private insurer, it would be illegal in many states for failing to cover hearing aids, podiatry, acupuncture, chiropractic care, marriage counseling, aromatherapy and gender reassignment surgery.
Moreover, Medicare payments aren't enough to pay the true cost of those medical services it does cover. With Medicare undercutting payments to hospitals and doctors for patients 65 and older, what keeps the American medical system afloat are private individuals who are not covered by Medicare paying full freight (and then some). That's why you end up with a $10 aspirin on your hospital bill.
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Had enough of the lies yet?
Then you need to read this...

Last year, the FDIC launched a national media blitz trumpeting its record of protecting depositor's money. At the same time, noted economic and political commentator John Pugsley published a report saying they were broke. Last week, the FDIC's “misinformation” was exposed. They are broke. And the lies don't end there. He outlined two more specific lies the government has been spreading. Lies that could directly impact your personal wealth and your entire future.

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